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Could Cowboys Consider Other Backup QBs as Offseason Continues?

Only the Cowboys know how truly confident they are in as their in 2022. There's more reason to stick with Rush this year than ever before, but is it enough to keep Dallas from looking at some of the veteran still available this ?

Well-known names like and remain unsigned. Less notorious but still experienced options like Mike Glennon, Blaine Gabbert, and are also looking for work. Or to a team who thinks they have superior developmental ability, a recent 1st-round pick like Josh Rosen could be intriguing.

and have both been QB-focused in their backgrounds. They will naturally have strong feelings about whoever mans the position at every point of the .

Back in 2020, McCarthy's first year in Dallas, the team wasn't content to just keep relying on Cooper Rush as backup as they had from 2017-2019. Despite having him under contract for the upcoming season, the Cowboys signed veteran shortly after the 2020 and immediately released Rush afterwards.

's put that decision to the test. Dalton was competent as the starter and, had the team been stronger overall, showed he could have kept them reasonably competitive. Issues on the and arguably did more damage to the 2020 Cowboys than the QB position.

One thing those QB issues did cause, especially Dalton also getting injured after a few games, was Cooper Rush finding his way back to the Cowboys. He was added to the wile and filled in for Dalton, then remained in the mix during the . To the surprise of many, Rush eventually beat out Gilbert and retook his place as backup .

With Dak down, Cooper Rush passes Cowboys past Vikings 20-16 | KTSM 9 News
Cooper Rush upsets Vikings in 2021

Rush finally got a chance to prove himself in one of the signature moments of last year; Dallas' upset victory over the . With Dak Prescott missing the game due to a calf injury, Cooper got his first NFL start on the road and put up 325 yards and two touchdowns in a key win.

Is that one big day in Minneapolis enough to lock Cooper Rush in as QB2? Do the Cowboys see him differently now than they did in 2020, when he was effectively dumped for the much-more-experienced Andy Dalton?

Again, only McCarthy, Moore, and the know just how confident they are in Rush. And while guys like Cam Newton and Ryan Fitzpatrick come with far more marquee value, are they seen as scheme fits in Dallas' with talent to make up for Cooper's experience in the system?

Another factor here is Rush's time, over four years now, working in the QB room with Dak Prescott. That partnership is clearly solid given Cooper's tenure and the team's willingness to bring him back in 2020 after a brief stop with the Giants.

The fact Rush even followed to New York that year says something about his presence is valued.

It was a surprise when Dallas signed Andy Dalton in 2020. It would be even more surprising if the Cowboys made a move now on a guy like Newton or Fitzpatrick given their conservative spending and Rush's increased credibility.

But it was only two year ago that, after three years with Cooper Rush QB2, Dallas saw a perceived upgrade opportunity and took it. If these veteran passers remain on the market, especially in the later phases of the offseason, could the Cowboys once again decide that they can do better?

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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I see no reason to consider any if these older veteran QB’s. Rush has done a fine job in his role. He has been efficient when he has had the opportunity to play and is not so talented that he is a controversy waiting to happen with Dak. Pretty much what you want out of your QB 2.

Cowboys fan

I’d rather sign a veteran QB to be a backup for us, cause I really don’t trust Cooper Rush!! Sure, he led us to a win over the vikings last year, but as it turns out, the vikings wasn’t really that good last year!! Not to mention the fact that we had Amari Cooper in that game and if it wasn’t for him making that catch in the back of the end zone, and then Cedric Wilson with the 75 yard touchdown he ran, we wouldn’t have won that game!! So I don’t see Rush winning many games he plays in, if any!! The only way that happens is if he gets to play a bad team like he did last year and has a lot of help doing it!! So I’d feel a lot better if we signed a better backup!! I don’t think Cam Newton will be better than Rush, maybe he could be in our system, but I don’t think he’s worth taking a chance on!! Ryan Fitzpatrick, mite be a good option, he still has his moments when he wins games convincingly, like he did in Miami a few times and in Tampa Bay before that!! So I wouldn’t mind giving him a chance to play backup if he’s healthy!! But one QB I’m interested in believe it or not is Josh Rosen!! He’s never really been in a good situation even when he was drafted by the Cardinals!! I think he is a good QB, but never got a chance to play in a good system with a good team of players and playmakers!! And we know that’s a Will McClay special, signing first round busts and making something out of them!! So I wouldn’t mind giving him a shot to backup Dak!! Mike Glennon and Geno Smith wouldn’t be bad options either…. Especially Geno Smith…. He’s pretty much just a cheap version of Dak, so that would help Kellen Moore in the scheme area…. We know he has a hard time adjusting, so if we had Geno, he wouldn’t have to change much of the scheme if he had to take over for Dak at some point!! And Mike Glennon isn’t much of a runner, but he can definitely make some good throws!! So to end it, I’ll just say I wouldn’t mind signing one of these 3 QBs to backup Dak this year, just as long as we get somebody in that’s better than Cooper Rush, I’ll be happy!! And I believe any of the 3 I named off as good options will be better than Rush!! Even Ryan Fitzpatrick would be a better option than Rush!! I say at least give them a chance to beat out Rush, the worst thing that can happen is they’re not as good and we cut them!! But best case is they’re way better and all of a sudden we have a better backup QB…. It’s worth looking in to!!

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