Could Cowboys Revisit Jamal Adams Trade This Offseason?

was on the of their seats on Tuesday afternoon, waiting to see if the Dallas Cowboys would execute a for New York Jets safety Jamal Adams.

A deal seemed to be getting closer by the minute, but ultimately it fell apart. Reportedly the Jets were looking for a “ type” haul in return for Adams, a price the Cowboys simply weren't willing to match.

Reportedly, the Cowboys were willing to give up premium draft picks, but nothing close to what the Jets felt they needed in return. Dallas was willing to trade a pick and an early day three pick, but the Jets were looking for more top 50-60 selections.

So, the Cowboys pass on a chance to send away serious draft capital in order to attain the elite safety which has eluded them in recent years.

What do they do know?

For the time being, they play with what they have. Of course has been improving by the week, but the spot opposite of him has been a much bigger question mark. has become somewhat of a liability against the pass, something Jamal Adams certainly would not be if he were to end up in Dallas.

What the Cowboys can do, however, is revisit this Jamal Adams deal in the . The stud safety seems to be unhappy with his current situation with the Jets, firing off some not-so-cryptic tweets which indicated his frustrations Tuesday evening.

According to Adams, he spoke with both Jets Adam Gase and Joe Douglas prior to the to express his interest in sticking with the team. He now feels like that trust has been violated, as the Jets were listening to offers which included him as the main acquisition.

Whether or not Jamal Adams should feel this way is up for debate, but the fact is he's not exactly ecstatic to be a New York Jet at the moment. The team is 1-6 (thanks to the Cowboys), he's been openly included in trade rumors he wanted no part of, and did I mention the team is really bad?

Adams is the type of talent who could force his way out of a situation, similar to what we saw from Jalen Ramsey just a few weeks ago. Will he do so is a different question, but he could certainly create a “Cowboys or bust” atmosphere this offseason if he wished.

From the Cowboys standpoint, the current price tag tied to Jamal Adams is too steep. And that's understandable. But let's say we get to the Combine next year and the Cowboys don't love any of the safety prospects, nor any of the bargains they can find in . They decide they need to add talent on the back-end of their , and have already been involved in these kinds of conversations with the Jets.

Then, maybe, Jamal Adams finds himself with a star on his helmet much earlier than anyone could expect at this moment.

It's also possible that the price tag for Adams could change. The Jets could very well have a new staff come the offseason, and could be looking to completely unload and rebuild with a new regime.

My gut feeling, though, is that this'll be another situation.

A whole lotta smoke, but not any fire.


Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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