Could Cowboys Target S Jalen Thompson in 2019 Supplemental Draft?

As just reported yesterday, Safety Jalen Thompson from the Washington State Cougars will be among those eligible for the NFL’s 2019 Supplemental Draft. Given their need at safety prior to the regular draft, could the Dallas Cowboys be one of the teams who puts in a bid on Thompson on July 10th?

As you likely know, the Supplemental Draft is an opportunity for players who were not part of April’s draft to seek entry into the NFL. More often that not, and as is the case with Thompson, these are players whose college eligibility was somehow lost after the start of the regular draft process.

Teams bid on supplemental draft players they’re interested in by assigning them a draft pick from next year’s regular draft. For example, Dallas could say they’re willing to give up a 2020 5th-Round pick on Thompson. So long as no teams bid with a higher pick, the Cowboys would be awarded the player and lose that pick next year.

Ian Rapoport on Twitter

A key entrance into the supplemental draft: Washington State S Jalen Thompson, who learned yesterday he lost his eligibility for the 2019 season and applied to be drafted in July. He hired agent Brad Cicala and is heading into the NFL. Should be selected.

Theo Lawson on Twitter

Updated: Jalen Thompson’s stellar career at #WSU has ended abruptly after the safety committed a violation of NCAA rules. The S-R learned through a source that violation was due to the purchase of over the counter supplements at a nutrition store.

Thompson was considered a potential Day 2 draft pick (2nd & 3rd Round) for the 2020 NFL Draft. Many felt that the Cowboys were going to spend one of their Day 2 picks on safety in 2019, but they instead went with other needs at defensive tackle and the offensive line.

Dallas did select Safety Donovan Wilson in the 6th Round. But if Jalen Thompson is a superior prospect, could the Cowboys dip into next year’s picks to add him now?

According to one scouting report, Thompson’s best work comes in man and deep coverage. That’s a nice fit for the Cowboys’ defense, and could make him a good pairing with Xavier Woods.

But even though Dallas didn’t spend a high pick at safety in 2019, they have numbers at the position already. Given the current options I doubt they would give up a pick next year to add anyone now.

George Iloka
Dallas Cowboys S George Iloka

In addition to adding Wilson, Dallas signed veteran George Iloka and re-signed former Giants’ 3rd-round pick Darian Thompson. That’s in addition to still having Woods, Jeff Heath, and Kavon Frazier under contract.

When you consider that the Cowboys chose not to address safety in the 2019 Draft until the 6th Round, it says that they must be content with their current crop of talent.

The danger of the supplemental draft is that you give up a future asset to address a current need. It means less ammo in next year’s draft to deal with whatever your perceived issues are at that time.

Dallas already had its young stud in Xavier Woods. They’re counting on his third-year development to elevate the safety play, and that either Heath or Iloka will be a solid partner in the starting lineup. There’s also intrigue around Darian Thompson, who had reportedly passed Frazier and Wilson for practice reps during mini-camps and OTAs.

So unless the coaches, particularly Kris Richard, are enamored with Jalen Thompson then I doubt anything’s going to happen. The Cowboys appear set with their current group, hoping someone emerges that will alleviate them from having to make a big signing or spend a high pick next year to solve the issue.

Someone is likely to add Jalen Thompson in the Supplemental Draft given his hype, but don’t bet on it being the Dallas Cowboys.

What do you think?

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