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Could Jason Witten Move Into Open Tight Ends Coach Job With Cowboys?

As we continue to see changes across the Dallas Cowboys , one job that has become open is the position coach for tight ends. This leads to a very natural question; could veteran Jason Witten now move into this role?

has served as the TE coach for the last two seasons. It was just announced yesterday that Nussmeier will be switching to quarterbacks coach, with leaving the staff completely.

Jason Witten is universally considered one of the best tight ends in NFL and a future in has been discussed for a long time. Could this be the right time for him to finally his cleats for a clipboard?

While he hasn't made any firm commitment yet about his plans for 2020, Witten has indicated that he could still see himself playing another year. He would need a new contract from Dallas for that job as well; he only signed a one-year contract when he came out of in 2019.

There is no sign that Jason wants to return to announcing. His one-year run with was met with much criticism and he certainly seems happier being closer to the field.

Even if Witten does want the TE coaching job in Dallas, there is no guarantee that would want Jason for his staff. McCarthy could be wary of keeping such a staunch “Garrett guy” on staff while trying to move the Cowboys in a new direction.

With Kitna and both being shown the door this week, it would seem that the new is looking to take full ownership of the .

That said, it's entirely possible that McCarthy would value what Witten offers in teaching the technical aspects of playing the TE position. The fact that he's keeping on staff proves Mike isn't determined for a complete overhaul.

We should know pretty quickly what Jason Witten's future will be; player or coach, with Dallas or somewhere else in the world of football. I'm sure I speak for many Cowboys fans in saying that I would love for Witten to still be part of the organization in any capacity.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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  1. Hi my name is Tony I live in Anaheim California but I like Cowboys from 1975 if Cowboys want to good to win division next few year they have to get good offensive coach like receiver coach quarterback coach running back coach and defensive coach is defensive back safety coach strong safety coach and special team coach that will help Cowboys a lot like win division and can go all the way to Super Bowl too if I live in Dallas maybe I can help Cowboys too.

  2. It’s WAAAAY past time that Witten trade in his cleats for a clipboard and a set of head phones. After Blake Jarwin caught THREE touchdown passes from Dak Prescott against the Giants in New York the season before last–one of them a diving 28 yarder at the back of the end zone that Jason could only DREAM of making even during his physical prime–I wondered what the hell else Blake had to do to convince his wooden headed coach that he deserved not only to be on the field, but to be TARGETED when there.

    But after JW decided to spare us a second year of his God awful color commentary on Sunday afternoons and make a return I KNEW that Jerry Jones and the Dallas brain-dead trust preferred the feel-good narrative of having Witten come home to save the day and show everyone that he still had what it took to reclaim his old job (and somehow justify retarding Blake’s development even further…)

    Well, the Cowboys rode Jason’s vaunted leadership and playing ability all the way to a second consecutive 8-8 season…Whoopeeee!!!!

    What a collection of thick-skulled fools…The Cowboys got exactly what they deserved…But Blake Jarwin and the fans sure didn’t, did they?


    Santa Monica,Ca

  3. Jason has been great for the Cowboys for a long time but it’s time for him to move on. His being there so long has definitely prohibited the younger guys from playing bigger roles (see Blake Jarwin). It’s time to give the younger and more talented guys a chance to take the team to another level before it’s to late for some of our core guys like Tyron Smith. We’ve already wasted to much time with mediocre play on the field, mediocre coaching and ownership that doesn’t know how to stay in their lane for example Jerry Jones being the only owner that speaks to the media after every single game because it’s not the coaches responsibility! I’ve been a Cowboys fan since 1977 so I’m ready to see this team return to the level of greatness the Star supposedly represents.

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