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Could Ron Leary Reunite With Cowboys in 2020?

It sounds like the Denver Broncos will not be sticking with Offensive Guard Ron Leary. The former Dallas Cowboy will hit free agency with 30 years of age. Since Leary left the Cowboys, he played good football in Denver, starting at both guard positions in different seasons. With the Cowboys facing a question mark at left guard, it’ll be interesting to see if there’s any kind of interest on their former player.

Leary was a fundamental piece on the Cowboys’ offensive line that was recognized as the league’s best since 2014 when Zack Martin also joined the ranks. Since 2015, competition with La’el Collins caused a lot of controversy among Cowboys’ fans and ultimately he headed to the Broncos in 2017.

Adam Schefter on Twitter

Denver is not expected to pick up the contract option on guard Ron Leary, per source. He will become a free agent on March 18.

But now, the Broncos seem to be done with him. This immediately led to some speculating on Twitter by Leary himself.

Ronald Leary on Twitter

I do still have my crib in Dallas

Responding to Mike Fisher’s tweet saying he loves Dallas, Leary was quick to confirm. Players use social media often to talk about potential landing spots, but this one, in particular, feels important. After holding out in 2016, it’s good to know he’s open to returning to Dallas.

It’s also important to note Leary still has gas on the tank. The Broncos’ decision to let him go feels more salary-oriented than performance-oriented as he was set to earn over eight million dollars in 2020. He also missed about 40% of possible games in his time in Denver, which could factor in as well.

We know Leary’s tweeted about his interest… but are the Cowboys intrigued too?

After all, they drafted Connor Williams in the second round a couple of years ago and Connor McGovern last season? They have young talent at the position. Are they at all interested in bringing in a veteran and potentially trump their development? Williams hasn’t lived up to the expectation, but he hasn’t been bad, either.

Bringing in Leary after McGovern spent his rookie season injured (thus unable to develop) could be a plan for the Cowboys. McGovern could take over in the future, if ready.

And what about Joe Looney? He’s about to hit free agency and might seriously hurt the Cowboys’ depth at guard.

A lot of factors would play into a potential Leary return to Dallas. But I don’t believe his play is at question here. He’s a tough dude and can still play very well in the trenches. The Cowboys have to take a look, at least.

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What do you think?

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  1. Leary is a proven player, and he would be great depth, as least. McGovern is still a question mark, not playing a single snap yet. Williams has not yet played up to being a second rounder.

  2. I’d be willing to bring him back if the price is right!! He can either make Williams better or he can take the starting spot from Williams and turn Williams into a backup!! But it all depends on the money he wants!!

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