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Could We See A Cole Beasley Reunion?

In a tweet by Insider Bobby Belt Friday morning, Belt said not to close the door on a reunion with the franchise. Now his tweet did come before the Cowboys added Former Steelers , but could Beasley still be another addition to the wide receiver room?

Beasley, who left the Cowboys in 2019 for the , was recently cut by the Bills to make room for their new , and this season he proved that he still has some juice left.

While some people may think 82 receptions for 693 yards aren't pretty or numbers that “wow,” you have to realize Beasley lost some targets once Wide Receiver came to Buffalo, and he wouldn't play a lot since they were blowing teams out.

Before Sanders, Beasley had 82 receptions for 967 yards in 2020, so he likely can replicate similar numbers since their leading receiver is gone, and it's unknown who will garner the most looks next season.

I get you can say the franchise has solidified their WR3 with the Washington , but there is also no guarantee he could pan out.

As Wide Receiver is looking like he won't be ready to start the season, Beasley gives the team a proven option and allows Washington to ease his way onto the field.

Even if the franchise doesn't sign Beasley, the the franchise is done upgrading their wide receiver room is low, and based on multiple mocks they are predicting it happens through the . However, with the signing of Washington, the Cowboys are likely hoping his best football is ahead of him and are taking a bet on the upside that he showed in college.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
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Beasley is a miserable person ! He’s not been happy anywhere

James Vargas

Beasley didn’t leave the Cowboys in good terms. He won’t be back.

Cowboys fan

Beasley didn’t do anything but talk trash about the Cowboys when he left, so I don’t see us bringing him back!! And you said that Beasley had 82 receptions for only 693 yards this past season, and the only reason for that is cause he lost targets because of Emanuel Sanders…. But the fact is that he didn’t lose targets!! He had the same exact amount of targets in 2021 as he did in 2020!! He had 82 in both seasons!!, so he didn’t lose targets, he just couldn’t gain as many yards as he did before!! And I have to disagree with you about Washington…. He did only have one good season with the Steelers, but the main reason for that is cause the coaching staff wouldn’t give him a chance over there!! He didn’t really get any playing time with the Steelers, even after he showed he can make plays, and even after he had that one good season, those coaches chose not to keep playing him and ended up drafting other receivers and played them over Washington!! I’m actually kinda excited about the Washington signing…. I can’t wait to see what he can do when he gets more opportunities!! I’d rather have him than Beasley, especially at this stage of their careers!!


What’s with all the !! ; Cowboys fan. Not a team worth getting that excited about (8-9 if they’re luck)


Beasley is a cautionary tale to never trash talk your last job as you leave.


A 32-year-old receiver who has had knee problems in the past while playing the slot, trashed the Cowboys organization when he left and is anti-vax which Jerry hates?

What could go wrong?

I just don’t see it happening.


Cowboys don’t deserve Beasley…Someone who stands on principles, you whining asses just want followers.

Smarter than you

Shut up you dumb hoe


Cowboys need a QB who doesn’t look like a deer in the headlights under pressure, not a wide receiver!!

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