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Could WR Dez Bryant Still be in the Dallas Cowboys 2020 Plans?

Prior to the 2020 there was a large contingency of dreaming about a reunion between and the . The Cowboys were in need of more help at the time and Bryant, who is still a fan favorite by many, was rumored to be someone they might be interested in bringing back into the fold. The interest seemed to be mutual, however, that may no longer be the case.

Knowing what we know now, it seems like a long shot the Dallas Cowboys are still interested in reuniting with Dez Bryant. They added former Wide Receiver through the draft with the 17th overall pick, who many believed to be the top WR in the entire draft class. Not only did this move seem to put the kibosh on a Bryant reunion, but the Cowboys then went out and gave Lamb the No. 88 jersey, Dez's old number. Ouch.

The Dallas Cowboys now have , , and CeeDee Lamb as their top three WRs for the foreseeable future. That doesn't exactly leave a lot of room for a player like Dez Bryant. It really wasn't that long ago he was one of the top receivers in the game. Yes plagued him the last few years he suited up, but I think we're probably forgetting just how good he was. Let me remind you…

Dez Bryant's Top Plays with the Dallas Cowboys | NFL Highlights

Before injuries started to plague him, Dez Bryant was one of the most dominant WRs in the entire league. But after adding Lamb, giving away No. 88, and the fact Bryant would have to accept a backup role his return to Dallas seems unlikely right now.

There are only so many balls to go around and the Cowboys already have a plethora of offensive playmakers they need to get involved. Watching from the sideline isn't something I think Bryant would enjoy very much. Having said that though, I'm not so sure Dallas should shut the door completely just yet.

Even as a WR4, Dez Bryant would provide a lot of value with the Cowboys. Behind the top three of Cooper, Gallup, and Lamb their WR position is extremely thin. Adding Bryant would solidify and upgrade the position from top to bottom, while also providing some invaluable insurance and . With him in the mix the Cowboys would have quite a fearsome foursome.

The only question is, would Dez Bryant buy into such an idea? To put it as simply as possible, I absolutely believe he would be on board.

The Dallas Cowboys could easily get Dez Bryant involved enough in the to keep him happy. They could have certain “Bryant” packages and also make him a designated weapon. After all, his calling card as a WR throughout his career has been his ability to go up and out fight anyone for the ball. I highly doubt that skill set has diminished.

And by now I'm sure your thinking about what Dez Bryant would wear after the Cowboys gave No. 88 to CeeDee Lamb and whether or not that would be a dealbreaker. Anyone that's ever watched Bryant's play would know that probably doesn't matter at all to him. If it meant coming home and suiting up for again he'd probably have no problem wearing a different number.

I don't know about you, but the more and more I think about a reunion between Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys the more I'm liking the idea. The only question is now, do the Cowboys agree?

What do you think? Should the Dallas Cowboys reunite with Dez Bryant?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Ronald Goodwin

It doesn’t matter bout da Jersey # bring Dez home please he deserve a ring with us


100% bring Dez back…
Volatile position.
Why not have that position 100% deep?
I think he deserves the chance.

More importantly though….
Get Dakota R. Presscott…signed THIS MONTH.

Ruben Trevino

With four wide receivers and Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard running! It will be a nightmare for the Defense!!



Chuck Wright

Would be a HORRID decision by Da Boys. . . .not only is the dude a cancer but he’s never been the same since he returned fat not ready to play from his hold out. If he had ANYTHING left, he’d be on an NFL roster today

He “deserves a chance”?????? Why.. . .. .Cowboys paid him Top 5 WR money. . .he wasn’t even a Top 15 player. . . . .

Wager Da Boys only carry 5 WRs at Pollard is a RB/WR. . . . .


At first, I was in compliance with bringing Dez back, but his social media addiction is a problem. He needs to keep his mouth shut. He would be a distraction. I never seen a player out of football for 2 years, but jabbering on social media, like he has been relevant.


DEPTH !!!! He also brings a physical presence that we don’t have. Are starting three are tremendous talents. We really don’t have much behind them. I say bring him in !!!


Trade for David Njoku or O.J. Howard
Made the Jamal Adams trade.
Sign your Franchise QB.


Let me preface this by saying I do not totally agree with the following reasons why Dez was let go. But this is what was said at that time.

First, they said they got rid of Dez because he was a distraction on the sidelines.

Second, they said he could not run routes well enough for Prescott.

Third, they said he dropped too many passes from Prescott.

Fourth, they said he could not separate enough for Prescott.

Prescott has MORE than enough weapons now. Cowboys are STACKED on offense. Maybe the BEST trio of WRs in the NFL, top 3 RB in the NFL, top 3 Oline in the NFL.


Ben Miller

In Dez’s last season in Dallas I counted 4 Ints he was directly responsible for. 2 where he just gave up on the route and was standing still as the ball whizzed past 3 yards away into the arms of a defender and 2 across the middle where he refused to lay out for the ball and “alligator armed” them to protect himself. I don’t want that on my team!


Undoubtedly, i think he has learned the game is bigger than him and that he needed to evolve as a wr after he couldn’t destroy opponents with his physicality after his injuries. I was all for them cutting him and I’m all for them resigning him now. That 4 we would be unstoppable when you have a guy like Dez as your fourth.

Daniel Mathis

JJ believes in 2nd chances, bring back the X-man Dez Bryant, as the 4th WR, with a bargain contract, Why not?


Can’t afford a 4th wide receiver who isn’t going to contribute to Special Teams. Dez was once a dynamic punt returner who did it without really relying on speed … if he still brings that value and can actually “win” that job, then maybe …. else, g’nite Dez.


Yes a definite Red Zone receiver and a absolute Beast to go get the ball for the touchdown.

Kelton Scott



Bring him back heck yeah


I want death Brian come back to Dallas Cowboys he’s the best wide receiver everybody knows that Dallas Cowboys bring Dez Bryant back


My God where did you go to school? You made absolutely no sense. ‘Death Brian’ ?Also,punctuation is something taught in English class. Try going back. You sound like an outright idiot.
And by the way, Dez is done. He has had multiple leg injuries,is a poor route runner,and he can’t keep his mouth shut. He is done. We will fine without him. We have immense depth and options at wide receiver. Can you really see him on special teams?
And we are also fine without idiotic nonsense comments.

Cowboys fan

First off…. You mite wanna check your comment before you try talking about somebody else’s mistakes!! And 2nd you mite wanna do more research about our team before you make statements like you did!! Where is this immense depth and options at receiver you speak of?? Besides the top 3, we have NOBODY!! Dez is better than any of the depth we have!! Or would you rather have Devin Smith as the 4th receiver?? Oh wait, he’s had nothing but a career full of injuries to his legs!! And Dez has said he is willing to do anything to come back home and be a cowboy again!! So every reason you have for not bringing him back are irrelevant!! So again, try doing some research before you try putting somebody else down…. It makes you look idiotic!!

Craig Anderson

Dez would fit in perfectly also as a tight end. He can block on special plays and be ready for a pass if opponents close in on the QB Dak. Thanks CA from Austin Texas.

Jerry Tanksley

YES BRING DEZ THE 4 THREATH what teams going to do all four in the lineup nothing they can do We Dem Boyz quit playing sign him up MR.JERRY WE DEM BOYZ

Jerry Tanksley


velvet scott

I think he’s has grown up has a player, he would be perfect fix in the red zone. He’s physical and the ability to jump, that hasn’t gone. Put any DB against him inside our 20 yard line red zone will very much improve. I think Dez will understand his role bc he love the Cowboys and that hasn’t never change. Media just freedom of speech, but it’s another thing to be abusive, substance abuse these things don’t follow him. Bring DEZ back im with that. I believe the play calling going be much better and the scheme etc..perfect for him to come in and make a huge different in this offense. Bring DEZ back!!!!!!

Ercell Sharp

Let’s not forget what Dez did for us on the field, great player! The timing of him being cut was unfair to him, other teams had rosters set and had spent much money by then! Having 4wrs of that caliber, a good up and coming TE/Jarwin, best Rb Zeke, UNSTOPPABLE!! #BringBackDez!

Roger Brown

I would like see dez Bryan back with us i think this is our year to win a Superbowl and i think he would help us get there so Jerry you and Steven Jones go on and get him. I luv my cowboys so get him please.

Quin R

This could work but u would use him as a catching tight end and revitalize his career allow him to make play’s in the middle of the field Dez iz a vocal leader this could help or hurt the team depending on his mood once he gets comfortable being bk can he remain humble on the sidelines during a tuff game and he’s not on the field of play??? But he could definitely help if he’s willing to be a role player


IF SOMTHING happens to Dak… Dalton will need all the help he can get so it might not be a bad idea to bring Dez back as long as he understands that he’s not there long term and #88 is just a number….


I’m sure that guy appreciates you being his champion. Maybe you should be his English tutor. You’re so very Cavalier. Dez Bryant tore his Achilles. Anybody who knows anything about that type of injury knows that your burst is gone when you have an Achilles injury. Dez Bryant was never the fastest to begin with;he’s had a broken foot and a broken ankle. A receiver with busted wheel’s? Give me a break. We have three other receivers he can do exactly what Dez Bryant is capable of now. He was never a great route-runner and he had no chemistry with Dak Prescott that was obvious. Why do you think the Cowboys released him. Other than the fact that he was a cancer on the team he did not know when to shut his mouth and he was not good for the culture. Blake jarwin is set up to be a top 5 tight end and Dalton Schultz is very underrated. But I think he is a good second tight end option. Tony Pollard can do anything. He is the Swiss Army knife. He can line up in the slot he could be a fourth or fifth receiver. Noah Brown may have been Jason Garrett’s pet cat but he can go up and get the ball. He’s just never been given a chance. Plus he plays special-teams plus he blocks. But as to your comment about Devin Smith he’s way faster than Dez Bryant ever was and he will play special teams. I don’t think Dez would be able to handle the blow to his ego being a gunner on special teams. Plus he’s just not fast enough. Never was. Des has one maybe two years left in him. At best. Do you remember Victor Cruz? He tore his Achilles and was never the same. He tried and was released from the Giants and from the Bears because he just wasn’t that guy anymore. Dez was a beast in his day,but he is nothing but a stopgap. And he doesn’t have the upside a Cedrick Wilson or Johnson. Dez is an egotistical big mouth. He needs to realize he is done with the Cowboys. They know more than we do and if they wanted him he would have already been back.


I think they should use Dez at tightend.

Michael siros

My thoughts exactly! Why the hell not??? It’s not rocket science it’s football. Give him Wittens number and call it a SB.

Jaime Diaz

Yup if we have a good chance for a super bowl run he will make it even better and I beleive he has earned that shot and believe me he will take advantage to prove to everyone he was worth it.
……..definitely we need Him Back to Big D…….


If Dez wants a ring, he won’t be going to Dallas. Dallas wining a ring in the next 4-5 years is an even longer shot then Dez wearing the star again. Wake up.

Danny Labrada

Can’t count Dez Out at all. Haven’t seen anybody go up and fight for the ball like Dez Bryant !
Perfect example #DezCaughtIt

Dave S.

There was a time when Dez may have been a cancer. There was a time when perhaps he started to slow down. There have been those that have knocked him for those times as well as not being in shape after his hold out. Of his chatter on Twitter during his attempt to return I would say I don’t remember seeing any other professional football player working out or trying as hard as Dez to get back to the sport he loves and the team he loves. Cd may be an immense talent but he’s a rookie. Having lost Cobb the cowboys are thin at that position. And even though Dez has not played the slot receiver through his career I believe his physical presence his knowledge of the game and his ability to fight anyone for the ball makes me believe he can only make the Cowboys better even as a fourth string receiver. Jerry please do the right thing Ring does back!

Michael siros

Please bring Dez Back! Dez please practice social media distancing bro!


If we want to win a Super Bowl soon than sign Dez!! It wouldn’t hurt to have 4 great Wr’s with Zeke and Dak leading the offense. Are offense would be unstoppable! Let’s get it 2020 cmon sign him already. Time is running out, we gotta start winning now. Also let’s get this deal done with Dak already cmon 2020 season !!

James Robinson

Yes,I think they should bring him back,he would be the threat across the middle, and ,he is be able to take those hits because he is stronger,another threat in the redzone,DEZ knows he has to be a team player and I believe he has eaten alot of Humble pie.

Joseph Kuhlmann

Yeah. Go for it on a minimal risk, low $ deal. 1 year 750k with production based incentives built in to deal. Make sure he knows he won’t be a starter unless someone gets injured and will be used sparingly in wide sets and in designed packages tailored to his skill-set , such as goal line formations and 3rd and 4th and short. He’s gotta block as well if he wants to see more playing time, and his secondary role is to me a mentor and peer coach to the younger players on the roster and practice squad. You are going to be a support player, not a star, take it or leave it bro.



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