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Could Zack & Nick Martin Reunite on Cowboys 2021 Roster?

It's been almost eight years since brothers Zack and Nick Martin played on the same football team. But after Nick's by the yesterday and the Cowboys' potential need for help in 2021, could a family reunion in Dallas be in the making?

The Martins were both starting offensive linemen for the in 2013; Zack at and Nick at . Zack would join the Cowboys the following year as a 1st-round draft pick and then Nick, three years younger, entered the NFL as a 2nd-round pick by the Texans in 2016.

While never the All-Pro or player that his older sibling has been, Nick Martin has been a starter in every game he's played for Houston. He missed all of his rookie season with an ankle but returned in 2017 and has only missed two games since.

The Texans released Nick yesterday to save over $6 million in space, just one year into a three-year .

This makes Nick one of the more experienced centers available this . Plus he'll only be 28 in April, making him more attractive from an age standpoint than other potential options like Alex Mack or Corey Lindsley.

The may be in the market for a new starting center. While performed adequately for a 4th-round rookie he was still one of the lowest-graded starters in the NFL last year.

But center isn't the only position where Nick Martin could compete. There's also where hasn't really established long-term viability after three seasons.

Unless the Cowboys see a clear and significant upgrade by adding Nick over one of their existing players I doubt they'd pay him what he's looking for when begins. Given that, the only way I see Nick coming to Dallas is if he remains unsigned during early free agency and then accepts a lesser deal to join his brother and stay in Texas.

That would mean a contract which makes Nick a clear competitor for a starting role but is also acceptable for a versatile backup. Essentially, Nick Martin would become the new .

Of course, having Zack and Nick Martin on the same roster means nothing to the Jones family. It's a cute story and fun for writers like me but has no real bearing on the field.

Still, Nick Martin could provide real help to the Cowboys at positions of need. If there's mutual interest and agreement on the money, the Martin brothers could very well be on the same roster again in 2021.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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I’d pass. Nick Martin is an IOL and we arrived pretty set at that position with Williams, Biadasz and Zack Martin and McGovern as back up. I’d also say we should bring Looney back as depth too.


It’s pretty ridiculous of the author to suggest that Nick Martin could compete with Connor Williams. Consider, one, that Williams just had a better-graded season than any Martin has put up. Then remember, two, that Martin was older that Williams is RIGHT NOW before he even began his pro career. Martin would make a fine Looney-type of versatile backup who can start and do a decent job, but that’s it.

silly post

Totally agree. The dude could not even be bothered to look them up on pff (or similar). Nick graded out as the 29th center vs Tyler at 32 (out of 36 qualifying). Yeah I’ll take the rookie with the upside thanks.

Now Conner Williams.. dude graded out at 16th among all guards (left or right) last year. If you wanted to hate on Conor you are a year too late bud.

Fine with a super cheap depth move, sure. Saying he could start, nah.

Author is just banking on his audience being uninformed as much as him.

Randell Jackson Phares

LG definitely needs to be upgraded as conner Williams isn’t anything but a backup in the NFL.

Rodney Mcdonald

i am a dallas cowboy fan and we need all the help we can get did you see them play they were sorry they couldn’t block


Did you see the Texans O-Line last year ? They weren’t much better , at least our problem with our O-Line was injuries and not that our starters straight up sucked like Texans outside of Tunsil

I’d bring in Nick Martin to add depth , you can’t have too many O-Lineman , but I doubt he’d be anything more than just depth , not a good quality starter

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