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Cowboys 2020 Training Camp Start Delayed due to COVID-19 Concerns

The Dallas Cowboys were set to open their 2020 training camp on July 22nd, about a week before most NFL teams, as participants in this year’s Hall of Fame game. But with news earlier today that the early preseason contest has been cancelled due to COVID-10 concerns, it’s unsurprising that the start of camp will now also be delayed.

Dallas was scheduled to meet the Pittsburgh Steelers during this year’s Hall of Fame weekend festivities. Former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson and safety Cliff Harris are among the Class of 2020, as are Steelers’ great Troy Polamalu and coach Bill Cowher.

However, as we just shared a while ago, that game has now been cancelled as the NFL adjusts to the enduring pandemic.

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Given the rising number of cases in Texas and many other states, it’s hard to say if a one-week delay will be enough. With offseason roster sizes of 90 players, not to mention coaches, assistants, and all of the supporting staff needed to run camp, NFL training camps offer a much more complex challenge than many others sports concerns

The typical offseason activities of rookie camps, mini camps, and OTAs have already been cancelled or converted to virtual form in the wake of COVID-19. We have many new players who’ve yet to even be in the same room with their new teammates, coaches, or Jerry Jones.

With July starting in less than a week and the pandemic still going strong, one has to wonder how the normal start of training camps, preseason, and perhaps even the 2020 regular season will be affected. Inside The Star will keep you informed as the news comes.

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Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

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  1. The media has done an execrable job of listening and reporting about covid19. That has left both media and the public misinformed.
    From the beginning, President Trump’s medical experts explained that this is an easily caught, airborne disease and sheltering and testing were useful to slow the spread only. Eventually, most people would catch the virus.
    That last part is the part media has failed to hear.
    There is little point to massive testing or sequestering in place at this point in the disease curve. One can sequester or one can go out and either way, there is a high probability one will eventually be infected. Testing now just tells the obvious, it confirms the infected are infected but there is no longer any use to tracing where any one person got the virus as the virus is now everywhere.
    The leagues seem to listen to the media ( listening to media is always a stupid thing to do) instead of listening to the epidemiological facts.
    Here is the fact: no gathering of any significant number of people from areas around the country is going to be virus free and it only takes one person with the virus to spread it inside the group. But, had all the people stayed home, they were still going to be exposed and become infected locally. So, play ball or stay home but either way, most of the players will get the virus in the end.
    The biggest work issue about covid19 now is LAWYERS. Those opportunists are waiting to sue businesses claiming imperfect practices put people at risk.If sports and your local businesses stay closed, the lawyers , not the virus is the real reason.

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