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Cowboys 7-round Mock Draft, Hypothetical Jamal Adams Trade Included

How would a Jamal Adams trade impact the Dallas Cowboys 2020 NFL Draft?

The Dallas Cowboys have done a pretty solid job this filling holes to the , which pretty much frees them to do whatever they want in the 2020 NFL Draft. They can choose to stand pat with each of their seven draft picks or move up or down as they please. They could even pull off a jaw-dropping trade, say for Jamal Adams!?

The Dallas Cowboys tried to pry the safety away from the prior to the 2019 last year, but wouldn’t give into the Jets demands. With a year less left on Jamal Adams’ contract now, the asking price should come down which could cause the Cowboys to reopen those trade discussions.

Now, I haven’t heard of any “sources” indicating the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets have opened up the lines of communication regarding a Jamal Adams trade, but with the 2020 NFL Draft a little over a week away that could change in a hurry. That’s why decided to take a look at how a Jamal Adams trade could impact the strategy.

Let’s take a look…

Projected Cost of Trading for Jamal Adams

Jamal Adams
New York Jets Safety Jamal Adams

Before even considering what the Dallas Cowboys would have to give up in order to acquire Jamal Adams via trade from the New York Jets we first have to understand the price involved. We all know it’s going to take quite a bit of draft capital, but we also have to take into account Adams is seeking a new contract which will likely make him the highest-paid safety.

Before we get to the draft side of this equation, let’s take a look at the money involved.

The Cowboys could technically get two years of service out of Jamal Adams before having to extend his contract if they exercise his fifth-year option. However, it’s probably in their best interest to pay him as soon as possible. Look no further than what’s currently going on with because they waited too long.

Jamal Adams asking price will likely be around $14.6 million per season, which is what the are currently shelling out for Safety Eddie Jackson. That’s probably the baseline, but it could be much more considering Adams is younger and arguably the better player. For a player who can have the kind of impact he does on the field, that’s not a bad price tag and something the Cowboys can afford.

That brings us to the draft capital it would take to pry Jamal Adams away from the New York Jets.

Scenario #1

Cowboys send Picks 17 and 51 to Jets for Jamal Adams

Brian Costello of the New York Post believes the New York Jets might be willing to trade Jamal Adams for the Dallas Cowboys first and second-round draft picks in 2020. That’s still a steep asking price for just one player, but something the Cowboys would likely pull the trigger on.

Scenario #2

Cowboys send 2020 1st & 2nd, 2021 2nd to Jets in exchange for Jamal Adams and the first of their two 2020 3rd-round picks (No. 68)

K.D. Drummond is the brain trust behind this scenario and I think it’s pretty realistic. This hypothetical mutually benefits both the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets.

Basically, the Cowboys are really just giving up a 2020 first-round draft pick and a 2021 second-rounder. Then they are swapping Pick 51 for Pick 68 this year to acquire Jamal Adams from the Jets. That’s just smart business in my opinion.

Cowboys Remaining Draft Needs

Jamal Adams
New York Jets Safety Jamal Adams

Under the assumption the Dallas Cowboys are somehow able to acquire Jamal Adams via trade from the New York Jets, it eliminates one of their biggest “needs”. With a line now drawn through the safety position, what are the other Cowboys “”?

With Jamal Adams on board, I think the Cowboys biggest needs are edge rusher and wide receiver. Losing both Robert Quinn and are big losses and ones that currently really haven’t been addressed as of yet.

I know it will be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think CB is as big of a need as it’s made out to be. Yes losing hurts, but I don’t see another corner capable of starting over what the Cowboys currently have on the roster outside of the first-round. The same can be said for LB as well.

That brings us to the . The Cowboys need a new swing and more depth along the interior at either guard or center. It’s not a huge “need”, but probably needs to still be addressed at some point.

With all of that in mind, let’s turn to the 2020 NFL Draft and the Dallas Cowboys updated draft capital after the hypothetical Jamal Adams trade.

Dallas Cowboys 7-round Mock Draft

Jamal Adams
New York Jets Safety Jamal Adams

* For this mock draft we will use K.D. Drummond’s scenario #2

Round 1 (17), Round 2 (51) – Jamal Adams, Safety

Jamal Adams is a huge upgrade from not only a talent standpoint, but from an attitude one as well. The would take on an entirely different swagger due to his and on-field play.

Round 3, Pick 68 – Jonathan Greenard, EDGE, Florida

is an athletic EDGE rusher with intriguing size and length. He would fit in nicely in the Cowboys DE rotation and could become a starter in a year or two.

Round 3, Pick 82 – Bryan Edwards, WR, South Carolina

Bryan Edwards is a big, physical WR capable playing inside or out. With the Cowboys he would be an excellent “big slot” target in the , which is where he seems most comfortable.

Round 4, Pick 123 – Reggie Robinson II, CB, Tulsa

Reggie Robinson would provide much-needed depth and size to the Cowboys CB position. He could be a spot starter as a before taking over full-time in a year or two.

Round 5, Pick 164 – Davion Taylor, LB, Colorado

Davion Taylor is arguably the most athletic LB prospect in this year’s draft class not named Isaiah Simmons. He’s still really raw, but would provide much-needed depth at LB and on .

Round 5, Pick 179 – Braden Mann, P, Texas A&M

Braden Mann is the best in this year’s draft class and would be an immediate upgrade over . He is a premium field-flipper and can serve as the kickoff specialist as well.

Round 7, Pick 231 – Cordel Iwuagwu, OG, TCU

Cordel Iwuagwu is likely a reserve/backup player with upside if he can clean up his technique and balance issues. He’s somebody the Cowboys have already shown an interest in ( interview).

Would you be on board with the Dallas Cowboys trading for Jamal Adams?

What do you think?

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Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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  1. You’re right JA is a trade you make with no problem he is a dog your Dee gets better right away no pick in the draft is better then him he is a pro bowl player for years to come and flipping from 51 to 68 is not bad we will have the cap to get a long term deal done with him and dak you make this trade hands down

  2. Like some of the other commenters, kind of getting tired of the Adams merry-go-round going on for many months. Understand he is talented, but not keen on giving up 1st and 2nd rd picks. If safety is the biggest priority (I don’t necessarily agree, think Darian Thompson is underrated and has started potential) here is a realistic mock that fills needs.
    1. McKinney S
    2. Okwara DE/LB
    3. Gallimore DT
    4. Biadasz C
    5. L Hill CB
    6. J Jennings WR
    7. T Hill DE

    • I used to think Darian Thompson had starting potential as well, but he didn’t look good at all when he was forced into action last year. As far as trading for Adams is concerned, I view it the same way as I did when they went after Earl Thomas. As long as it doesn’t cost too much and they’re comfortable locking him up long-term, I’m all for it.

      Not a bad mock draft.

      • I recall Thompson making at least a couple of really good stops near our goal line, but you may be right, I guess that was not enough to give him more playing time.

  3. Adams would be nice although personally at most I would give them 17th pick and nothing else. Just not inclined to give good maybe great cheap labor for him. Also the “needs” are what fans and draft pundits believe and honestly probably not what the team thinks. What does McCarthy want is the big question. If it is Adams then so be it although I do believe he might be leaning a way that is going to catch us off guard.

    • McCarthy is definitely the person who will likely veto or approve trying to pursue Adams via trade once again. Since we haven’t heard much from him since he’s taken over for Jason Garrett we really don’t know how he’s planning on shaping the roster. I would be surprised if he didn’t try to at least kick the tires to see what the Jets asking price for Adams is though.

  4. I’m really tired of hearing about trying to trade for Jamal Adams!! He’s not worth the price the jets are asking!! He’s good, but he’s not worth that much!! I’d rather take my chances in the draft and draft Xavier Mckinney!! If we draft Mckinney we’ll have 5 years of play from him instead of just 1 year from Jamal Adams!! There’s no way I’d give up that much for Adams for just a year of play!! And hopefully Jerry is still smart enough to pass on that kind of trade too!! Now hopefully this is the last time I have to hear anything about doing this stupid trade for Adams!!

    • If the Cowboys are planning to trade for Adams it’s for the long haul. They go into this trade with the mindset they’re going to make him one of the highest-paid safeties in the league. I’d personally be completely on board because I think he’s a true difference maker. I can’t say the same for McKinney. That’s just my opinion though.

  5. I don’t know where all this “cap space” is at. We have 13.5M for 2020 and that will decline after the draft I would assume. And are very close to the bottom compared to the rest of the league for the next 3 years. I’m not a cap expert, and I know they can rearrange contracts to free up money. keep the pics and walk away with possibly 4 or more starters. In this scenario you get 2 starters and a punter. Yes one of them is great. But if they had that much cap room they probably would of signed Byron Jones.

    • The Cowboys will be getting out of Tyrone Crawford’s contract after the season and can get out of Tyron Smith’s as well. I also think there’s an option to get out of Ezekiel Elliott’s as well. There are ways of creating more salary-cap space. I think the reason they didn’t re-sign Byron Jones because of his age (28 this year) and the fact they had to lock up Amari Cooper and Dak Prescott.

  6. It’s ridiculous that people wouldn’t want Adams at that price it’s a bargain and they would surely re-sign him. Just like the Cooper deal they are getting proven players NOT unproven prospects! Copper has been fantastic and so would Adams. The main concern for the Cowboys is replacing Travis Fredrick terrible loss of a great person and excellent person. Best of luck to him and his health issues! Dallas has done a great job in free agency and they have great coaching finally! Also great idea on the 5th round pick a great punter makes a difference.

    • Everybody is entitled to their own opinions. I can make an argument for and against trading for Adams. I personally like the idea, but at the same time can see why the Cowboys wouldn’t pursue trying to trade for him again.

      I really think Connor McGovern will be given every chance to be Frederick’s replacement. Although, that could change if they draft another C early like Cesar Ruiz.

      I really don’t think it’s too early to draft a punter who is a premier field-flipper like Mann. He will have more of an impact than just about any player the Cowboys could draft there instead.

  7. First off CB is not a pressing need I wish people would stop acting like it is and second Dallas has not spent sufficient resources on the position since forever and it has cost them time and again the only difference I would make is DE needs addressing first because Randy and Aldon are far from a sure lock to play and wait another round to grab a WR like Duvernay in the slot and Dallas would be set. If no trade then I would put preferred draft importance as DE,S,CB,WR,C,TE,QB and yes in that order.

  8. I really want Jamal Adams. Ive called for the Cowboys to trade for him since before they even showed interest. I even have a tweet to prove it. But at this point of his contract i am against Trading away more than our 1st rnd pick. Here is my proposed trade. Tyron Smith for Jamal Adams and one of their two 3rd rnd picks. Heres why. The Cowboys get to balance some salary around after the Great Wall has failed to single handedly take us to the promise lands. Lael has earned a shot at LT after last season’s performance. To compensate for the years of control vs having to extend Jamal, we get the 3rd Rnd Pick. Age is similar. The Jets get a young LT that they so desperately need. Dallas keeps all of their picks and gains a 3rd. All of a sudden we have Adams and 4picks in the 1st three rounds to draft CB, WR, OT, DE.

    • The only problem with trading away Tyron Smith is you create a hole on the OL. I like Collins, but I don’t think he’s in LT. Maybe Connor Williams, but that’s grasping at straws as well. If the Cowboys can get Adams for a 1st this year and a 2nd next year I’d pull the trigger without hesitation. They’re going to receive some relatively high compensatory picks next year after losing Randall Cobb and Robert Quinn.

  9. Adams is a very good player, but I wouldn’t give more than a first rounder and I would only do that if a long term deal was negotiated as part of the trade. None of this trade a first for Amari BS and hope you can resign him. That could have been a disaster if he left. But I would still rather have a young money controlled player for 5 years with my first round pick.

    • The way I look at it is if the Cowboys want to trade for Items they have to be prepared to make him the highest-paid safety. If they are comfortable with that and the draft capital it would take to trade for him, you pull the trigger without hesitation.

  10. Would love to have Jamal Adams but if your looking at who will be free agents in our secondary next year and our salary cap situation for the next 4 years AND the fact that we still need to give dak a long term deal, this wouldn’t be in our best intererst. If the draft goes our way you take CB Henderson rd 1, an edge rd2, slot receiver rd 3, a linebacker rd 4 for depth and hopefully a kicker just for some competition. We have to get players that are contributing on their rookie deals.

    • You can take the salary-cap part Out of the equation. The Cowboys have plenty of money to use and will have even more next season, even if they lock up Prescott long-term. They do need to find some future starters at CB, but that can start this year in the draft. Adams would help in that CB rebuild by solidifying the backend and providing the leadership to bring along younger players. Everything else you say makes sense, except the kicker. I think the Cowboys may need another punter, but I think they’re set at kicker.

  11. This is a nightmare scenario, anyone who think Adams is worth that or is even a good player is a moron. People get so infatuated with big names and what talking heads say about them. Show me what he has contributed to the Jets since he’s come into the league. You win with cheap players on rookie deals and good coaching.

    • Adams hasn’t made the Pro Bowl multiple years for no reason. He’s on a bad team with a bad defense, but he is an outstanding player and one of the best safeties in the NFL. People like to judge secondary players based on their INT’s, but that’s not where the Jets have utilized Adams’ skill set. They’ve used him as a SS around the line of scrimmage, an LB, and even as a blitzer. Any team around the league would love to have him in their secondary. He’s the kind of player you build a defense around. You’ll probably disagree, but that’s my opinion.

  12. Thanks Brian for taking the time to the reply and greetings from just outside Liverpool to Texas.

    I hope you get your trade.
    Please forgive my ignorance once again but in such scenarios can player extensions be agreed at time of trade – I’m guessing where you’re giving up a first round pick for a player for one season he can almost name his price 10 months later?

    One other point I wanted to add – I was fortunate to follow the team in the early 90s and they had a very good offensive line, though Larry Allen played on for many years and other good individuals came along, Adams etc there was a general drop off over the seasons. The team started to address this with the selection of Tyron onwards and hit on great picks plus getting La’el also – not only have they been strong on the field but from what I’ve read and seen from afar they also appear to have built an offensive line room of great character and work ethic too, with guys like Free, Leary and hopefully the Connor’s and others. There’s a lot to be said for continuity and building on your strength and though edge rusher or corner maybe more impactful now, I think that if the centre (Cesar) ticks all boxes and could be picked up a few places down even, then the passing on and continuance of what’s been achieved and established may add an unseen value to his selection. With the loss of Frederick, Witten and others and Lee on one year deal it’s important to make the most of guys like Smith and Martin on and off the field while we are fortunate enough to have them.

    All the best to all in these bad times and hope we are soon back to moaning about poor officiating and missed field goals with this terrible virus behind us.


    • Extensions can be agreed upon at the time of trade, but would need to be in this case. The Cowboys should pretty much know what Adams’ next contract should look like. Talks should begin about $14.6 million, which is what the Chicago Bears recently shelled out for S Eddie Jackson. Adams is better and younger, which means he should get at least that and a little bit more.

      Regarding Ruiz, I would absolutely be on board with drafting him in a trade down scenario. He’s just 20 years old and can play in any scheme. He would be a plug-and-play player from Day 1 as a rookie and there probably wouldn’t be much, if any, dip in production from Travis Frederick.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Jeff. Don’t ever hesitate to do so because I really enjoy the back and forth with readers, whether we agree or not ha ha.

  13. Hi Brian,
    From England so don’t know much about college game though I try to follow draft.
    Trade sounds good but like a contributer pointed out Dallas had to pay Amari having given up first rounder and would be in same boat again.
    Also is the Travis Frederick retirement a factor here – do you think Ruiz? at 17 could be a 5-10 year player for us there. Could he start day 1 ahead of Joe L? Would he need half a season or a season to develop? If he ticked all the boxes to try and replace such a great team player then I think that may merit consideration here. Perhaps we could try and give up 2nd rounder 2020 and 1st 2021 and do both.

    • Cheers from Texas to England!

      Trading for Jamal Adams would be a lot like what the Cowboys had to do to acquire and sign Amari Cooper. Almost identical in fact. Top players at their positions and about the same age.

      I think Ruiz is in play for the Cowboys, but probably in a trade back scenario or if he happens to slide to 51 for whatever reason. He’s just 20 years old so he could have a long NFL career ahead of him. And yes, I think he would be a Day 1 starter.

  14. Absolutely! No brainer! This kid is a Hall of Famer!Reminds me of Troy Palu…..u know who Im talking about! True Cowboys fans ….do remember the days of Darrin Woodson…..Well there i have it! Not only his ability…but his leader ship….he makes the guus around him better! He demands it!Obviously Im huge fan. I would be all over this trade!

    • I completely agree. I’d have no problem making this trade because I know the caliber of player I’d be getting and the impact he’d immediately have on the defense from a talent/leadership standpoint. Like you said, he makes everybody around him better.

  15. I would make this trade any day of the week. I agree with other comments stating a relative low need for CB. Having an opportunity to get a remarkable talent and game changer in Adams is too good to pass up. IMO the draft swap scenario is cheap and Dallas will be able to afford him when the rookie contract is up. I will take a proven stud over potential any day.

    • Overpaid or wanting to get paid what he’s worth? Eddie Jackson is making $14.6 million per season and Jamal Adams is without a doubt a better player who should at least receive the same kind of contract.

      • is he really better then EJ who had 10 ints to JA 2 give me EJ doc a real play maker you can have all them tackles defensive football now days is about taking the ball away and JA aint taking the ball away and you can find someone to make tackles.

      • Stats don’t tell the whole truth with Adams. He’s been utilized more Around the line of scrimmage in New York as more of an in-box SS and LB, even as a blitzer. Eddie Jackson as a free safety who plays much more in coverage. I think if Adams was asked to play more in coverage he would have a lot more INT’s. I take him over Jackson any day of the week.

  16. Jets would not do either of the trade scenarios (not worth it to jets). Adams was picked 6th overall and is a home run player. Great attitude, 0 character issues, leader in the locker room and barring injury will be wearing a gold jacket when his career comes to an end. There is no viable trade sollution for this player he is a saftey and no one wants to give up multiple premium picks for a saftey. Cowboys would have to offer Jalen Ramsey type of deal to get him. It’s fun to dream and all but there is 0 chance Adams will end up on the cowboys until his 5 year deal is up possibly longer with franchise tag.

    • Everything you say is true to a certain extent, but the Jets were willing to open trade discussions last year so I wouldn’t rule anything out.

      • And the Jets wanted a Jalen Ramsey level deal, while the Cowboys were offering worse deals than mentioned above. Due dilligence is all that both teams were really doing Cowboys wanted to see if they could get him on the cheap and Jets wanted to see if they could get a kings ransom. Niether scenario is likley to play out, allthough you can never rule out the Jerry factor.

      • For sure not trying to rag on ya. I’m just a Jets fan and kind of tired of terrible Jamal Adams trade scenarios lol. This is not terrible (one of the best Ive seen in terms of Jets compensation) I just think it is still to low.

  17. I would make this trade in heartbeat, so many people get hung up on the “1 year rental” and “record breaking extensions” but the Cowboys can make this trade. Get Dak’s contract done and you have almost 20 million plus in Cap space. The Cap jumps again next year astronomically compared to the past years. And these 1 year contracts and multiple contracts will be up for renewal the Cowboys could be one of the biggest spenders next year since they will have so much Cap space. This draft capital im fine with giving up. Most of the corner back prospects we want won’t be there as we see multiple teams are trying to draft the best quarterback and the safeties in this class are unknown. The one player I would throw everything at would be Okudah but don’t see us even getting into the stratosphere. So going after Adam’s is the best thing the Cowboys could do. If you can’t get him Cowboys will trade down from 17 get more capital and fill the roster.

      • RJ, you and I are both on the same wavelength about this. I’m glad somebody else can look past the supposed “need” at CB and be more realistic about the Cowboys coming away with a starting caliber players through the draft.

      • Couldn’t agree more with what you write about, the Cowboys make these moves in free agency to come to a point where they can draft the best player available. They want someone to who can come in and contribute immediately and not be developemental player or project first round picks. If they are in discussions for Adam’s during the draft or leading up to the draft and get a deal done we won day 1 of the draft we get a All pro safety 24 with his prime still ahead compared to someone who could be the next Claiborne. But if we don’t get him and we’re sitting at 17 and we see, Henderson gone, Chaisson, Kinlaw, or anyone that has been mentioned with the Cowboy’s potentially then we trade back get capital and for all we know we could draft a wide receiver in the First round or a Center we don’t know. But if the Jets say we’re open to discuss trading Adam’s let’s get a deal done. Hell yeaa go for it.

    • I like Anthony Harris, but the Cowboys already have enough FS on the roster. Plus, Harris is 28 while Jamal Anderson is just 24. I’d rather have the younger and more talented player.

  18. Yes I would love to have Adam’s on this team. You are basically drafting him at 17. There are only three defenders in this draft that may reach Jamals potential and value in this draft and they are gone in the first 7 picks. I think it’s an exciting hypothetical. The real question is: is that enough capital to get the trade done? If we had to sweeten the deal I may not like the idea of a trade at that moment. Then maybe you go back before the trade deadline.

  19. The trade scenario proposed would hinder the depth for the team, not to mention missing out on key positions of need. Why sign Clinton-Dix and add Adams for one year? Doesn’t seem like it’s much of a need, not to mention chances of resigning him will be very low due to the salary cap. The team can definitely use depth at DL, LB, OL, and CB before adding another S. Especially with health concerns at LB (Lee and LVE) and OL (Smith and Martin). I’d say a second round for JA would be more realistic.

    • You can take any concerns about the salary cap out. The Dallas Cowboys can afford whoever they want, especially after this year when they can get out of several contracts. Trading for Adams and then signing him long-term would solidify the secondary for years to come.

  20. The jets are not giving up Adams for only a 1st and a 2nd. He’s the best safety in the league at 24 yrs old. Throw in Tyron Smith with the 1st and 2nd and maybe they have a shot.

    • Depending on how the Jets contract negotiations are going with Adams, I think they would gladly accept a 1st and 2nd draft pick. That would give them half a dozen draft picks in the Top 100 this year.

      • I say, yes…reasons…he still has 2 yrs left (5th yr option) wants out of NY, wants to be paid…would lessen the need of top cb immediately with his playmaking skills. Has a fiery attitude. Besides no pick is guaranteed to be successful, let alone top player in their position. Also, dont want Eagles, Giants or Skins getting him…

  21. I like the idea of trading for Adams, a true difference maker. I feel with adams on the field he will remove pressure from our DB’s also pairing Adams with Xavier Woods would be fantastic. I don’t think people see the bigger picture in this trade or the potential. Not to mention Adams cover skills and abilitie to blitz/cover the run is a huge plus. Awuzie, and Lewis are actually legit corners who you saw play both sides of the ball, something Byron Jones didn’t do. So I don’t think corner is a pressing matter either. We address the safety issue with Adams, and use are 3rd round pick to find a slot receiver.

    • Christopher, I’m so glad somebody understands the impact Adams would have on the Cowboys defense. Like you, I also don’t think CB is as big of a “need” as a lot of people are led to believe.

  22. The Cowboys can afford Adams’ asking price. They have plenty of salary-cap space to sign him and will have even more next year. They can even afford to pay Prescott and just about anyone else they want as well. As long as are not giving up too much draft capital, I’d make this trade in a heartbeat.

  23. After several weeks of reading the wish list of players we need I would have to say I love all the bells and whistles that have been Talked about! But I believe that we should take the approach that ole Bill takes in New England and build our team with stud offensive lineman that even we could run behind and find the key components on defense (safety and a corner) ! Once we do that maybe find a slot receiver (Dez? At the right price) ! NE wins with very few big name offense weapons because they control the line of scrimmage!! Tell me if I’m wrong! Also if we can tweak our Defense a little and stop some people a few times a game we have the players in skilled positions to win ballgames!

    • I don’t think the Patriots have had a stud OL. They win because they are well coached team who knows how to put points on the board and eliminate a team’s best player with defensive play. I think the Cowboys new coaching staff makes them a better team already, regardless how the roster is shaped right now.

      • How many times have you seen Brady on his back (and it’s not because of his ability to escape being sacked!) You and I both know that he couldn’t stand in the pocket and deliver the throws that he does unless the boys up front give him the time to do it! Coaching only can go so far! The bottom line is their OL is pretty good and has been for years! Remember a couple years ago when the Cowboys played the Falcons and TS went down ? We couldn’t block the blind side DE! Tell me when was the last time you seen the Patriots have a breakdown in their protection? Respectfully all I’m saying is you build a team that can control the line of Scrimmage on both sides of the ball your going to win more times than not! You put all your money in big name skill guys and neglect the positions that makes your skill guys successful you loose more than you win!

      • You don’t see Brady getting sacked a lot because he is one of the best QBs at getting the ball out quickly. I think the Dallas Cowboys OL is far better than the Patriots and has been for several years now. I’ll not disagree about building a team from the trenches on both sides of the ball though.

      • I agree he gets the ball out quickly and I believe his OL gets by with holding quite a bit but you don’t go to the Playoffs and SB as many times as they have without being really good! As for our boys yes we have a good line but you know we have no answer it TS goes down ! Anyway enjoyed the conversation ! GOD Bless

  24. Absolutely not. I don’t deny Jamal Adams is a game changer but cap space is gonna be key and we’re gonna be in the same boat with him as we were with Amari Cooper this year next year. And Adams isn’t gonna turn down a better offer to stay in Dallas like Amari did. In no way should we give 2 or 3 picks to get him. If he had a few yrs left on his contract like minkah Fitzpatrick did then it would make a little more sense.
    I would be happy with any of the top safeties in the draft. If not mckinney/delpit, then Chinn, Winfield, Dugger, or Davis. You can only pay top dollar for so many positions and cowboys are hitting that top number. Esp with daks contract looming.
    Only way to do this deal possibly is not having daks new deal on the books and that’s a whole other discussion.

  25. this is a horrible scenario…who gives up that many picks for a saftey. Adams maybe good, but he is not that good, plus the money he wants. in essence he would be a one year rental like Cooper. this is a nightmare scenario of a trade. why not just drop down and draft Mckinney or Delpit, keep your 2nd round picks and have them for 5 years and at a much much much lower cost.

    • In this “hypothetical” scenario the Cowboys would basically be just giving up a 2021 2nd-round pick. Adams would be the Pick 17 and the Cowboys would be trading back from 51 to 68. If you look at it that way there’s not much draft capital involved in the trade. Yes, he will end up getting paid as a top safety, but he’s worth it for the impact he has on the field. He’s far better than anything can draft this year.

      • I agree. If you can get this guy with this scenario, go for it. Remember what he did to us when we lost to the Jets. That was no fluke. I’d swap the 51 for 68 and keep it moving. That would be a no brainer in my opinion.

      • The Cowboys are more than capable of locking him up long-term. The biggest obstacle in acquiring him is the draft capital it would take to work out a trade with the Jets.

      • Exactly, even the # 1 pick Burrow is going to struggle! Adams is proven, a pro bowler, can hit the ground running….closest thing to sure fire hit as your going to get….

    • What rock are you living under? Did you forget we just signed Cooper to a 5yr/$100million deal? So stop with then “1 year rental” crap. Adams is a once in a lifetime talent and he proves it every time he steps on the field. With the salary cap about to increase substantially, Jerry is gonna have no problem paying Adams.

    • If you take a close look at their roster, the Cowboys don’t actually have a lot of needs. They’ve done a really good job of bringing in free agents to fill holes which frees them up to do pretty much anything they want.

  26. The cost is too high, plus you must be ok with Awuzie and Lewis as your starters at CB and ok with Looney and McGovern battling for starting C. Good attempt to trade for Jamal Adam’s. It’s fun to do hypotheticals.

    • I think the Cowboys are prepared to play the 2020 season with the CBs they currently have on the roster. I think the same could be said about Looney and McGovern. Sure they will look to try to find upgrades through the draft, but they are set up right now where they don’t have to reach at either position or any other IMO.

  27. Im against trading a first round pick again for a player that we will only get 1 year of rookie contract. We have the 17th pick this year and we can get the best safety available which could be a solid starter for 5 years before having to deal with contract money. The second round pick could also be a starter either a slot wr or dl rotational player.I think draft picks are more valuable now more than they were 10 years ago because the pay scale is set.

    • For a true, proven, difference making safety like Jamaal Adams I’d make the trade in a heartbeat. You never know how some of these prospects are going to play at the next level.

2020 NFL Draft: 5 Prospects Cowboys Could Target to Upgrade Special Teams

2020 NFL Draft: 5 Prospects Cowboys Could Target to Upgrade Special Teams

Bucs Shopping O.J. Howard, Should Cowboys Be Interested? 1

Bucs Shopping O.J. Howard, Should Cowboys Be Interested?