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Cowboys Draft Target: Alabama Crimson Tide CB Patrick Surtain II

In the coming weeks and months I will be breaking down potential prospects for the to determine their strengths, weaknesses, and potential fit with the organization. Today, I want to take a look at former II who could be in play for the Cowboys in the first-round of the .


POSITION: Cornerback

SCHOOL: Alabama


CLASS: Junior



HT: 6'1″

WT: 203

DOB: 4/14/2000


Best DB in - Patrick Surtain II ᴴᴰ


Patrick Surtain II was a three-year starter for the Crimson Tide and son of former and top corner Patrick Surtain. Not only does he have the NFL bloodlines, but he has the ideal frame (6'1″, 203) for a boundary CB in the NFL as well. He's tall, long, and rangy. He is scheme diverse, but is at his best playing in press man coverage. Smooth, athletic, and technique sound. Has good instincts with a high football IQ. Understands how to read route combinations and how to position himself to make plays. Uses is a length to his advantage to reroute WRs and to be destructive at the catch point. Excellent ball skills. Mentally tough with a nonchalant type of attitude. Nothing seems to ever faze him. Willing to mix it up in the run game. Fights to get off blocks and shows good effort as a tackler.


There's not a lot of holes to Patrick Surtain II's game. He has a great foundation to build upon, however, there are a few areas of his game he can stand to improve. One of the biggest question marks about his game is going to be his long speed. Looks to need time to build-up speed when challenged vertically. Has given up some explosive plays to WRs who have been able to detach and get behind him. Speedier/shifty WRs may give him problems at the next level because of this. Doesn't always play as physical as his size would suggest. Would love to see him be a little more aggressive physically in both the run and . Would also love to see him show more of a fiery attitude.

Cowboys Fit:

As far as Dallas Cowboys fits go, Patrick Surtain II is as close to an ideal candidate to pair with as they come in this year's draft class. His size, length, and technique is exactly the kind of boundary cornerback in is looking for in his 4-3 that relies heavily on press-man coverage in Cover 1-3. If indeed paired with his former teammate Trevon Diggs, Surtain would give the Cowboys two talented, young who could solidify their for the foreseeable future. As projected as an early first-round pick in the 2021 , Surtain may or may not still be available when Dallas is on the clock with the 10th overall pick.

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Bill Coats

The best corner in the draft is the kid from LSU the last 2 years in a row. He would be a better fit because he is faster.


I would rather prefer the Cowboys pick CB Caleb Farley if he’s available at the 10th pick spot. He’s an incher taller, a few pounds heavier, quicker, has fluid hips, much faster (4.35 40), good tackler, plays aggressive, can lay a good hit, makes interceptions and can cover well in man or zone.

James Vargas

MAG, I have my concerns with Farley. Did not play in 2020, and broke his ACL a couple of years back. To risky IMHO.

Gary b

Yea Farley does have a bit of an injury history already. Given how the cowboys have been bitten by that in the past I would go with Surtain over Farley. Another consideration is Jaycee Horn, who is rising up the draft boards. He’s a fighter with attitude which this soft cowboys D needs. Farley would seem to have the highest ceiling, u but gotta scout him good.

Hugo Alejandro Rivas Romero

Caleb is the man


James Vargas, I hear you, but Caleb Farley showed everyone in 2019 how he was healed from that ACL injury. Farley was lights out in 2019. He sat out 2020 because of Covid-19 and not for any other reason. The Draft Combine will show everyone just how healthy Caleb Farley truly is today.


I think Surtain but i wouldn’t be mad at Farley pick , just pray we don’t have another Jaylon Smith type of situation where the guy looked good after his bad injury but now not so much

Gary b

Yea it sounds like Farley might have the highest ceiling. Can’t go wrong with either one. Don’t count out Horn either, though he might be more of a possibility if they trade down. I would be surprised if they don’t take a CB in the 1st round. What’s our move in the event Surtain and Farley are both gone?


I doubt they both will be gone cuz of QBs (I believe 4 will be gone before we even pick) and Parsons , and Sewell will be taken in top 10 so they would both have to be selected and no one else for that to happen and with the WR talent in this draft i don’t see both being drafted before we pick BUT in the off chance they are gone then i know Horn might be a reach their at 10 but i mean if he’s a guy you believe in then do it , he probably won’t be there at 2nd rd pick so that would be your only chance with no time to make a trade down, or if you don’t wanna do that then i guess go best O-Linemen at that point with no one left

Gary b

If both CBs are gone I would try to trade down to 15-20 and hopefully pick up another 3rd rounder then select either Horn or Barmore. It’s possible but not probable they reach for Horn with the #10 pick . Then with 2nd round pick get either BA CB or BA DT depending on which u miss out on in the 1st.

Then u have three 3rd rounders and two 4th rounders to address Safety/OL/LB. Maybe double up on CB and OL since u can never have enuf of those. But it’s doubtful they go OL in the 1st. We likely go D with our first three picks.


I agree with you Gary b , but that’s if you got the time to get a trade done by the time you figure out that neither one is gonna be there , i just threw out O-Line with 1st cuz of there not being really anyone there at 10th pick , but if you can trade down then yes i would MUCH rather do that than take O-Line at 10 or reach


“Patrick Surtain”. The Cowboys NEED to DRAFT A BLUE CHIPPER @ #10; NOT Trade Down for a Lesser Talent/Player just to get a 3rd Rounder. They Already Have Two 3rds, Two 4ths, and Two 5ths, and, possibly a 3rd 5th or a 6th. I’m TIRED of them Bypassing their Needs and NOT addressing those Needs with STUDS. They Earned that #10 Pick from the Season they Had. Obviously, they Need to APPLY that Place of a Pick to 1 of their Top Needs. Alot of Players Rise Up the Draft Boards Before and During the Combine – and, This Year due to Covid, there will Not be a Combine. Teams have to Evaluate through Senior Days and from the Senior Bowl. Patrick Surtain is from a Program that is use to Great Competition and Him Playing & Producing and Performing in Big Games. That Translates Well to the N.F.L. The Cowboys can also Select their other Major Need at Free Safety with A STUD in “Trevor Moehrig”.

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