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Cowboys “Easiest 2022 Schedule” Talk is Pure Clickbait Nonsense

Don't be fooled, . Any talk you've seen recently about Dallas having one of the easiest schedules in 2022 is based on the faultiest of logic. Let's just quickly debunk this nonsense.

Articles like this one have popped up throughout major sports media over the last 24 hours. They claim that the Cowboys and the are tied for the lowest “strength of schedule” scores among all NFL teams in the upcoming season.

What are they basing this on? Why, teams' winning percentages from 2021 of course!

In a league designed to promote parity and that has seen many new faces annually in the , results from one year have very little bearing on the next one. This is quickly evident when you consider some of Dallas' upcoming opponents.

In the East alone the Cowboys could face stiffer competition across the board. Depending on how performs in Washington and the development of and , the division rivals could all present more resistance to Dallas than last season.

Who knows what a middling team from 2021 like the Bears, Colts, or Vikings could do this year? And even from the depths of the NFL's basement last season, who's to say that the Jaguars, Lions, or Texans couldn't have a surprising surge?

Imagine teams that saw the Cowboys on their schedule last year after Dallas' awful 2020. You think they were taking them lightly with back and with and terrorizing opposing offenses?

The surprise factor goes both ways, too. Again think about the Cowboys in 2020; all it takes is a major to any team's starting QB for a contender to be reduced to barely competitive.

When the NFL looks at “strength of schedule” as a tiebreaker for playoff seeding it's based on the current season's results, not anything from the past. Those stop being relevant with the draft and ordering.

The Cowboys' will only be as strong or easy as it proves to be, not because of anything we know today. The NFL has created the landscape for yesterday's chumps to become tomorrow's champs and we've seen too many surprises going one way or the other to put stock in previous performance or moves.

Don't take the bait.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Stephen Gregory Abel

Good article, Jessie.

Now, my comment has nothing to do with this but it the only place I can put it.

Would you rather have Cooper Rush or the recently released Nick Foles, former Super Bowl MVP, as the back up QB to Dak?

Personally, I like and favor Foles as the backup. Liked him when he started for the Eagles with that ridiculously low interception rate. He’s a good QB who makes good decisions. Competent player who has won on the grandest of all stages. I like the guy and would be way more confident in him, a Super Bowl MVP, over Rush, who has won a game last season.

Anyone care to chime in? I’m a Foles guy. Cheers everyone.


Stephen Gregory Abel

No doubt about that.


Hey Stephen, agree Foles would be an upgrade from CR, but the Cowboy front office WILL NEVER DO IT. For some reason they like the idea of giving DP absolutely NO COMPETITION, which could be the case with Foles. And that ill-conceived contract also precludes their ability to get better at the QB position, anyway.

Even the second best QB in NFL history was given competition in one Steve Young. Competition at EVERY position makes a team stronger. That is why I think that contract given to DP will hold back the team from getting to a SB. Even a bigtime DP fan, Cowboy aficionado Skip Bayless, and former DC HC Jimmy Johnson have expressed doubts about DP’s ability to get to the next level.

Stephen Gregory Abel

Great comment. I remember the Montana-Young days at San Fran. Those teams were stacked with two HOF quarterbacks on the team. We don’t even have one but we pay him like he’s exceptional. I’m not listening to the NFL MVP talk about Dak this year. If you’re the MVP, go prove it and wear the title proudly.

Honestly, I think Foles could give Dak a run for his money on who the starter would be but we all know the player that gets paid plays (ala Ezekiel Elliot). At minimum, Foles would certainly be a major upgrade over Rush. Winning one game last season is not the confidence booster I need.

And, if I need to even say it: STOP THE FREAKING RUN!

Stephen Gregory Abel

I want to say it again, great article Jessie. That strength of schedule is absurdly faulty, at best. Truly is clickbait and has no bearing on the present season. What’s in the past is in the past. A more accurate test would be to look at additions and departures from each team, coaching changes, etc. Just glancing at the win loss records of teams from the previous season to determine strength of schedule is a very weak way of trying to figure out what the upcoming season will bring. Again, a very well written article.


Single most over-hyped event of the big-4 sports!

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