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Cowboys Finish Impressive NFL Draft With James Madison QB Ben DiNucci

The have made their final selection in the 2020 by taking out of James Madison.

Ben DiNucci proved to be a shocker on Day 3 of the 2020 NFL Daft. With the Dukes, DiNucci passed for 3,341 yards and 29 touchdowns while only throwing six interceptions. DiNucci started his career playing for Pitt before ending up in James Madison.


As a seventh-round pick, it'll be interesting to see how DiNucci can contribute to the QB room this . With on the team, he's a longshot to make the roster. Coming into the , the quarterback position was expected to be addressed.

While the pick is surprising, it's impossible to criticize a seventh-round pick. Rolling the dice on a QB who led his team to an FCS Championship certainly seems worth it.

To close the 2020 NFL Draft, let's recap the Dallas Cowboys' picks. Just for fun, I'll add each player's ranking in Draft Analyst 's board in parentheses.

Round 1 / Pick 17: WR , Oklahoma (Ranked 9th)

Round 2 / Pick 51: CB , Alabama (33rd)

Round 3 / Pick 82: DT , Oklahoma (70th)

Round 4 / Pick 123: CB Reggie Robinson, Tulsa (98th)

Round 4 / Pick 146: OC , Wisconsin (170th)

Round 5 / Pick 179: , Utah (89th)

Round 7 / Pick 231: QB Ben DiNucci, James Madison (unranked)

Mauricio Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez
I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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Todd Boyd

Very impressed with the Cowboys draft from top to bottom. I had hoped we could come out with a decent Safety, but with the value all around I think it was an excellent draft!

Tim Calhoun

Very impressed with the way we took care of our draft needs, confident with our coaching staff and team we will take care of business. How bout Dem Boyz

james shelly

Excellent draft.

Dallas got a lot better from top to bottom.

james shelly

Excellent draft. Dallas got a lot better from top to bottom.


Sadly, so did Philadelphia.


Disagree, wasting a SECOND round pick on a backup QB (Hurts). And Reagor was a reach, 2nd or 3rd round material, certainly not 1st. Davion Taylor in the 3rd? So they loaded up on speedy WRs, and a good OT pick in seventh. But nowhere near excellent, IMHO.


2 Questions:
1. Who is going to block Fletcher Cox?
2. Who is going to cover Zach Ertz?
Good offensive coordinators will find your weakness and exploit that weakness.

Cowboys fan

And that’s where Xavier Mckinney would’ve fit in perfectly with this team…. But they still wanna keep undervaluing the safety position!! I guess they expect one of our free safeties to go down in the box where they’re not that good!! Maybe they’ll figure it out one of these years!!

Cowboys fan

And we have 3 players now that can handle fletcher cox…. That position wasn’t too much worried about…. It was more safety and corner than anything…. We got a corner…. 2 of them actually…. But still didn’t get a good safety…. So to your question, we still don’t have anybody to cover Zack Ertz!!


We just drafted a solid Wisconsin Center to add to our already very solid Oline. Cox will be taken care of. Ertz is tough on every team. We have options at Safety, including CB we drafted, Reggie Robinson moving the Safety.

How about who is going to cover Amari Cooper, Michael Gallop, AND, CeeDee Lamb?


Feeling the Love. Just watched the ESPN Black Hole. Can’t imagine the hurt that they feel. Can not even think of the Boys Ever ever ever think of them leaving (moving). I like the finish of the draft pick. We will see if the D’Boyz realize America’s team fans say you got to produce a ring and we don’t care about what you get paid or don’t get paid. It don’t matter where you come from, its. About what you can do for 60 minutes on Sunday.


Agree the Cowboys could have used some safety help, and I’m sure they would have if the value was there at any given pick. But PLEASE don’t tell me you would have taken McKinney over Lamb at 17. No-brainer.


Great draft. Every player rated well to excellent within their position. Maybe the best value was Bradllee Anae. I love the Baidasz pick. Another Wisconsin Center to fill in for another, Travis. Hope he is 80 percent or more? of Frederick, that would work. Can’t wait to see what DiNucci can do. We need a decent Backup. Rush is not a dependable backup, IMHO.

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