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Cowboys Hire Brian Schottenheimer to Unique Role

It seems the finally heard their fan's pleas to sign someone as it was reported by Senior NFL Reporter Albert Breer the franchise is adding , Former Jaguars Pass-Game Coordinator to their staff.

Breer reports that Schottenheimer's role will be focused on game-planning and league trends and will assist both coordinators, Dan Quinn, and Kellen Moore.

Schottenheimer, the son of late Marty Schottenheimer, brings in an extensive experience that dates back to 1997, as his first job was with the then- and he should serve as a creative mind for the team.

Fans can expect his role to be similar to , who served as an offensive consultant last season for the Cowboys and is now the for the .

With the hire, it's likely the franchise is hoping Schottenheimer can be that key piece to helping Moore make his play-calling less predictable since their regular-season, explosive looked completely lackluster in their loss to the .

To put it in perspective, Moore's playcalling was so bad that there were fans praying he was picked for a head-coaching position this , so they didn't have to watch him call plays again.

While Breer reported that Schottenheimer will be assisting both coordinators, there is a chance that he works with the offense more since he doesn't bring in any defensive coaching experience but could be a key voice to telling Quinn what he sees opposing offenses doing when needed.

Additionally, the hiring of Schottenheimer can be classified as another “McCarthy Guy” that the Cowboys are getting since Schottenheimer's dad Marty was the first person to give Head Coach an NFL coaching gig in 1993, and this could be seen as paying him back by hiring his son.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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So, now we have a coach to coach another coach(s)? It’s getting a little REDUNDANT NOW. I guess more people to blame if things go south. Let me know when we have a coach for the water Boy/Girl. Wonder what the great Tom Landry would say?

Look you can coach these players UP THE WAZOO, but if they don’t execute ON THE FIELD, then unfortunately, you get what we saw toward the end of the season (save the Philly farce) and in that playoff game.

Cowboy Fan Ed

This hire is fine and good but they could hire Vince Lombardi and still be going backwards! Until we start getting some studs on the OL and DL and get somebody in the front office that knows something about football it looks like to me it’s going to be the same ole same ole! It’s time for Jerry and his little boy to step aside and quit playing with this team and put somebody in there that can build an Organization to be successful! Enough is enough it’s time for them to step aside!


Unfortunately, Brian is a chip off the old block. He’s not much more creative than his “3 yards and a cloud of dust” father. He’s a lesser version of Jason Garrett. At least Garrett understood the value of an OL. Brian has even less creativity than Garrett. They ran him out of Seattle for a reason. Before that, the Jets and St. Louis Rams dumped him after a couple of years each.

If he’s just going to be doing analysis, fine. I really hope they are using him as a hedge against losing Kellen Moore. As much as I don’t trust Moore, I’d trust Schottenheimer even less.

gary b

How does that even work? Help with the game plan? Isn’t that the job of the OC?

Moore is on the hot seat this year for sure. When things were clicking and everyone was healthy last year, people were gushing all over him. But its a league of adjustments and Moore showed an inability to make in game adjustments or to compensate for the injuries that invariably happen with every team.

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