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Cowboys’ Lack of Interest in Everson Griffen Now Clear?

Why Dallas Cowboys showed little to no interest in FA Everson Griffen.

Despite the outcry of support to sign Free Agent Defensive End Everson Griffen, the Dallas Cowboys showed little to no interest in the former Minnesota Viking. With the need to replace Robert Quinn, who was scooped up by the Chicago Bears in free agency, Griffen was thought to be the perfect solution. The Cowboys though had something else in mind…

This is completely speculative on my part, but I believe the reason the Dallas Cowboys didn’t pursue Everson Griffen in free agency is because of their faith in the reinstatement of both Aldon Smith and Randy Gregory. After Smith’s reinstatement by the NFL last week, that belief seems to be somewhat substantiated. Now we’re just waiting on word on Gregory’s return.

With Aldon Smith, Randy Gregory, and the return of Tyrone Crawford from hip injury the Dallas Cowboys now have what’s shaping up to be a formidable pass rush. Throw in DeMarcus Lawrence and a few other depth players like Dorance Armstrong, the Cowboys look to have a cupboard full of pass rushers to harass opposing QBs in 2020.

DeMarcus Lawrence
Dallas Cowboys DE DeMarcus Lawrence

The Dallas Cowboys could’ve easily signed Everson Griffen in free agency and avoided gambling on Aldon Smith and Randy Gregory getting reinstated. No one would’ve faulted them for bringing in a sure thing to replace Robert Quinn. In fact, the majority of Cowboys Nation and media alike probably would have applauded the move.

Instead, the Cowboys decided to bank on Tyrone Crawford being able to return 100% healthy from his surgically repaired hip and the long-awaited returns of Aldon Smith and Randy Gregory. This low risk, high reward situation could pay huge dividends, even though all three have nearly a year away from the game and for Smith it’s more like five.

The offseason banter back and forth about the Dallas Cowboys potentially bringing in Everson Griffen unfortunately came to nothing. It did however keep us entertained for a while, which is kind of hard to come by nowadays with all of this Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic stuff going on. I guess we can now put this pipe dream to bed though.

Are you upset about the Dallas Cowboys not signing Everson Griffen?

What do you think?

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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    • Me either. I’m more excited and intrigued about what Aldon Smith and Randy Gregory could possibly do this year.

  1. This gives me a little bit of faith in the Cowboys front office and decision-making process. Everson Griffen is 32 and he’ll probably want minimum 10 million a year. Maybe you get one good year? Maybe this is the year his body falls apart? Statistics show Cowboys are being very smart and investing in a 29 year old and a 27 year old. Whose collective salary, will be less than half of what Everson Griffen was asking . Randy Gregory still has absolute badass written all over him. He alone could account for 7 to 10 sacks this year. If Aldon Smith is a shadow of himself he could do the same sleepwalking. Great choice by the Cowboys I actually have faith in this one. But hey, it’s time to go after Jamal. He is the one that makes it all happen this year!

    • Troy, I agree with everything you said. I can’t wait to see what Aldon Smith and Randy Gregory do this year. I’m also on board going after Jamal Adams. He immediately upgrades the Cowboys secondary as well as the entire defense.

    • I agree with the Randy Gregory and Aldon Smith part, but I don’t agree with the Jamal Adams part!! He’s good, but he’s not worth all that draft capital plus paying him as the top safety too!! If we could get him for a 3rd I’d go for it, but a 1st and a 3rd on top of paying him is way too much!! So I say just leave him with the jets or let some other team take him!!

      • I know we’ve discussed this before, but I don’t think giving up a 1 and 3, plus extending Adams long-term is too much for a player of Adams’ caliber for the Cowboys. He’s the kind of player who can turn a good defense into a great one IMO.

  2. Not signing Griffin comes down to speculation.Dont know if Crawford, Smith or Gregory can be counted on to be consistent over 16 games.Smith has been out for 5 years and Gregory so far has been a bust.Crawford at times can be a beast but a hip injury is no joke.I would like to have Griffin who is as steady as they come and you know what your getting.Some or our rooks and first year players need to step up and they have a great opportunity here.

    • I wouldn’t call Randy Gregory a bust. He had 6 QB sacks in 2018 and could easily be a double-digit kind of guy if he can play an entire season. There’s a lot riding on these three, but if they can remain available for the entire year than the Cowboys did the right thing by not signing Everson Griffen.

    • Gregory is not a bust!! He’s been good every time he’s been on the field!! And Aldon Smith has been for a while, but he’s been playing this game his whole life!! So even though he’s been out of the league for a few years it doesn’t mean he’s forgotten how to play the game!! There’s a reason he was brought back, and I guarantee you’ll see why when he gets back on the field!!

      • I don’t expect Smith or Gregory to hit the ground running right away. I think it may take them a few games to get back into the swing of things, but I’m personally expecting some big things from both of them.

  3. If Crawford is on this roster at his 10 million dollar cap hit, coming off of double hip surgery, I’ll kiss your ass

    • Pucker up!? LOL I wouldn’t be surprised if Crawford plays out his contract with the Cowboys. I think if they were going to ask him to take a pay cut or release him they would have already done it.

  4. What a horrible dream thinking these 3 losers combined are better than Grtffen. Morons!!! Smith is a pathetic attempt to have rushing. Gregory needs to go back to marble games for joints. The Boise st great has always been worthless. Griffen is better than tank. This stupid new Defense coordinater is just like a clone of our last guy. And he sucked real bad. Fans prepare to suck again on defense because because of 3 teachers pets. Griffen is a soldier not a 4yr outt work loser. 4-12 record Nolans way. Shame

    • I don’t think anyone would argue Everson Griffen is the more proven and reliable player, but the money it would’ve taken to sign a 32-year-old would’ve been a tough pill to swallow. I think the trio of Crawford, Gregory, and Smith can be just as productive at a fraction of the price.

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