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Cowboys Media Guide Features all Defense on the Cover

The Media guide was released this week, and it featured Micah Parsons, DeMarcus Lawrence, and Trevon Diggs.

This is the fifth media-guide cover since purchased the in 1989 to be defense-only, and the first featuring multiple defenders. Others that have been featured on the cover of the guide under Jones: are DeMarcus Lawrence (2019), (2004), (1997), and Eugene Lockhart (1990).

This brings me to the post of this post. Now I understand the Cowboys’ is still going to be very good, I think they will finish in the top ten again after spending much of the year at number one a season ago. I honestly think the Cowboys might have made a complete 180 and its strength now is the defense.

in his second year with this group, who outside of didn’t lose anyone. The three guys on the media guide are going to have a big year. The interceptions for Diggs will go down I’m sure but I think Parsons and Lawrence both put up double-digit sack numbers.

The Cowboys are going to rely on controlling the clock with the run game. Doing so will keep the defense fresh, I think we may see a new style from this team next year. They know the strengths and it’s become the defense.

After allowing a franchise-record 473 points in 2020, the defense finished in the top seven in points allowed last year. says they are ahead compared to this year with Dan Quinn than where they were last year at the same time.

If they made that big of a swing last season, I look forward to how good they will be next season, they even had key players miss a chunk of time last season and still balled out. Dan Quinn knows how to create a winning defense.

What do you think?

Shane Taylor

Written by Shane Taylor

Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside the Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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  1. I don’t know how you think that the boy’s will control the clock with the run game with a subpar offensive line. The defense will key on the run and will play an umbrella defense, double cover lamb, safety on schultz, and make them use their 2nd and 3rd receivers. What do you think?

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