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Cowboys need this wide receiver at the top of his game in 2023

With over 20 expiring contracts this , one player that the Cowboys need to return to his old self in 2023 is

Nearly a year ago, on March 13, 2022, Gallup signed a five-year, $62.5 million extension. That will account for around $13.8 million against the this off-season, which includes an $11 million guaranteed base salary.

Michael Gallup debuted last season in week four after recovering from a torn ACL in January 2022. He missed all of last off-season and , which was probably a setback.

I was disappointed in the results we saw from him during the 2022 Cowboys season. 

Another critical thing to note is that he also underwent an arthroscopic procedure to his right knee and right ankle this January. Those close to the situation said doing this gives him the best chance to be 100% as we roll into the season in 2023. 

Mind over matter

For Michael Gallup, I think he was worried about reinjuring himself this season.

His best game came against the , posting five catches for 63 yards. Yes, he had a two-touchdown game against the Colts in week 13, but he could only muster 23 yards.

That leads me to my question, will the production we see from Gallup in 2023 be close to his true form? 

Well, more than 424 yards and four touchdowns on 39 catches.

We all wonder if Dallas will sign a true No. 2 , myself included. Yet, we must remember that Gallup CAN bring this team that type of production.

He showed he could do it just a few years ago when not battling a calf or recovering from a torn ACL. In 2019 he posted 1,107 yards and then 843 the following season.

He is one of the best contested-ball catchers in football and high-points the ball incredibly well.

It will be nice for him to have an entire off-season and training camp this year. 

As noted above, and shown by the from 2021, with Gallup being such a great contested catcher, he is always a guy has looked for on 3rd and short.

The new west coast that will run includes a HEAVY dose of slant routes. His size and hands will be a beautiful thing to watch.

The Cowboys will probably add some depth at receiver in the draft and/or . Still, considering the contract for Michael Gallup, he should have every opportunity to get back to being the No. 2 receiver for this offense.

The good news for the Cowboys is they can opt out of his contract after the 2023 season and if we see a repeat of what he produced this season, it might be safe to say that Michael Gallup will be playing for his future with the Cowboys next season. 

We still have about four months before players start showing up to training camp. This will be my first off-season covering DAL with , and I am excited to see what this team does in the off-season. 

I am excited to see if Gallup can return to form. I'm excited to bash and/or praise for either opening his wallet or keeping it closed. I am not banking on it, but anything is better than nothing, to be honest. 

Nonetheless, if the Cowboys can get even a fraction of Michael Gallup's production from a couple of years ago, they won't need to spend money on a No. 2 wide receiver.

We will find out soon enough. 

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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