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Cowboys Need to Prioritize TE Dalton Schultz in Free Agency

The have over 20 entering the and the decisions they will have to make will be tough. , , and sit atop the priority list. However, has performed well for two consecutive seasons and should be an important piece for the Cowboys to bring back in 2022.

When suffered a torn ACL in the opener, Schultz stepped into his role beautifully and immediately developed chemistry with . In the three full games after Jarwin went down and before Prescott's season-ending ankle , Schultz caught 17 of his 24 targets from Prescott for 208 yards and two touchdowns.

Despite Prescott missing 11 games, Schultz continued to be productive. He finished with 63 receptions for 615 yards and four touchdowns and became only the fifth tight end in to register at least 50 receptions. Mind you, he did this by playing most of the season with several backup quarterbacks.

Schultz would prove that his production wasn't a fluke in 2021. The 25-year old finished second on the Cowboys in receptions (78), third in yards (808), tied for first in touchdowns (8). Prescott completed 77.5% of his throws to Schultz in the 16 games he played in this season so that chemistry they built in 2020 only got better.

Not only should the Cowboys do whatever it takes to keep Schultz because of his production they should do so due to the uncertainty at the tight end position. Jarwin is a good player when healthy, but that's the thing, he's on the too much to have total confidence in him at TE1. has some promise but this season kept him from showing what he can do. is a good blocker at tight end but he's not anywhere near Schultz as a pass-catcher.

Schultz will certainly have his share of suitors when hits in March. He could have priced himself out of Dallas with how well he's played, but the Cowboys would be smart to do everything they can to keep him and solidify the tight end spot for the foreseeable future.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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The man does find the open area, but in the flanker position. He could not block a hat, nor does he appear to want that role. Avoids blocking between t defensive tacklers, does not try to pick up a block down field and help his team mates.
He is excellent as a flanker! But that’s it. LeavesPrescott seriously vulnerable by continually splitting out. Not a team player.

Cowboys fan

It’s crazy that you say that cause the reason they put Jarwin on the field over Schultz is cause they thought he was more of a blocker than a receiver, but it looks like they had it completely backwards!! I can say that he is a decent blocker when he wants to be, but that’s rare!! He is a really good receiver though!! I think he came in 2nd or 3rd in the NFL out of all the TEs in receiving yards and receptions if I’m not mistaken!! So he’s really good and with the chemistry him and Dak have, I think it would be a good idea to bring him back if at all possible!!


Watch the game! He is a 250# flanker! Avoids blocking like the plague. Has never, I mean never challenged an edge rusher.
Reminds me of Wade Boggs of the Red Sox, all about stats that at first glance means a large paycheck. Edge rushers against him consistently pinch down when inside the 5 and make the tackle!
One dimensional player who appears to in it for the paycheck rather than the team.
I wonder what a real TE like Mike Ditka would rate him as a REAL TIGHT END.
I’d be of the mindset to give Jarwin the green light. As a former TE I can tell you that rehab from a ee knee is not easy. What I saw of Jarwin in his limited playing time this year, he has done the work necessary, and has the qualities of a real TE to come back in 2022 and especially protect Prescott and give him another second in the pocket to perform his magic!

James Vargas

He will become a “cap” casualty unfortunately. Too many free agents and albatross contracts to Zeke (ugh) and Dak will prevent the ‘boys from resigning him.


I agree. He is a serious liability in the running game and as a pass blocker. I appreciate his rapport with Dak, but this team needs a more well rounded TE1. I look for them to save some cap space and let him walk and get a compensatory pick for him. If Jarwin can recover fully hopefully he can return to form next year. His injury history is a concern though.

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