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Cowboys OC Kellen Moore Interviewing 2nd Time for Miami Dolphins HC Opening

On the same day the learned that Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn will remain with the team in the same role for 2022, Kellen Moore was announced as one of three candidates to take a second interview with the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins opening may be the most surprising vacancy of this NFL , as Miami moved on from Brian Flores following a 9-8 season. Seven of these wins came consecutively after a 1-7 start that ultimately cost Flores his job in year three. The Dolphins are looking to build around QB Tua Tagovailoa, interviewing young coaches with innovative offenses.

Moore is a finalist along with Brian Daboll and Mike McDaniel. The Dolphins have seen Daboll's work up close, as he's coordinated the ' since 2018. McDaniel's offense is playing on Championship Sunday, as he looks to lead another upset at the Rams and put the 49ers in a second in three seasons.

The Cowboys have already learned that offseason news moves quickly, while the sting of not playing for a trip to the Super Bowl for the 26th straight season remains fresh around . Retaining was the first bright spot of a long offseason process for Dallas. At least early in the , the idea that both Moore and Quinn could return was a dream scenario.

Now, Moore is fielding questions from other owners and GMs about why the Cowboys offense struggled as much as they did in big games and the playoff loss, with the expectation that this hiring cycle comes and goes without him taking a HC opening.

Kellen Moore: Has the Student Become the Master?

Daboll is still a strong candidate to land in the East with the Giants, after they hired Joe Schoen as GM. Schoen was the Bills assistant GM before taking another job in New York. McDaniel's stock is only rising as the 49ers have knocked off the Cowboys and top-seeded Packers in this year's .

This leaves Moore as an option for the Dolphins to take the next step, not appearing in the playoffs since 2016. The and led Patriots had their say in other AFC East teams remaining relevant during part of this run, but the division remains tough with the Pats and Bills both making the postseason this year. Moore's work with may be a selling point for another team that believes their franchise QB is in place. This is also true of the openings in Las Vegas, Jacksonville, Minnesota, and possibly New York with the Giants.

The Jaguars were the first team to Moore this offseason, and he's also spoken with the Vikings – who moved on from a former Cowboys assistant .

If learned anything from the Dan Quinn experience, hearing he was a finalist for the now-filled openings with the Broncos and Bears, it's that patience goes a long way in awaiting news. If the Cowboys do see Moore return as OC, there's an internal level of patience they'll also have to accept as he'd enter his fourth year calling the offense.

Sean Martin
Sean Martin
Born January 28th, 1996- Cowboys Super Bowl XXX. Point Boro Panther, Montclair State Red Hawk, and most importantly a proud member of Cowboys Nation! I host "Upon Further Review" on 90.3 WMSC FM and every Friday from 1-4 PM ET. Twitter: @SeanMartinNFL.

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Cowboy Fan Ed

I personally don’t think that K M is ready to be an head coach ! He needs to learn how to scheme against good teams and also how to adjust during games!! I don’t think we have to worry about him going anywhere in the NFL his best bet for now would be at the college level!

Dan Mestrovich

Do not believe the Cowboys woes were as much a product of Kellen’s schemes as they are inconsistent play of Dak’s. I think it’s funny how when Daks hot, Kellen is a genius and when Daks not it’s kellens fault. I too believe he is not quite ready for the HC position yet. But neither was Mcvay in his time and I think all who pass on Kellen miss out on one of the best football minds to come around in a long time.


Dan, you might want to check out Kurt Warner’s breakdown:

Some of the plays that Kellen scheme’s up leave a lot to be desired. He doesn’t always put Dak and the receivers in the best situations.

Now, I’m not much of a Dak fan due to his lack of accuracy, slow processing speed, and overwhelming risk aversion until it’s too late. But, Kellen isn’t exactly the genius he’s made out to be and doesn’t give his weapons the best chance for success.

I wouldn’t shed a tear if the Dolphins were crazy enough to put him in charge. I think he’d make them quickly regret letting Brian Flores go.


The same Kurt Warner who in the first part of the season said Kellen Moore’s plan of attack was “brilliaint” and has since Daks enjury that caused him to sit out a game, which they won by the way with back-up Cooper Rush, has been fairly blasting the cowboys. You mean that Kurt Warner.


Yup, that one.

If you’ll remember, in the beginning of the season, Kellen was pulling out trick plays more often and even his “bread and butter” plays were working. Why? Because they had been practicing them while the opponents hadn’t seen them time after time.

Kellen’s main failures are over reliance on certain plays and scheming up plays that put his own players at a disadvantage instead of the opponents.

The fact that Kurt changed his mind after breaking down the all-22 film doesn’t take away from that.

Cowboys fan

I agree…. And to add to your comment…. Kellen Moore was pulling out all of those trick plays while we were winning all those games in a row!! Which btw was against bad teams!! And once we went against a good team “the chiefs” he made some bad calls and couldn’t scheme to beat them, which resulted in us taking a L!! I’m with you when you said you wouldn’t shed a tear if the dolphins were crazy enough to bring him on to run their team!! I’ll be happy if they took him!! In the beginning he was great, but now that teams have seen what he can do, he’s predictable…. Just like Jason Garrett!!

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