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Cowboys RT La’el Collins Reinstated from Suspension

The Dallas Cowboys won’t take the field for two weeks, but the next time they do at the Vikings it will be with La’el Collins. The Cowboys right tackle has served his five game suspension, unsuccessfully appealing the ruling along the way.

Adam Schefter on Twitter: “NFL reinstated Cowboys’ OL La’el Collins from his five-game suspension. / Twitter”

NFL reinstated Cowboys’ OL La’el Collins from his five-game suspension.

In Collins’ absence, the Cowboys saw second-year tackle Terence Steele play well. The Cowboys played most of last season without Collins or starting left tackle Tyron Smith. Their five game winning streak has proved they have the depth to handle adversity in protection of Dak Prescott, but Dallas can look forward to Smith and La’el Collins playing together again in week eight.

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Written by Sean Martin

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  1. Good, move him to left guard. It will provide an upgrade to Williams, adding size to the LG position will make Biadasz a better center at the same time.

    I am not down on Williams, but it is about getting your best 5, and Steele while not as good as Collins is younger and needs the work. Collins is under contract for a couple more years I think. Trade Williams if you can get a 3rd or 4th for him, or keep him if no takers. Josh Ball should be coming up, get him ready.

    Work McGovern in at center for some snaps next time you want to grind it out in the run game and lets see what he can do, because dude is a mauler, and if he can get his technique down you have yourself some starting five, with solid depth across the board.

    Think about it, that would be some nasty physical line.

    Regardless, I expect some changes beyond Collins when we take the field in 14 days.

    What do you guys think?

  2. Not a bad idea, he started with us at left guard, but moved outside after D Free retired. He is likely better than Williams. Or maybe put McGovern at left guard and leave Collins outside.

    1. Smith, Collins, Biadasz, Martin, Steele.


    Smith, McGovern, Biadasz, Martin, Collins.


  3. I think Collins needs to stay at RT!! I agree Williams needs to be replaced, but not with Collins!! I think we need to put McGovern in at guard and bench Williams!! So vam, I think number 2 is the best option!!

  4. I have no issue with option 2. I am a McGovern fan. I really think they wanted McGovern at guard and obviously wanted Williams at center, but that didn’t work out.

    I am sure the thought was that Steele was the weakest link in preseason. I am guessing that they might think Steele is the third best lineman currently playing, excluding Collins.

    If I am right, that means Steele needs to play and so does Collins and Collins I guess cannot play center.

    I am surprised that McGovern hasn’t been worked at center because that would be most ideal IMO.

    I am not certain that McGovern is better than Steele at this point, I just know that Steele plays the more difficult position.

    I do think there are options to get bigger, stronger and better on the interior of the OL with the 7 guys we are talking about.

    Let’s see if the staff is operating as a meritocracy or not. I anticipate changes.

  5. Oops …or option 3

    Smith, Collins, McGovern, Martin, Steele…

    Look at the quality depth of Williams, Biadasz, Nsheke, Ball…with a lot of position flex.

  6. My final thoughts on the O-line setup. Is Collins better than Steele at LT? Yes. Is McGovern better than Williams at LG? Debatable, but most likely yes. So I like option 2. That gives us 3 pro bowl type players, plus 2 pretty solid young players that hopefully progress in positive ways.

  7. Why is everyone so gung-ho to get rid of Connor Williams, he’s not as bad as everyone thinks. Go look at his stats compared to other guards in the league, he’s ranked just outside of the top 20. It’s unreasonable to think that he should be Zack Martin. We’re kicking ass with him in the lineup, we only hear his name called when he does something wrong. Do you realize how many snaps he plays a game, he doesn’t get a breather, just goes out and does his job.

  8. Not hating on him at all. He is a good player who plays every snap when healthy just like every O lineman.

    The issue is that both he and Biadasz are undersized and playing next to each other create challenges for this offense, particularly in short yardage against larger guys on the DL.

    It has been an issue, and you cannot scheme around it forever.

    You have to keep trying to get better, and Williams is in the final year of his contract. He needs to be replaced with less expensive talent. Team cannot give every decent player a second contract unfortunately.

    Great opportunity to see what is on the roster and give guys snaps…

  9. PLEASE, Williams gets to many holding penalties and he tends to get dominated and out matched, by more bigger talented opponents…(Shout-out to Vita Vea) He is not only the runt of the litter, he is also most definitely, the weak link on the offensive line…La’el Collins, would be excellent, replacing him at the LG spot, with Steele remaining at the right tackle spot…It’s a no brained!!!

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