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Cowboys S Darian Thompson is Still Hanging Around, but How Much Longer?

With lots of new faces coming in at , it's easy to assume that won't be back for a fourth season in Dallas. But the Cowboys could've sad cap space by cutting him this have yet to make that move. Could he be a bigger factor in their 2021 plans than we think?

Thompson was a surprise starter early last year, beating out for the job and holding it for the first four weeks of 2020. But after giving up several big plays, Darian eventually returned to the bench as Dallas explored other options.

For three seasons the Cowboys have hoped to get something out of Thompson that his first team didn't. He was a 3rd-round pick for the Giants in 2016 but was released at final cuts two years later.

Darian has good size at 6'2″ and over 210 lbs. but also the athleticism to play any role at safety. It's one reason he's hung around Dallas this far, but we now may be in entering on his last few months as a Cowboy.

Dallas let walk in but added and . They also drafted DB in the 6th Round this year and are reportedly moving him to safety full time.

Returning after a hot finish to last season, is expected to be one of the two starters. Kazee, a three-year starter in Atlanta under new , is the logical choice to replace Woods as the other.

With Kearse now here as as the experienced backup and Mukuamu a developmental prospect, 27-year-old Darian Thompson feel like an odd man out. When you factor in 's potential to play some safety in a pinch, the numbers definitely don't look good for him.

Thompson will count over $1.2 million against the 2021 and with only $100k in dead money left on the deal. Honestly, it's somewhat surprising Dallas didn't cut him already.

The fact that they haven't says there's still some perceived value in the player. However, it's likely only as an insurance policy against or perhaps some of Jayron Kearse's personal issues that he was suspended for in 2020.

Dallas can still get the full cap relief if they make Thompson part of their final cuts this year. Right now that's the expectation provided the other safeties makes it through camp and unscathed.

Darian Thompson has never emerged as the reclamation success that the Cowboys hoped for in 2018. He's a solid reserve player and could still find work in that role, but he may need some help from other players if it's going to be with Dallas this season.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Gary b

The cowboys made a mistake starting and sticking with Thompson too long last year. Had they went with Wilson from the beginning, it would have accelerated his maturation process and possibly based on the impact of Wilson, could have given the defense a much needed boost.

Cowboy Fan Ed

I know this is off the subject but has Earl Thomas sign with anybody? I haven’t heard his name mentioned in quite awhile!


Thompson is just another Jerry Reese/Marc Ross drafting disaster. The only mistake the Boys made ex thinking they could make chicken soup out of a rubber chicken…

Cowboys fan

Darian Thompson isn’t worth keeping around, he gave up too many big plays last year and we don’t need that kinda help on our defense!! We’re better off keeping Jayron Kearse to backup Donovan Wilson and Israel Mukuamu to backup Damontae Kazee!! I really don’t care who we put out there as long as it’s not Darian Thompson!! As bad as he was last year, there’s no way anybody else we put out there is gonna be that bad!!


No. Earl Thomas has not signed with anyone.

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