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Cowboys Seem Clear-Cut NFC East Favorites After 2020 NFL Draft

The NFC East is always filled with drama. Year after year, it seems like you can flip a coin to pick a winner in the division. Heck, the division hasn’t seen a consecutive winner in back-to-back years since 2004. In 2020, the Philadelphia Eagles will play the role of the defending champions after a disappointing 9-7 season. However, it looks like the Dallas Cowboys are the clear-cut favorites to take back the title this upcoming season.

Last year, the talk around the Cowboys and Eagles was how talented their rosters were. But both teams struggled for different reasons. In Dallas, coaching seemed to be the main problem while Philly was plagued with injured starters.

So what’s changed?

Perhaps the biggest change of all comes for the Cowboys, who have moved on from Jason Garrett. In his place, former Super Bowl Champion Mike McCarthy is taking the reigns in Dallas. Except for a few key staff members including Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore, the team’s coaching staff has been overhauled.

A culture change is taking place for the Cowboys. The team made some key acquisitions in free agency by signing two quality defensive tackles, a position that hurt the team in 2019 with poor run defense and a lack of pressure in the interior defensive line. Gerald McCoy and Dontari Poe should do a pretty solid job taking this defense to another level.

The Eagles didn’t waste the free agency period as they retained Cornerback Jalen Mills, signed Defensive Tackle Javon Hargrave. They also traded for CB Darius Slay.

In the NFL Draft, the Cowboys set themselves apart, though. They drafted CeeDee Lamb with the 17th overall pick, possibly giving the offense the best trio of wide receivers in a long time. Dallas built on a strong first round after taking CB Trevon Diggs at 51st. Lamb and Diggs will likely be starters in 2020.

After that, the front office added key rotational players that always seemed to be drafted as the best players available. While it’s hard to trust draft grades, their draft class has been nationally recognized as one of the best of the year.

For the Eagles, it’s hard to evaluate their rookie class. Wide Receiver Jalen Reagor was a surprise in the first round, considering Justin Jefferson was on the board, but it was a good pick regardless. Jalen Hurts in the second round is difficult to judge since it’s a quarterback pick, but he wasn’t the best player available and he doesn’t fill a need.

Many have said that the Eagles’ Draft shined because of a pair of wide receiver picks on Day 3. However, we know how little impact these players usually have on their rookie years. Philadelphia took a step in the right direction to fix their offense, but I doubt it was enough.

The Cowboys stand as the early favorites to win the NFC East in the betting world with the Eagles close behind them. It seems like once again, the division will be a close race.

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Written by Mauricio Rodriguez

I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.


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  1. Yeah your out of your mind this has been a mediocre team for 25 years. Even IF they win the East, WHO CARES. The Boys still have the biggest problem they’ve had since 1993. The OWNER, until he drops dead this team will never go anywhere.

    • I think you forget that the owner has been there since 89!! He has 3 super bowls to his name, so you can’t use him as an excuse!! And this time around he’s allowed Mike Mccarthy to take the reigns and run this team the way he wants, In case you haven’t noticed by how much differently we have went about free agency and the draft!! And in case you didn’t understand the story…. It was about the cowboys being favorites to win the NFC East, NOT the super bowl!! So your comments were meaningless!!

  2. What are you kidding who cares? What does it matter if they win the East? They still have the biggest problem they’ve had since 1993. THE OWNER, I won’t even speak his name anymore he’s so pathetic. Until he drops dead no Super Bowls for the BOYs. Those are the facts. It’s been painful watching them for the past 25 years.

  3. Mauricio. What else has changed is ownership has made a concerted effort to build a strong coaching staff by allowing Mike McCarthy to take over as defensive coach, Tomsula as D line coach and Fassell as special teams coordinator are going to have a significant positive impact.

    Mark…my…words! They have been approaching this off-season in a fairly rare fashion for them, building depth into a traditionally top-heavy roster. Before, they had 2nd and 3rd stringers who could not make other teams. I feel guardedly optimistic about the construction of this team’s roster. I would like to have seen them pick up another safety and LB, plus competition for Chris Jones but otherwise…looks good. I love Steven Jone’s comment that the FO is always looking to improve the roster.

  4. I love how,in this article,and elsewhere throughout this website,the Cowboys are constantly compared to the Eagles. You are telling me that,with the addition of several rookies,several new defensive free agents,a whole new coaching staff entering with a whole new philosophy,training and culture,and bringing in a potential distraction in Andy Dalton,that the Cowboys are slated to be NFC champs. Let’s not forget that the reigning champs are only team in NFC East to have their same staff,with some exceptions,return for another year. Face it,the Cowboys are scrambling for some positive news any way they can get it. There is a clear QB problem as Dak wants to be paid,yet everyone else gets their raise except the most important player on the team. It’s pathetic. That owner is just the most pompous idiot in football,cannot keep his wrinkled fingers out of the pie. I truly feel bad for the true Cowboys fans,the ones who remember the great heydays. Those days are long gone,and do not seem any closer after this draft. Good luck

    • They don’t seem any closer after this draft?? What draft did you watch!? The cowboys had one of the best drafts in the NFL!! And they filled spots of needs all through the draft…. There first 3 picks were projected to go in the 1st round to the early 2nd round!! So how do they not seem any closer!? I think your mistaken the cowboys draft picks with the eagles draft picks!! And Jerry isn’t the problem in Dak’s contract, Dak and his agent are the in his contract!! Jerry and the front office offered him top 2 or 3 QB money at around 33 million a year and Dak turned it down!! So it’s nobody’s fault but Dak’s!! And everybody else got their raise cause they wasn’t as greedy as Dak is trying to be!! The owner and the players both came to an agreement, while Dak wants the contract his way and won’t even bother trying to work with the owner like the other players did!! Not to mention, none of the other players were asking for as much money as Dak and his agent are trying to get!! So face it…. You have no idea what your talking about!!

  5. “Prescott wants to be payed”. Well LAST Sept. he was given a great offer, $33 million a year, $105 Guaranteed. And that was rumored to go up to $34 million a year. That’s not getting payed? No, that is Prescott being a pig, AND hurting the team, putting himself AHEAD of the team. I’m a longtime Cowboy fan, who remembers the good old days very well. We had TEAM players then. Dalton is not the distraction. Prescott is!

    First, Dez suddenly can’t run routes and separate enough for Prescott. So Dez GONE. Then Prescott does not have enough weapons, so in comes Cooper and Cobb. He goes 8-8. Garrett GONE. Bring in new coaches. What’s next? Have we run out of excuses yet?

  6. Would love to see how Dalton would do with this trio of Cooper, Gallup, AND Lamb, along with Zeke, and that offensive line.

    • I agree with both of your comments!! I was happy to see we signed Andy Dalton…. Now I’m hoping Dak holds out all season so Dalton can be the starter!! I like Dak, but he’s getting a little too greedy for me!! Him and his agents are trying to make him look better than what he really is!! With the offense he had around him last season we should’ve went way past 8 wins!! And I personally blame Dak for a couple of those games we lost…. Especially the 2nd game against the eagles with the division on the line!! He was hurt and he played like crap…. He shouldn’t have even been on the field in that game, but he didn’t want anybody else to play but himself!! And our offense this season is gonna be even better, and I just know he’s gonna blow it this season too!! I really hope Dalton gets a chance to be the starter, I think he can do more with this team than Dak can!! Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, who knows!!

  7. #1 Fan… No Longer!! From the late 60s im a love em win or lose die hard Cowboy. The days when greed didnt take the field every game. When Ezekiel Elliott still had 2 yrs on his contract he sat out, didnt practice with the team & missed pre season. The following year now Prescott is doing.the same thing. Except for his contract which i feel he deserves his share. But he was given 2 chances at a pie that was filled with $$$ and he wants it all or what, nothing? I say good riddance!! Elliott & Prescott can both take a hike, neother has proven playoff ability. And Prescott definately hasnt proven his self. And for heavens sake, dont put in a career with this team cause when jerry jones feels ur not gettin it done your gone. Just look at what he did to one of the NFL all.time greats, Emmitt Smith !! Jones has to step off & get out of this teams face, and son Stephen is just as bad, and knows as much about football as most people know about rocket engineering!! Been a sad sad 2+ decades in dallas cowboy franchise history!! Jimmy Johnson could of taken this team to a dozen championships, but Jones is an idiot who cant give credit. Go Browns!! Now there’s a team who finally gave up on the Non Proven coaches & great things are on the horizon

  8. Eagles fans make me laugh 1 Super Bowl just one the CowBiysc have won the NFC East three times in the past 6 years and had a great offseason. Finally got rid of Opie . Shored up their kicker, took care of the back up Qb, improved in Wr, Dt, safety, De, improved their depth at Cb. Best 53 they have had in many many years! You bash The egotistical owner who by the way has 3 super bowl trophies in 30 years to your owner who has one in I believe 26 years. The cowboys will win the East this year and also will win the nfc and now the super bowl maybe another story because The Ravens and Chiefs will be a huge challenge. But the Eagles lol we will kick your ass up and down the field

    • Agreed…. And so you know, the eagles only have 1 super bowl to their names period…. They’ve only won it once since they’ve been a team!! I think that’s been over 60 years if I’m not mistaken!! So we’ve gotten 5 super bowls to their 1!!

  9. To all the so called fans ripping Dak and giving up on the team: screw you all. Dont let the door hit ya. Stop judging these guys for fighting for their money. This is a brutal sport, and one hit, career over. Owners are not starving, trust me. Dak is the guy and Andy will be a great backup. How many years have you heard everyone crying about our backup QB situation? I can’t wait for the season to start. GO COWBOYS!

    • You’re correct in stating that the owners aren’t starving … that’s why they have a cap, so that they are protected against such. But to suggest that means Dak is worth No.1 QB money because of that is asinine. I’ve got no problem with Dak trying “get his” … but it’s also fair to suggest he is either (a) completely over-value himself, (b) listening too much to his agency, (c) putting himself above the team, (d) driven by trying to get what he thought he deserved his 1st four years, or (e) he’s exhibiting selfishness.

      I like Dak and would be glad with him long-term. But I also believe his numbers are better than his game, and that’s a product of system and timing. But don’t get it twisted … he is not a unique talent and he is completely replaceable. His single biggest asset to-date has always been his intangibles, and now he’s putting some of those into question.

  10. Cowboys looking different this time around throughout the entire franchise. Milk McCarthy really is making a difference.

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