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Cowboys Should Sign Free Agent DT Sheldon Rankins

The have started to make some moves on the defensive side of the ball in . They added Carlos Watkins, Brent Urban, and Tarell Basham on Thursday to give them much-needed depth on the .

None of these moves will be viewed as splash signings but it gives the Cowboys a decent starting point. With help on the defensive interior still at the top of the Cowboys priority list, there's a name that's still on the open market that could make them much better against the run in 2021 (ranked 31st last season), and that's , Sheldon Rankins.

Rankins is a former first-round pick of the in 2016 out of Louisville. His rookie season was derailed by a broken fibula during practice. He played in nine games and recorded four . Rankins started all 32 games over the next two seasons and registered a total of 10 sacks (eight in 2018) but suffered a torn Achilles against the in the of the in January of 2019.

The last two seasons have been rough for Rankins on the front as well. He's missed 10 games with ankle and knee and only recorded 3.5 sacks total.

So yes, the injury of Rankins is a bit concerning, but when he's healthy he can cause some havoc inside and give the Cowboys another rotational presence along with , , , and the aforementioned Watkins.

Rankins best season was in 2018 when he nearly achieved double-digit sacks. Last month in an with SiriusXM NFL Radio, he talked about how that version of himself is what his next team will get if he doesn't re-sign with the Saints.

“I have that bounce in my step that I know I used to have. Going into free agency that’s why it’s exciting for me. No matter where I end up, you can cut that 2018 tape on and see that’s the guy they are getting.” Rankins said.

Rankins was apart of history during his time with the Saints. From 2017 to December of 2020, the Saints didn't allow a 100-yard rusher for 55 consecutive games which was the longest streak in the era.

Only time will tell if the Cowboys throw their name in the Rankins sweepstakes but he could be a very solid add. Also, with his injury history, the Cowboys could get him on a one-year prove-it type deal which wouldn't hurt them against the cap in 2021.



Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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Rankins would be step up from the recent signings, but last two years with the injuries, gives one pause a bit. If he can repeat his 2018 results, great. Plus he is young, so would be a good signing. Then in the draft, we target CB, LB and SAF more.


All I know is Jerry and company need to stop sitting on their ass and bring in some real help on D , I like the recent signings , Urban in particular , but i’ll present that signing with WFT getting Curtis Samuel at WR and David Mayo at LB , and from what I’ve heard ,

there’s 2 NFL Execs who are shocked by Rivera (WFT HC) signing Fitzpatrick at QB , they believe that there’s something in the works behind the scenes , some trade is going to happen , and they believe that the Fitz signing is setting that up

if that’s the case whether it’s them trading up to 2 overall with Jets and getting Zach Wilson or Jets want to keep the pick , WFT could be trading for Darnold , or WORST CASE SCENARIO , they’re trading for D Watson ,

whatever’s the case , the boys don’t need to just sit and wait to see what WFT does , we need to start making moves now , or else we may get left behind in the race of the NFC


NFC East that is


I’d go and restructure D-Law and Cooper’s contracts to create more cap space so that we can go and get Vikings FA Safety , Anthony Harris


TUTX88, at this point in time, D Watson may be kind of toxic. Like around nine women accusing him of sexual assault. That could be a major problem, especially in the current climate. Unless the NFL is somehow able to sweep it under the rug like they did with some other players. If it were one accusation, it’s debatable, but nine puts it in a different category. But I’m sure the NFL lawyers will do their best to mitigate the damage for one of their “star” players.


What I don’t get is the timing of the “Allegations” ,I mean it couldn’t have came last year ? and they’re nothing but “Allegations” , makes me think that it’s BS that the Texans are trying to make Watson less desirable

Howard White

This one DT could be a game changer. JERRY please sign this man. Stop being cheap at this position. Every year you sign no name DT in hopes they’ll have a mind blowing year. Do your fans a favor here and do the right thing!


It will get swept under rug even if the allegations are true. Getting very little MSM attention for a reason. So much for the NFL celebrating “Women’s History Month”.

Gary b

I think R Fitzpatrick signed for 10 million…..and i believe most is guaranteed so likely they roll with him this year. Either way he doesn’t scare me nor would Darnold.

We still have the only good QB in the division. But the WFT has a very good defense and if they can get above avg QB play, they will be tough.

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