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Cowboys Agree To Deal With DL Carlos Watkins

According to Rob Phillips of, the Cowboys have agreed to terms with Carlos Watkins.

Watkins is a former fourth round pick from Clemson back in 2017, and spent the early part of his career with the . Watkins has totaled 69 tackles and four since entering the league, and started 11 games with Houston in 2020.

Watkins stands at 6'3″ 297 pounds, and played 3-4 end in the Texans' . Now in the Cowboys 4-3 scheme, he will likely fit in as a three technique in the defensive rotation.

Carlos Watkins gives the Cowboys another piece of roster depth on the interior. Currently, their defensive tackle room only includes Watkins, , and , with Antwuan Woods' future up in the air.

What do you think?


Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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  1. All I can say is I hope that they are just going to load up in the draft and start building up a all rookie team lmao idk really don’t have a lot to say just smh

  2. OMG, these idiots are signing guys that are nobodies, lol you can’t find highlights on these OT and DT they just signed. What a stupid organization run by dum & dummer , Jerry & son. God it’s torture to be a cowboys fan, going on three decades of this medeocracy.

  3. Get rid of Jourdin Lewis and open up some more cap space, go get some real safeties and d backs, then get some linemen with some of those picks you have, Let someone else pick the players because Jerry Jones and his son need to go somewhere and sit down because they have no idea what they are doing now days

  4. We need the oil face the fact that number one one thing that Jerry Jones has proven is the brand that comes more important than winning he built the richest sports franchise in history with teams that have been less than great mostly mediocre and , still sells more jerseys merchandise etc has cowboys being used as whores to make money things that Tom Landry and ownership would never have gone for… Tell me one general manager that’s had 25 basically losing seasons or uncowboy like seasons who would still hold his job today I know you can’t find one because there isn’t such a thing…. you know Clint Murchison and tex ram took a chance on Tom Landry by giving him five years to build a king and he did he was in the then called championship game which we now call the super bowl game twice with Green Bay of course Tom Landry was a defensive coordinator and Lombardi was the offensive coordinator for the 59 Giants I believe it was who won the title two great minds games one ice bowl was lost due to an unite Fair advantage of Green Bay please playing in that weather and still they had to eat out a win for the one yard run Dallas stock three times in a row. Only lately have I heard people making rumblings including the press and what I’ve been saying for years he doesn’t have to win to make money and think about it he’s not from Texas he has no obligation to Texans Dallas or anyone else thank you if you could have that opportunity move to a new state buy business turn it into a mega successful franchise where you are making billions of dollars and you weren’t even winning who all would like that chance I would! So let’s be real at some point our consciousness would probably kick in and we would actually try to do some winning. We all need to remember that when Jones bought the cowboys he hired a coach he knew would win he paid for all the players he would need to win he was hands off and we went to three super bowls , the only thing but kept him from being assassinated or at least ran out of town on a rail for treating Landry the way he did and being so damn arrogant and couldn’t even say the cowboys name correctly I remember “the Dallas Kaa -Boys”…
    I begin to believe now that maybe just maybe he has some type of grudge with Dallas or Texas or something or someone affiliated with the cowboys ownership possibly that he’s paying back in spades by insulting dallasites honor and reputation and glory and history of the Dallas cowboys franchise which was so carefully painstakingly built to be honorable which rose to become “America’s Team”. How many more ways can he insult the integrity of this town The Honorable legacy of the cowboys and coaches past and still be in charge of team operations? I remember although I’m not a businessman one of the rules of being successful is hiring qualified people to do all your under work for him and still make money we probably call it being” lazy ” but it’s smart ! After 25 years of losing don’t you think it would be time for some sort of shake up other than replacing coaches ? I thought our new coach might be an upgrade and that maybe he was going to be hands off and let this guy ‘build something’ … But for one thing they do well in the stereotype “Billionaire” coloqialisms is : to be cheap skates to the very end on everything they do and it’s for that reason along with being unable to admit he is no good as a general manager who needs to turn the job over to someone capable before we’ll ever have a chance to win again and continue the legacy that was built and deserves by the forefathers and founders this great team and this great City in this great state.. instead of overpaying for mediocre players why don’t we get it a plus player to fill the spots we need defensive course we need interior defensive at least one (better two to cope with injury factors and fatigue in the games in other words not just one great player but backups to that great player) . We know we’ve needed safety help quality A1 rated safety help the ones that not only perform their position but our saviors in that they detect mistakes going to be made by fellow teammates and react to it before that happens but, because of the idiot GM he’s never felt safety was an important position on a defense . Then we need cornerbacks at least one “great one” in this past Happy League but with a great defensive line and safety and linebacker play who needs cornerbacks I remember Bernie kosar the Cleveland browns coming to play against Tom Landry’s cowboys believe it’s around 1980 and after the game which they lost of course cozar was asked by the press how they felt the cornerbacks matched up against his receivers … His reply was not only true and honest it was a damn fact :
    “Well then too tall Jones Randy White Hollywood Henderson on the defensive line –
    They can have more Larry and curly back there playing cornerback it wouldn’t matter”.
    True words never spoken but those days are gone now we have more Larry and Joe Besser , which I believe was the last and very worst implant to revive curlies impact on the comedy team… It went over like a led Zeppelin (haha) , but now we have that same combination running our team is general managers assistant general managers owners and CEOs . Just as when Jerry Jones bought the cowboys he said he wanted to go visit a elite team with ownership who have a legacy for winning … That team was the San Francisco 49er… He could have merely opened up the history books on the organization he purchased but that just defines his ignorance stereotypical of what we all used to think Arkansas backwoods people would probably be like (honestly no offense to Arkansas I like it very much there and the people are very friendly) but he does act like a hillbilly and his decision-making over the past 25 plus years so why don’t we learn a lesson and read up on the most disastrous team of all time the rebranded Three stooges with Joe besser… (It was all downhill from there killed their careers ) .

    If you haven’t noticed the cowboys only use the hollow version of America’s team when spoken about these days they’re rarely spoken about except as one TV host of pro football talk Mac Florio said just the other day “why are we talking about the cowboys who wants to hear about the cowboys but obviously we have a league obligation to speak of all the teams with Fair amount of airtime” . We’re losing may have already lost it may be too late to save our American team nickname , obviously our dedication to winning by building men who work together as one unit who love each other like family believe in winning it all cost or at least doing your best to not lose -we got to turn this thing around we need to petition or take some kind of action against Jerry Jones in the media or any way we can that would hit his pocketbook and then he’ll raise up and notice ! We need to develop the attitude of the old Dallas cowboys are greatest first cowboy legend Bob Lilly put his plane in the terms with the team around him ..”make up your minds because I’m not going to let any team gain one yard moreover one touchdown unless it’s through my dead body ” . Guess what that was prior to the to 66 67 championship games and yeah it practically took the cowboys defense dying there on the field in extreme weather which no Yemen couldn’t endure probably as long as they did for the little money they made? It was a term called honor the privilege to play for professional football team play for a great owner a great general manager and text ram and one of the greatest coaches top three to four anyway and Tom Landry that ever lived .
    my problem is I’ve lived too long being a cowboy supporter and staunch fan is so hard to be a fan of that Pimpmaster Jerry Jones who with his legacy will be remembered for three super bowls and a very prominent arrogance and determination to tinker and be Lord and Master over the universe he is King like the Egyptians doesn’t matter what he says or does the people will follow him because it’s so unhealthy not to and there’s no benefit to it… Dallas is known more for the Kennedy assassination now 60 years later than the cowboys honorable legendary laurels that Jones teams have adopted as though they were part of those great years they’re all primadonna on social media constantly selling themselves worrying about their image more than their disastrous often times humiliating play for the amount of money they make and they have no humility they have no honor they have no legacy to the teams before… I promise you if they paid me $200,000 a year this 60 year old man would you get out there and bump heads with the best of them and work his heart out until someone killed him in gameplay!please let’s find a way not to lose the one great thing that Dallas was known for rather than the assassination place of John f Kennedy by a man who was not from Texas to a president that was not from Texas, we’re greater than this the sum of us are Jerry Jones has never been part of that son he’s either paying us back for a slight done to him in earlier days or he’s just so GD arrogant that he has no business being an owner or affiliated with sports. I’d be willing to bet that he bets huge amounts of money on his cowboys before bedding is legal why not? The owners loving and he’s of course one of the few owners to ever go into the pro football Hall of Fame it’s not the only one I’m not sure because he showed the owners how to make gazillions of dollars that was there all along if you were just willing to bend a few little rules like : ten commandments or anything as or more so holy as the previous Landry Murchison schram organization live their lives and placated for clean decency in a world that was going to hell in a handbasket they proved the honor and Glory can still be found by the honest man and holy man rather than” crime really does pay” as it sure certainly seems to nowadays I’m not a preacher but I would say world leaders have lettuce into the world of Sodom and Gomorrah and the people believe more in the Great Big bang theory than they do father God Jesus Christ the holy Trinity , fail to realize Big bang theory says something came from nothing if you think about that it will drive you crazy because there’s only one answer there is there was there always will be a God who can make something from nothing ! Sorry I’m not a deeply religious man but I do believe in God and the holy Trinity my friends would tell you I’m the last person to be preaching as I have been against some of the minor practices laid down into law by God but never someone who didn’t know he was veering to a path which is no good and was steer itself back on each time if there was a digression it’s been a 25-plus year digression by the ownership of the cowboys anyone feeling like a good old witch burning?

  5. Alright another boomer. Whoot whoot!
    Come on with these choices cowboys. Let’s go!!
    What are we doing.
    Normally Mr. Brady has stats on new additions and worth wild info. So seeing the lack of information on this guy tells me all I need to know. Instead of getting a solid run stuffer LETS just get another rotational piece like all the rest of our dts. So are we going to get any starters!
    I guess that is the cowboys way plug and play guys! Stick em in.
    Let’s get some talent cowboys.

  6. I know resolving the Cboys “holes” problems is not easy, but we do know where they are. That’s problem #1, so now lets restructure some contracts, and go spend some money on a “true” defensive tackle and a “real” physical safety. Do that and you are on your way. Stop messing with the other “stuff”.. C’mon Mr. Jones !!!!

  7. The Boys are out to corner the market on mediocre defense tackles!
    How many 300 yard rushing games can the defense give up with this group?
    Bob Lilly and Randy White …where are you?

  8. Are they planning on feeding him and adding 40LBs? If not, not sure I understand. We have 2 highly drafted 3 techniques. We need a 1 Tech. We need a run stopper.

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