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Cowboys Sign Safety Damontae Kazee to 1-Year Contract

The Dallas Cowboys have signed free agent Safety Damontae Kazee to a one-year contract. The veteran has spent four years with the Atlanta Falcons and now reunites with Dan Quinn, the new Cowboys Defensive Coordinator.

Kazee has started the last three seasons in Atlanta, playing alongside another new Cowboy in Keanu Neal. He was a 5th-round pick in 2017 and became a starter the following year when Neal suffered a Week One injury.

Now Kazee and Neal are both in Dallas as Dan Quinn looks to revamp one of the league’s worst defenses from 2020.

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Another piece added to the #Cowboys defense: They are signing FA S Damontae Kazee after his visit yesterday, per @AgentButler1 of agency1amg. The former #Falcons starter is back with Dan Quinn, this time in Dallas.

With Neal transitioning to linebacker for the Cowboys, Kazee will be joining a safety group that includes another new signing in Jayron Kearse. Still under contract from last year are Donovan Wilson, Darian Thompson, and Reggie Robinson.

Though he missed 12 games last year due to an Achilles injury, Damontae should be a favorite for a starting role with Dallas in 2021. He was tied for the league lead in 2018 with seven interceptions and could complement Donovan Wilson nicely as a ballhawk in the secondary.

Kazee turns 28 in June, making him a bit older than the typical fifth-year veteran.  Nevertheless, he brings experience and proven play-making skills to the Cowboys defense. His arrival likely slams the door shut on any potential return for Xavier Woods, who currently remains unsigned as a free agent.

Hopefully Damontae Kazee, along with his former Falcons teammate and coaches, can help improve this Cowboys defense. If nothing else, this signing and other moves indicate a higher priority being placed on the safety position under Dan Quinn’s influence.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

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  1. Okay with it if he’s a backup

    Hate it if he’s a starter

    The dude is 5′ 10″ (my height) 184 lbs. and ran a 4.54 40 time , which is slow for how little he weighs

    so he’s small and slow , not a good combo , and that 40 time was before his Achilles injury

    I’m ok with it if he’s brought in to bring some knowledge of DQ system to help out a rookie ,

    but if Kazee is starting , hate it , don’t get bringing in Safeties who were part of the WORST pass D last year and expect them to help our pass D get better

  2. Neither Reed or Polamalu were 6′ and Reed ran mid 4.5’s while Troy was slightly faster but had 1/2 as many interceptions. It’s about being in the right place at the right time, anticipation and soft hands.
    Not saying DK is near their level of player but 8 ints in one yr, how many did DC have as a team that yr?
    I will say that he may be a tad bit slower after the injury but he hasn’t lost his skills.

  3. Waste been a dallas fan for 17 years and the sheer stupidity of this move has pushed me to the point where I am considering being done with dallas hes aaa safeettttyyyy what about our cornerbacks need better cornerbacks safety don’t do shit if all our cornerbacks suckkk he can’t cover everyone and our linebacker core is beat up and our D line is far from what it was with the exception of D law a waste a stupid waste not to mention he hasn’t even recovered from his injury we don’t even know how he will recover smh idk y’all I’m die hard dallas fan but I’m just about done with this level of stupidity

  4. Not to mention his buddy neal yea am I the only one who’s not pleased with the fact our free agent moves has been to sign 2 people who tore there fcking achiclllis one of them neal hasn’t played in 2 years because he tore both achillis yea good move dallas notttttttt

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