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Cowboys vs Commanders Game Prediction

This weekend, the will be hosting the . Much is at stake here for a game that seems to be like an ordinary match-up. For one, could become 4-0 as a starter with a win.

The Cowboys need to be careful coming into this game. Yes, the Commanders are the weakest East team at the moment, but it's never good to look at them lightly. So what will happen in this game?

will be questionable for this game. His chances of playing are not high atm due to him still in semi-recovery. Another to look at is , many say he could make his return this weekend against the Commander but still no solid answer.

If Gallup does return, this will give Cooper Rush a huge advantage when passing. Another weapon on the field is key to victories (especially for the ). Enough about who's playing, let's jump into the predictions.

The start of the game should be somewhat similar to last week against the . I am expecting a low score by halftime of 10-10. After halftime, the Cowboys offense will start to sharpen up and start RUNNING the ball again.

That change will allow more scoring drive opportunities and will eat up clock time. The will lock back into place and start stopping the Commanders. Turpin will finally get his regular season punt returning touchdown this game, this time he'll hurdle over the on the way there.

Cooper may have a down game this time, with maybe just 150 yards and a decent passing rate. The running backs should be fun to watch though. Towards the end of the game, we should be seeing a final score of 17-27, Cowboys victory.

If the Cowboys do happen to win, they will have a very good record of 3-1 to start their season. Cooper Rush will also be a 4-0 starting QB, a stat that not many other players can say.

Tony Stahl
Tony Stahl
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