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Cowboys vs Eagles — Over/Under Reactions

As the prepare for their match-up against the undefeated this weekend, it's time for some over/under reactions for this week's game.


This Cowboys' is not good enough.

Before you light the torches, let me explain.

The Cowboys' 2022 offense ranks at the very bottom of the league. Although the seems to be effective for the Cowboys – they still rank 15th in the league in rushing and 27th in passing. Yes, the Cowboys are 4-1. But they have won these games with an elite-level , a good running game, and the offense protects the ball. That's all the team has needed to do over the last few weeks in order to win these games.

But this Sunday, the Cowboys will need much better production from their offense if they want to win this game. The Philadelphia Eagles are attacking opponents with their high-flying offense and a very athletic in that can absolutely hurt you with his legs. If this Cowboys defense surrenders some points early in the game, the offense is going to need to be able to score points to keep up.

Through five games, the Cowboys have only scored four touchdowns. They are desperately going to need to find a way to score points in this game to keep up with the Eagles. The Cowboys' offense will improve once starting quarterback returns to the field from his , but this Sunday the ‘Boys will need to find their rhythm, sustain drives by being successful on third downs, and score points this weekend if they hope to leave Lincoln Financial Field with a win.


is going to bounce back.

Not enough people give Zeke credit, which is fair considering the success has, and the huge contract that comes with having Zeke on the team. But let's not forget, Ezekiel Elliott is a dynamic piece of this team whether we all like it or not. Zeke is still punishing defenders every time he runs with the ball, he is still a great pass blocker for his quarterback, and he is a leader of this team.

According to CBS Sports, the Philadelphia Eagles have allowed 6.25 yards-per-carry and five touchdowns to opposing running backs. Ezekiel Elliott is no stranger to this Eagles team. Some of Zeke's best games of his career have come against their division rival, and I think this is going to be a breakout game for Zeke.

Ezekiel Elliott has not been getting the redzone targets he is accustomed to seeing, but that is mainly because the Cowboys have trouble sustaining drives long enough to make it to the redzone. I wouldn't be shocked if Zeke puts up his first 100-yard game of the season this week.

Dallas is going to come into this game ready to run straight at the Eagles, and with the potent two-punch running game that comes with Zeke and Pollard in the backfield, their success will ultimately be the main factor if the Cowboys want to win this game.

Christian Cline
Christian Cline
Cowboys advocate since '96 / WKU Alumni / Former TV Villain / Follow me on Twitter @ChristianCline

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