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Dak Prescott Writes Oklahoma Governor To Overturn Julius Jones’ Conviction

In an era where social justice is at the forefront for today’s athletes, quarterback Dak Prescott continues to fight for what he believes is right.

Time Magazine is reporting that the Cowboys quarterback penned a letter to Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, petitioning for the release of Julius Jones. Jones was convicted of murder and sentenced to death in 1999, and has come into question as the subject of an ABC 20/20 documentary.

Several other athletes have voiced their opposition to Jones’ sentence, including Russell Westbrook, Baker Mayfield, and Trae Young. All with strong ties to the state of Oklahoma, of course.

Prescott wrote a powerful letter to Stitt, giving his perspective as a “black man in this country.”

“Current events are shining a much-needed light on deep-seated prejudices and systemic mistreatment of black people, and it is my sincere hope that the cultural movements of today will lead to significant social changes that will create a better tomorrow…To that end, you all are in the unique position of being able to make a direct impact by addressing a specific miscarriage of justice” – Dak Prescott.

Prescott went on to say that he “firmly believes” the wrong man is being punished for this crime, urging the Oklahoma governor to take a stand.

Earlier this year, Prescott pledged $1 million to “to improve police training and address systematic racism through education and advocacy in our country,” so it’s safe to say he’s getting involved in the key issues in our country.

What do you think?

Kevin Brady

Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.


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  1. The evidence looks like this guy is guilty. Doesn’t matter that he’s black but Dak is being stupid and only focused on his color. Sad . It shouldn’t matter what color anyone is.

  2. Jones was CONVICTED of first degree MURDER in the 1999 carjacking death of Paul Howell. Howell was robbed and shot in the head in the driveway of his parent’s home.

    I wish the author of this article mentioned the REAL VICTIM”S name. PAUL HOWELL.

    Witnesses identified Jones as the shooter and placed Jones with the victim’s (Howell) stolen vehicle. The murder weapon and a red bandanna with Jones’ DNA was recovered in an attic space above Jones’ bedroom. Witnesses said the shooter wore a RED bandanna.

    Jones was arrested for an armed carjacking the WEEK BEFORE Howell’s death. Jones was tied to a jewelry store robbery at gunpoint and also accused of committing another carjacking.

    Jones went through the trial and all the appeals. Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals found “overwhelming” evidence of Jones’ guilt in 2006 and says he committed other armed robberies in 1999, the year of Howell’s murder. But Dak Prescott “firmly believes” he is the wrong man. Oh, ok, let him out, folks.

    Now in our Country we have scam groups like “Black Lives Matter”, that have promoted this false narrative of systemic racism against Blacks. I wonder if people actually know the meaning of the word – systemic. Liberal Politicians and spineless Corporations, afraid of some type of blowback (votes, boycotts, etc.) against them, are giving these scam groups support in the form of MONEY, which is exactly what they want. Of course the liberal MSM is also promoting the SCAM. BLM is fraud in plain sight.

    • Anybody convicted w/o the opportunity to make a proper defense is nothing to crow about. This is SUPPOSED to be America. Jones was deprived of his 4th and 6th Amendment rights. If he was white, he would’ve walked on that basis alone – even if he was guilty of the crime.

      Q: Do you share the view of the Louisiana Supreme Court that the man who ATTEMPTED to steal hedge clippers should serve life in prison? That’s an obvious violation of the 8th Amendment and yet the court seemed perfectly happy to let it slide.

      Would a white man get life in prison for ATTEMPTED robbery? OBVIOUSLY NOT. A white man would get a “mark on his permanent record” – and be released with time-served within hours of arraingment.

      Rationalizing SYSTEMATICALLY INCONSISTENT application of the law by the criminal justice system doesn’t make it okay. If All Lives (really) Matter – then Black Lives Matter, too.

      • Amazing, so Jones was deprived of his rights because he was Black. This is patently UNTRUE. He received a TRIAL and went through many APPEALS. He was 19 when he murdered Paul Howell. Howell was cold bloodedly shot and killed in front of his daughters and sister. Jones is now 40 years old. So he has been alive for 21 years, while his victim has been dead and gone from his family for that long.

        “If he were White, he would’ve walked…” Playing the race and VICTIM card is getting old. While some gullible, guilt-complexed Whites STILL FALL for that BS, most have had enough of it. And playing it does NOT change the facts. Tying this horrendous crime to the FALSE narrative of social injustice is totally ludicrous. The only victims here are Paul Howell and his family.

    • The truth hurts, and I must have touch a nerve, Elouit. So you resort to name calling. BRILLIANT! Name calling instead of trying to refute the FACTS is so much easier to do. You apparently do not possess the mentality to do that. PATHETIC!

  3. Ok elouit, instead of addressing what he says, the evidence against this murderer, you jump to racist kkk crap. You’re vile and people like you are why we can’t address the issues we’re facing in this nation. Take your self hate and racism elsewhere. The evidence points to this man more than many who are convicted, white or black.


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