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DAL 56, WAS 14: Everybody Scores as Cowboys Crush Washington

Few games get more one-sided than what we saw tonight in Dallas. The Cowboys scored in almost every way possible to lay a 56-14 beatdown on the Washington Football Team.

Dallas had been officially named Champions earlier in the evening when the defeated the , clinching the strength of victory tiebreaker for the Cowboys over the . But despite this big news before kickoff, Dallas still brought it's A-game and likely knocked Washington out of the race.

The Cowboys scored six offensive touchdowns, one on , and one for the complete team victory. But perhaps the biggest single moment was CB getting his 11th interception to tie for the franchise record.

That was the biggest moment for the defense but hardly the only one. had a pick-six off a tipped ball plus a sack for a huge game. recorded his 13th sack of the year and teammates , , , and all got in on the fun as well.

Golston's top highlight came on special teams, recovering a blocked punt in the endzone for a score. The Washington punt was blocked by RB Corey Clement and knocked sideways where Chauncey easily grabbed it for the touchdown.

Unlike recent weeks, the Cowboys didn't let other groups steal the show. was back to his old self with an amazing 324 yards and four touchdowns in just the first half alone. Prescott added just six more passing yards in the third quarter, barely playing before Dallas put in and other backups.

had seven catches for 85 yards and a touchdown in a nice return to notoriety. Prescott also hit , , and OT for his other scoring throws.

Even Rush and the backups added to the big day. WR Malik Turner took a short pass 61 yards and was tackled in the redzone, but Cooper found him again a few plays later for a touchdown.

The win moved Dallas up to 11-4 and kept them as the #2 seed in the . They're currently in a three-way tie with the and , trumping both teams currently thanks to their superior record in NFC games.

Now the Cowboys prepare for next Sunday's meeting with the ; a game which could have significant playoff-seeding impact for both teams.

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Cowboy Fan Ed

I’m sure glad that the real Dallas Cowboys football team came to play this game! Hopefully we are starting to peak at the right time! I said last week when our offense plays fast we are a different team and it showed last night! It sure is nice to watch those (as Vam would say) rocking chair games and also the MMA fights on the no names sideline at the same time!! The fight was just about more exciting than the game! Ha! Go Cowboys!


Yes CF Ed, the ultimate rocking chair game. If it were a boxing match, the referee would have stop the fight at halftime. A little pay back from last year. DP looked more like the way he played in the beginning of the year. The defense was great again. Very impressive all the way around.

The one stat that was pointed at by the announcers that really surprised me, Diggs gives up the most yards for all CBs. Yet he is tied for the Cowboy record for INTs.

If they keep this going, who knows?


They’re getting healthy at the right time, and now they’re clicking on all cylinders, Offense and Defense just at the right time,

This is the time and place that you look at teams who are peaking and that are healthy at the right time, those team’s will usually be right close in the SB if not win the SB,

It appears that the Dak we saw the last 4-5 weeks isn’t the real Dak, the real Dak appears to be what he was pre calf injury, and now it seems he’s back to that level now

Make no mistake, Dak was in a slump, but all will be forgiven if he at least isn’t the reason we lose in the playoffs, and for sure be forgiven if he gets us to a SB


I came away feeling pretty good about all three phases of the game play for the boys. Admittedly it was tempered by the knowledge that Washington was at no where near full strength for this game. The offense certainly seemed to find some rhythm and will look a lot better with Smith at LT though I thought Steele handled himself well. The longer he plays there the better he looks. I will be very interested to see wht they look like against the Cards and Eagles. Even though the cards have struggled a bit lately they are a quality team and the Eagles are getting it together. Would love to put them out of the playoffs in the final game. Love our wide receiver depth. The big three then Turner and Cedrick and Shultz and soon Jarwin with Pollard and Zeke coming out of the backfield…insane depth and quality options everywhere. If the Boys can stay healthy and keep gelling this team has the chance to go far in the playoffs.

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