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Dallas Cowboys 2019 Draft Needs: Quarterback

While the appear set for many years at starting , that doesn't mean they won't ignore the position completely in the 2019 . In recent years, it appears that Dallas is wanting to establish a solid pipeline of QB talent and create competition along the .

Remember that in 2016 was originally drafted to be groomed behind . The brought an unexpected change, but the Cowboys invested a mid-round pick in the QB position for the first time since Stephen McGee in 2009.

Two years later, Dallas used a fifth-round pick on . Even though they already had , who had been very impressive in the , the Cowboys drafted White to bolster the depth chart and compete with Rush.

Recent gives us good reason to think that if Dallas sees a QB they like in the 2019 draft, they could easily select that person to add to the competitive mix

That being said, it's unlikely that the Cowboys would draft any QB before Day 3 of the draft. In fact, it probably wouldn't be until the seventh round.

Cooper Rush
Dallas Cowboys QB Cooper Rush

Having just spent a mid-round pick on Mike White last year, the Cowboys will likely want to give him this year to develop and show what he's got. They also may be hoping for a bounce-back year from Cooper Rush, who didn't repeat his exciting 2017 play last season.

But if an intriguing 2019 prospect like Jacob Dolegala or Brett Rypien were to be available in the final round of the draft, Dallas might go ahead and grab one of them. Neither Rush or White showed enough last season that they should be untouchable.

Rypien is definitely someone to keep an eye on. He graduated from the Cowboys' unofficial farm system, Boise State, where they've drafted several players over the last few years. He is arguably the second-best QB to play for the Broncos other than Dallas' new , . He also has NFL pedigree as the nephew of former Redskins' QB Mark Rypien.

Rest assured, Moore is very familiar with Rypien as fellow Boise St. alumni. If Kellen is at all interested in working with him, that connection could easily bring Brett to the Cowboys.

But that's about all we should expect from the 2019 draft when it comes to Dallas and the quarterback position. Outside of some intriguing prospect that they don't want to risk having to compete for in undrafted , prompting them to use a late-round pick, the Cowboys will likely focus on positions of greater need.

Draft Likelihood: 10%
Projected Round: *6th-7th

* The Cowboys don't currently have a 6th-round pick, but could acquire one in a potential trade.

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Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
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  1. The need is very low but last year neither Coop nor White impressed anyone. And Coops seems to have gone backwards. So if someone like the UNCSt kid falls to the 5th or 6th, I’m not going to whine if Dallas nabs him and lets one of the others move on.

    In fact I think the back half of the draft needs to be made with a serious eye to 2020 and 2021 to include an OT to develop, another CB (assuming S & DT are 58 and 90) and an edge.

    And if we trade a 2020 #5 for a 6th round guy they like, good for them. Time to win a Super bowl is NOW

  2. The Cowboys are not going to waste any draft pick on a quarterback, not even in the 7th

  3. “Neither Rush or White showed enough last season that they should be untouchable…”

    This was an odd observation. Since neither of them played enough to present a decent sample size why are you even bringing them up?

    Frankly, Dak Prescott doesn’t impress me that much–not enough, at any rate, to reward him with a long term contract making him a permanent fixture behind center to the exclusion of any future QB prospect. His decision making and accuracy on throws beyond 15 yards both leave quite a bit to be desired–if you intend to win a Super Bowl, that is. The Cowboys’ 6’5″ third stringer Mike White has a much higher ceiling, in my opinion, and far better arm strength than either Cooper Rush or Dakota Prescott. But neither Jerry Jones or his sock puppet coach have the balls, the brains or the foresight to do much more than play it safe….

    That’s okay, though…Cowboy fans are satisfied with mediocrity, apparently…As long as they continue to go through the turnstiles in record numbers, JJ and staff honestly won’t give a fuck, trust me…


    Sta. Monica

  4. The last I saw they haven’t even signed Dak to an extension yet. I still not fully sold on Dak. He needs to make faster and better decisions but it is his fourth year and still a rookie contract. He is already making more in endorsement than Tony ever dis. I hope he keeps improving. Dallas hasn’t had a decent back up since Testaverde!!

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