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Dallas Cowboys Wishlist: 2018 Free Agency Edition

Sadly, we can't wake up on Sundays to NFL football. The are not on TV every week for us to watch them play. To make matters worse, we'll have to wait until September to get real football from our favorite team.

But that doesn't mean there's nothing to talk about until then! For the die-hard Cowboys fan, the should be quite entertaining. will begin in March, and it should be an intense one for Dallas.

They need to handle a tight while trying to add a bit of help for this football team. Recently, Inside Contributor John Williams wrote an in-depth piece about the Cowboys' cap situation and how they can manage to get things done, despite having little cap space right now.

Last season, I wrote a weekly  about things I wanted to see for each game. Now there are no games, but I decided to write a special edition for this upcoming free agency.

Cowboys en Español: El Futuro de David Irving y DeMarcus Lawrence
Dallas Cowboys DL ,  (Kevin Jairaj / Sports)

Wish #1: Keep The Rushmen

The will have one hell of a challenge trying to retain all of its . The two most important ones may be their two defensive linemen. If they can keep them, DL won't be a top need heading to the Draft.

Lawrence is one of the biggest names in free agency this 2018, but the Cowboys should find a way to keep him from ever being available.

If they're able to him, that'd be the way to go since he's only had one elite season in his four-year career and they may not want to sign him to a huge long-term deal and risk not seeing the same guy next season.

David Irving is a more polarizing player, with off-the-field issues. However, he's been a very disruptive guy and he has the chance to be a unique player. His talent is really out of this world. Keeping him and Irving would give this franchise a top defensive line for the first time in many years.

Anthony Hitchens 1
Dallas Cowboys LB (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Wish #2: Pay Anthony Hitchens

When healthy, is one of the NFL's top linebackers. He is simply an outstanding player who's always around the ball and seems to know where the ball is going before the opposing coach even calls the play.

The problem is, he has a lot of trouble remaining available. Anthony Hitchens is a guy who's found the way to step up every time the General is out, and he's shown a great progression as a player year after year.

Lee will be 32 by the time the season starts, giving Dallas something to think about. Hitchens is a guy capable of starting and competing in the NFL. If the front office finds a way to keep him, they'll be getting closer to being less “Sean Lee-dependent.”

Wish #3: Get Seattle Seahawks' Earl Thomas

When we talk about a potential big name addition to the Dallas Cowboys, we're usually a bit pessimistic. This team isn't one that makes splashes like this, but to Dallas makes a ton of sense. Former Seahawks' is now the Cowboys' ' coach.

With , (and maybe moving to CB), this team will have a promising . Add Earl Thomas, and it will go from “promising” to “great” in a heartbeat.

The Cowboys could not only have a top DL, but a top secondary if they're able to get this veteran.

Let's hope the Cowboys listen to Thomas and they go get him.

A Case For Dez Bryant Remaining a Dallas Cowboy in 2018
Dallas Cowboys WR (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins)

Wish #4: Get Dez Bryant to Take a Pay Cut

When I started writing this, I wanted to add a “get this in FA”… but I won't. A few weeks ago, I wrote a case in favor and one against Dez Bryant remaining a Cowboy in 2018. Personally, I would be fine with him parting ways with the team.

However, I'm aware of how hard it can be finding a replacement for a guy like #88. The biggest issue with Dez is definitely his cap hit. He hasn't justified the money he's being paid on the field as he should be.

If they can get him to take a pay cut, it may end up being the ideal scenario for the Dallas Cowboys.

It'll be a very interesting offseason, and here at we'll continue to provide you with content about it all.

Mauricio Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez
I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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Travis Diggs

Gotta keep Hitchens. It’s almost a guarantee Sean Lee gets hurt every year, so keeping Hitchens should be a priority. Trading for Earl Thomas seems so far fetched for a team that rarely makes any splashes but a move like that will make the difference between a serviceable defense and a championship defense

Todd Bostic

Well, I think that if they can’t get Earl Thomas, they should look at Sherman Williams, after all, the Seahawks have been talking about trading him for over a year. Either way, the Cowboys have to upgrade their defense. Next thing they have to do is either get Dez to take a pay cut or cut him out right.. He isn’t the same player he once was. There are a lot of #1 receivers out there that could take his place.


I agree that this whole scenario would be outstanding. The problem is Dallas signs it’s players to huge contracts that guarantee money without any incentive clauses. It’s the main reason we’re always so Cap-tight (still paying Romo while he’s retired for example). How many times do they have to be burnt before they realize that giving decent players (read Tyrone Crawford, Terrence Williams, etc.) superstar contracts when they haven’t PROVED they’re superstars? TLaw has had one outstanding year out of 4 so if they give him big, guaranteed dollars I guess we’ll have our answer.

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