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Damontae Kazee Will be Vital to the Cowboys Success on Defense in 2021

There's no position on the roster for the Dallas Cowboys that has frustrated fans over the last several years more than the safety spot. For reasons no one can explain, it hasn't been a huge priority when it comes to the . However, 2019 sixth-round pick has emerged as the team's top player at after a good 2020 campaign, but who will play opposite him?

The Cowboys took the approach to solve that part of their defensive puzzle this . Veteran Damontae Kazee, who spent his first four seasons with the , was signed in March on a one-year deal. This move would reunite him with the Cowboy's new , and the versatile defender who has lined up at single-high safety, box safety, and slot corner wants to go all out for his former coach.

“As you know, I did come from the same team as Coach Quinn, so I know he's a player coach,” Kazee said, via the team's website. “And I know he looks for dogs. He wants people running to the ball every play, everything. And that's one reason why I came here, you know – a coach that I can fight for like that, I'm going to give him my all.”

Kazee was only on the field for 16 percent of the Falcons defensive plays (163 snaps) as a rookie in 2017 and logged just one start. Oddly enough, he would get his chance to show what he could do as a regular starter a year later, and it was due to an suffered by an old teammate who also came to Dallas this offseason.

When tore his ACL in of the , Kazee would start the final 15 games and log nearly 1,000 snaps, and he didn't disappoint. He amassed 82 tackles (career-high), 10 passes defended, and was tied for the league lead with seven interceptions. His production dipped slightly in 2019 but he still managed to record 74 tackles and three interceptions.

Unfortunately for Kazee, his only lasted a month. In Week 4 against the , he tore his Achilles tendon and missed the rest of the season. He finished with just 20 tackles and a forced fumble.

As the Cowboys began their preparation for the , the question when it came to Kazee was whether or not he would be eased into the flow of things seeing as Achilles injuries take a long time to heal. To the Cowboy's pleasure, he was moving around well when picked up in mid-May.

“I jumped right into it when I got up here – running and jumping, doing every DB drill with all of them, since the day I got out here,” Kazee said last month.

Kazee played in all 16 games in each of his first three seasons and logged 30 starts, so missing 12 games in 2020 was unknown territory for him. His injury came at the worst time as he was in the final year of his rookie deal, and it led to some internal conflict for the former fifth-round pick.

“Let me just tell you about the offseason: I saw the real side,” Kazee said. “Not having football — and I've been playing this for over 20 years now – I didn't know what to do. I did so much film watching and doing everything and knowing my contract was up, getting injured. I was battling a lot of things, but I could only control the controllable.”

Quinn's Cover 3 scheme uses a lot of single-high coverage which Kazee got plenty of experience playing during his days with the Falcons. That familiarity gives him the to be the starter opposite the aforementioned Wilson at , making him an important piece of what the Cowboys do defensively in 2021.

If Kazee can stay healthy the Cowboys may have their best starting duo at safety in quite some time.


Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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Gary b

It’s one thing to recover so u can run around and jump, and quite another to play NFL football at a high level, especially at that position.


Gary b. RELAX… Kazee is hungrier than your mom at the lunch line and has a a chip on his shoulder like nobodies business. Let him earn his stripes while you sit back and hate.

Cowboys fan

I agree with you Josh…. There’s one thing you’ll see on this site all the time, and that’s hate!! These so called Cowboys fans are always hating on Cowboys players, coaches and even the owner and the rest of the front office!! It’s crazy to me, how can somebody call themselves a Cowboys fan, and at the same time hate everything about the Cowboys!! I’ve gotten to where I just ignore the haters…. I’ll read the story and sometimes the comments and go to the next story!! Sometimes that’s the best thing to do!!

Gary b

Who’s hating? I merely stated that it’s a big jump from bouncing around training camp with shorts on and no contact to playing NFL level safety. Not much familiar with ur posts Josh, but if u are familiar with mine, u would see that my opinions are pretty balanced. Some positive and some constructive critiques. Nobody called Kazee a dog. I would be happy if he earns his stripes. Incidentally the mention of anyone’s mother (RIP for mine) has no place in here.

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