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DeMarcus Lawrence Ranked NFLs 10th Best Edge Rusher

The unquestionably have one of the most talented rosters in the NFL. In ESPN’s series of ranking the top 10 players at 11 different positions Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper, Tyron Smith, and Zack Martin have all been recognized as some of the very best in the league. Now, you can add the top pass rusher to that list.

DeMarcus Lawrence was ranked as the 10th best edge rusher in the NFL (5th in the ).

Lawrence totaled 25 in 2017 and 2018, which was more than and over that span. After a five-year, $105 million extension before the , expectations went through the roof for Lawrence. If you look strictly at sacks, last season was a disappointment for him, but you have to look deeper than that.

According to Pro , his 9.8% run stop percentage (tackles that constitute a loss) was tied for eighth in the NFL (third amongst rushers who played 50% of team’s snaps). Also per PFF, Lawrence’s 83.3 grade was tied for sixth for all edge rushers.

, who signed a five-year, $70 million dollar deal with the , got plenty of his 11.5 sacks last season in Dallas because of the constant double teams Lawrence had to face.

Lawrence’s low sack total from a year ago hasn’t changed the opinion of him in the eyes of some evaluators around the league.

“At some point you have to go through somebody — if you can’t, the will sit soft on you and speed will be mitigated,” said an NFC exec. “[Lawrence] is one of the best at using his power.”

The former All-Pro will have plenty of help along the defensive front in 2020 after the Cowboys had a pretty eventful . and will anchor the interior as upgrades over the departed and . With now on the , a hopefully soon to be reinstated , and the Cowboys can throw plenty of bodies at offenses on the line of scrimmage, thus making Lawrence’s job a lot easier with more one-on-one opportunities.

“He’s not as consistent a pass-rusher as I’d like, but he’s deserving,” a veteran defensive coach said. “Can rush inside and out.”

Make no mistake about it, Lawrence is still one of the better edge rushers in the NFL.

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Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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  1. Yea no one wants to be constantly beat over the head with venomous negativism anymore then wanting to hear smoke up ur butt about how great the cowboys are. Nice to hear a balance. Its more in the presentation and the inference that ur perspective is always superior and right and everyone else is a moron. There often times isn’t a
    right or wrong it’s just simply an opinion. And by the way without naming names he ain’t the only one doing it. To ur point Bill it’s obvious from the posts that he is knowledgable but that becomes diluted when ur ALWAYS negative..

  2. Have to agree Siempre 44 there are alot positives to this team as well as some weakness (like most teams) U seem to know football pretty well, maybe share some of that knowledge as to what u do like about this team.

  3. Siempre44, curious as to whether you’ve ever owned a glass that was half-full? I’m sure you’ll declare yourself as a fact-based realist, but I think there’s more to it?

    • He’s just a hater…. He’s always on here writing something negative about the Cowboys, he never has anything good to say about the team!! I believe he’s a fan of one of the other NFC East teams!! That’s the only explanation I can think of as to why he’s always writing negative comments about the Cowboys!!

      • I see how you could adapt that perspective, but I think it’s less hater and more just being a negatively minded dude(?) who thinks that perspective is unique and needed on a “fan” site and therefore that’s where he feels his “value” here lies. And the argument can certainly be made it is needed because of the numerous optimists that abound here. My concern is that it seems to come so naturally to him, that he employs that throughout all facets of life. And to your point, because he does sit o often, he is now being cast aside as irrelevant instead of insightful.

  4. The writer needs to read the dedicated sites for other teams. Half the league has about this number of top ten players. Lawrence is not really a top 10 but he gets the Dallas hype . He is a 5 sack guy who had 2 good but no great years .
    Let’s keep some perspective.
    Talent wise, the Boys have a few top ten and in Dak they have a top 5 QB which is the team’s main asset. Of course, Jerry is screwing that up by not signing him. Only in the bizarro world of the Boys would there be controversy over signing a top 5 QB . Tyron Smith only plays part time now and the Beard is gone at center and there are no assured top replacements. LVE is not assured of ever playing again . The Boys writers have hyped Poe and McCoy as defense tackles but they were no great shakes last year and Carolina moved on from them for a reason.
    The team also has huge unknowns at left guard, all the linebackers, right defense end, all the secondary.
    So, before we jump on the annual ‘Dallas is super talented ‘ bandwagon, let’s accept that essentially the entire defense is a big question mark as well as the entire left side of the offense line and center.
    So, no, the Boys are not overly talented. It will be up to coaching to build a team out of a lot of other team’s castoffs, some rookies and backups who now need to start .

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