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Does CB Jourdan Lewis Have a Future With the Dallas Cowboys?

With the 2019 now behind us and nothing to really look forward to until kicks off sometime in mid July, there isn't a lot of the news to discuss regarding the . Well, that is as long as players are able to keep themselves out of trouble between now and then.

Unfortunately , we are kind of in a limbo right now. All we can really do is speculate about the current roster and what it may look like Week 1 when Dallas once again faces off against the in the . That is exactly what I plan on doing today.

With the current state of the Dallas Cowboys roster and the depth they have at each position, there a lot of good players who could find themselves playing for a different team in 2019. One such player is , who has seen his playing time dramatically decrease since the arrival of .

To say that Lewis has already seen highs and lows in his short time in the would probably be an understatement. As a rookie he started seven games for the Dallas Cowboys and played 70% of the defensive snaps in 2017. He was expected to compete for a starting job in 2018, but that all changed with the hiring of Kris Richard.

With Richard as the Cowboys new Coach and , Lewis saw his playing time dramatically decrease in his second year in Dallas. His playing time took a huge nosedive in 2018. He started only one game and played only 18% of the defensive snaps last season. That's not quite what he was hoping after getting off to a good start as a rookie.

Jourdan Lewis
Dallas Cowboys CB Jourdan Lewis

Unfortunately, Jourdan Lewis just didn't fit the prototype Kris Richard prefers in his cornerbacks. Richard likes his at least 6 foot tall with an arm length of approximately 32 inches. At 5'10”, Lewis doesn't quite measure up height wise, but he falls just under the threshold in length with 31 5/8 inch arms. Apparently though, that's just not close enough.

Lewis is at best fourth on the right now amongst the cornerbacks currently on the Dallas Cowboys roster. He has two years remaining on his rookie contract and without a clearly defined role heading in to the his future in Dallas looks a little murky.

If the Dallas Cowboys, more specifically Kris Richard, aren't you going to use Jourdan Lewis much moving forward, they should go ahead and move on and get some return on their investment. He should have value around the league, because he does have starting potential for a team that doesn't place as much value on height/length like the Cowboys do now.

Unfortunately, this is just one of those situations where the new regime places value on different attributes than the old regime did when Lewis was drafted. Despite his talent, he just doesn't fit the mold Richard prefers in his cornerbacks, which is why I wouldn't be surprised if he's playing somewhere else in 2019.

Do you think Jourdan Lewis has a future with the Dallas Cowboys?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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  1. i’m a huge fan of lewis, i think it would be foolish to get rid of him but i understand if they choose to.

    i think he is a good cover guy, inside and out, plus he is a very good tackler is not afraid to take on the bigger RB’s / WR’s, knows how to tackle low, has good speed.

    i would hate to see him go.

    • Well, I wouldn’t understand of they choose to. Show me his better on the team as 4th CB, and then I might say I understand. Until then, no way…

      • I think the only CB better than Lewis with the Cowboys right now is Byron Jones. Unfortunately, #27 just doesn’t fit Richard’s criteria to play on the outside. Because of that, I would consider trading him away if I can upgrade another position. Lewis is simply being wasted as the 4th CB in Dallas.

      • i mean i think his play speaks for itself. as stated by Derrick, when called upon, he made plays. every time i saw him on the field he produced, except for when he ran the jet sweep.

        i think he’s every bit as good as any of the corners on this team, he’s only fault is his size but again i think he plays big enough.

        i guess we shall see

      • I agree. I think he plays bigger than his size would suggest. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as if Richard thinks the same.

    • I’m a big fan of Lewis’ as well. I think if given a fair shot, he could probably outplay Awuzie. We all know that’s not going to happen though.

      • i was thinking him over brown. i think awuzie is going to be a really good one this coming year.

        if i was making the decision, i would keep lewis and try and trade brown. both good players but i think brown can be a bit stiff at times, especially covering underneath.

  2. I don’t think they should or will let him go ,at least not this year. Even though his PT was cut, he produced when called upon. That’s value in and of itself, that’s what it’s all about.

    • I think it’s going to come down to whether or not Richard wants to keep a CB who fits his criteria on the final 53-man roster over someone who doesn’t. Sadly Lewis doesn’t, making him a potential candidate to be traded.

      • True. But I believe his consistency in production will compromise Richard’s way of thinking to at least keep him game day even if he’s not starting. To me that’s an asset, because teams are always scheming to offset ur plan. I just hope he sees that. We’ve lost good players by not thinking outside the box and being stubborn. Hint hint Lanehan!!!!!

      • I don’t disagree at all. Lewis’ play last year against the Saints was key for the Cowboys victory. I believe he should be playing a lot more, but it looks like that will only happen if there’s an injury.

  3. Being under 6 feet tall hasn’t diminished Anthony Brown’s snaps since Richard’s arrival. It comes down to production. Lewis’ reduction in playing time coincides with Byron Jones switch to corner and with Chido getting better.

    • Lewis is a better outside CB then he is playing in the slot. And, I think if given a fair shot he could challenge Awuzie for the starting job opposite Byron Jones. But, that’s not going to happen because he doesn’t fit Richard’s criteria to play on the outside in his scheme.

  4. I don’t understand all the talk about comparing Lewis to Awuzie. He is in now way better than Awuzie but he is definitely better than Anthony Brown.

  5. I think he has a future with the Dallas Cowboys cause smart and speed equals a good player.Thanks

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