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Everson Griffen to Rush From 3-Point Stance, Will Lawrence Follow?

It's difficult to draw any conclusions about the ' after the first two weeks of the . After and , expectations were high for the Cowboys' revamped defensive front. Talks about a hybrid defensive front emerged under , and we got to see those formations on weeks 1 and 2.

But things could be changing over the following weeks after the struggles from a few key players on the Cowboys .

Through two weeks, you could call the team's ability to pressure opposing quarterbacks quite a disappointment. It wasn't much of a concern after the season opener given the ' gameplan of attacking the defense with quick passes from , but the team didn't put to much pressure on either as the QB worked with a clean pocket consistently.

Everson Griffen and Aldon Smith are the only two players on the team to record a sack, and Griffen's was more of a coverage sack than him getting rapidly to the . Now granted, it's still early in the season and this unit has had to play from behind in the first two games.

According to Next Gen Stats, the Cowboys are the 8th best team in the NFL when it comes to pressure rate, but they're pretty close to league average, which doesn't tell us much.

While the Cowboys' defense isn't below average, it hasn't fulfilled expectations. According to Griffen himself, they still have a long way to go. “These past two games, we haven't been generating pressure that well, to be honest with you guys,” the said in a on Wednesday.

One of the biggest issues we've noted with the Cowboys defense after two games is how difficult the transition from a 3-point stance to a 2-point stance has been for Griffen and . Lawrence has zero quarterback hits yet as he played in only 37% of the week 2 defensive snaps.

Although the staff pointed out a knee as the reason for DeMarcus' limited playing time, questions have arisen on Lawrence's reason for being on the sidelines.

Griffen's comments from Wednesday suggest the Cowboys will be letting players do what they feel comfortable with to win ballgames on Sundays. Griffen talked about going back to playing from a 3-point stance.

While Griffen doesn't speak for D-Law, it's fair to assume #90 will also be playing with his hand in the dirt more often. Mike Nolan's defensive front might be better off doing what his personnel does best.

Maybe a change as simple as that is enough to push this unit to the level we expected from the Cowboys' front seven. has looked like a totally different player, constantly freeing himself up from opposing linemen and giving himself chances to make plays.

If Griffen and Lawrence get going paired with Aldon Smith playing like he never left the gridiron, this unit can be special.

Since the Cowboys' is the primary concern on defense as continue to pile up, the pass rush needs to step up to give this team a chance to be competitive when the defense is on the field.

The Cowboys face one of the best offenses in the NFL on Sunday as they square up to 's pass-first . Pressuring him won't be enough, but it'd certainly help.

Mauricio Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez
I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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Gary b

I’m not sure why Nolan has his pass rushers standing up which is something they don’t have much exp. doing nor do they seem particularly happy about. Trying put in his system in spite of it not suiting his players. Lack of anticipated production on the DL could come down to his poor coaching.


Build on strengths not changing for the sake of changing because u can. THAT IS what makes a good coach. It’s ok to put in a new system as long as the players have synergy to the system. If u have a player that is great at blitzing the qb u don’t put him in coverage. U don’t take a 320lb lineman and have him run outside man. THAT was the problem Nolan has had in the past is wanting players to adapt to his system because he says so. Build on what u have is the moto of the story. And if u bring in talent, make sure that talents fit what u are trying to accomplished and not hinder ur teams grow. Don’t keep players that aren’t building blocks for success. Continuity is IMPORTANT. Build on that continuity.


One would think this issue would have been resolve before the first game. Or maybe it is just an excuse for the sub par pressure on QBs so far?

The level of opposition QB play is going up again. Wilson is the best yet. This may be the toughest game for us possible for the entire regular schedule, other than the Ravens (and maybe Niners, but they’re banged up).

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