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Ezekiel Elliott is Determined to Have Huge 2021 Season

Ezekiel Elliott took the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL world by storm in 2016. The former Ohio State Buckeye led the NFL with 1,631 rushing yards and was the driving force of the Cowboy’s 13-3 record and securing the top seed in the NFC playoffs.

He followed it up with two more excellent seasons. Despite a six-game suspension in 2017, Elliott led the NFL in rushing yards per game (98.3) and his 1,434 yards a year later won him his second rushing title. However, despite finishing fourth in rushing yards (1,357), fourth in rushing touchdowns (12), second in all-purpose yards (1,777), and first in 100-yard games (7) in 2019, the rumblings of Elliott’s demise began to surface.

Elliott had a career-high six fumbles, tied a career-low with only six rushing touchdowns, and had his lowest rushing total of 979 yards in 2020. Granted, his offensive line was ravaged with injuries and Dak Prescott missed 11 games, which probably made him press too much, the talks of Elliott being among the best in the game at the running back position have become a distant memory, and he’s been on a mission this offseason to get his respect back.

Back in March, a video surfaced of Elliott working on his agility with trainer J. Hicks with teammates Tony Pollard and Sewo Olonilua in attendance. The two-time rushing champ hasn’t slowed down since and looks leaner and quicker as he attempts to bounce back from the worst season of his career.

Last month, Elliott was seen once again putting in work with Hicks, doing drills to improve his cutting ability and quickness. Also, he worked on absorbing contact and maintaining his balance.

In the last few days, it’s been more of the same as Elliott looks every explosive and agile running with the football.

J.Hicks on Twitter: “We Just Crafting Right Now!!!! @EzekielElliott #The3Way / Twitter”

We Just Crafting Right Now!!!! @EzekielElliott #The3Way

I know many will say “It’s not a real game and he’s just doing drills” and blah blah blah. Indeed, it doesn’t matter until the real games start. However, seeing Elliott continuously putting in the work to validate his $90 million dollar contract is an encouraging sight to see. Remember, Elliott is just 25 years old (26 when the season starts) and has plenty of football left to play. With this type of work ethic coupled with a healthy offensive line (let’s hope) and the return of Prescott, we could see a resurgence of Elliott’s career.

Despite his struggles in 2020 Elliott’s 2,336 rushing yards over the last two seasons ranked fourth in the NFL trailing only Derrick Henry, Dalvin Cook, and Nick Chubb.

Elliott is putting everyone on notice that he hears all the chatter that he’s fallen off, and it’s fueling him to turn back the clock and dominate like years past.


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Matthew Lenix

Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.


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  1. Ole EE better be working on his game or he might not have a game to work on for long! It’s just hard for fans to get excited about a player that gets a huge contract before his old contract is expired then comes out and stinks it up for two years! I personally like double E but he is paid to preform at a high level and earn the big money he bargain for! If not it’s time to go to the house! This also goes for DL and JS too!

  2. Unfortunately EE does not have the long speed anymore and burst appears to be dwindling. Huge difference from first three years. Was hoping they drafted a RB, but no luck. They did pick up at least one UDFA, B Knox, out of Marshall. Big kid, around 5’11” 220. Good size, strong, not great speed, but never fumbles. Ran for about 1400 yards in 2019. That 3rd round terrible reach on that CB could have been used on a good RB.

  3. Unfortunately we’re stuck with his albatross contract for the next two years. Hopefully the coaching staff has the cajones to play Pollard more, though i doubt coach Jerry would allow that.

  4. Everybody a coach…Wow!!! #21 will be as good as ever. Nobody could have ran behind our I-line last year.
    Let’s go Zelda!!!!!

  5. Hey Sandman I’m still pulling for EE ! I hope he comes in and wins another rushing Title! It just disappoints me that these guys gets their money and then goes into a tank! Today’s athlete seems to get big contracts then just quits ! But I hope EE,Dak, DL, and JS comes out this year and takes us to a SB! Go Cowboy’s! Oh by the way I coached for many years!

  6. Sorry to say but zeke is running out of his free passes. We’ve been hearing the last 2 years he’s gonna have a break out season. But he’s been on cruise control since he got his new contract. He’s not dumb…. His agent schooled him well. RB are a dime a dozen and he just needs to produce enough to get by. His biggest skill over the RB behind him is his blocking ability. Pollard can out run him and catch outta the backfield just as good and pollard can split out to the slot. Pollard blocking is the only thing keeping him from being RB1. Oh and zekes big contract.

  7. Yep everybody’s a coach the man had one rough season and they want to write the guy off yeah he’s had his problems in the past but you cannot judge him on his capabilities I’m running the football with all the misfortunate things that happened with the offensive line and Prescott you can’t say that was not a mental drain on that young man I believe we will see the Zeke of old this year. how about them cowboys!!!

  8. Zek is the RB, not the offensive line. Hey can get the ball 50,60 times a game and gain 3 yards a carry. He has done his job, but with good blocking up front there are more yards to gain. A lot of his yards were hard, and 3 yards is a plus if you don’t know.
    This past year was painful to see Dak go down, but the Cowboys hung in there. After Dak injury the team didn’t play the same. I think the Cowboys should play hard all the time, and the O line need to get it together if the want to be a top contender.
    Protecting Dak is key for the Dallas Cowboys, because they can’t seem to win without him. OL step up and protect.

  9. DP was 2-3 last year. Easily could have been 0-5. STOP the excuses and the BS about they can’t win without him. AD was 5-5 wins WITH that “bad O line”, including the bailing out DP win against Giants.

  10. Agreed VAM, the notion AD is a BUM is dumb BS ppl put on him, it’s funny how they’ll put all the blame on AD when he loses, but when I do the same with Dak, ppl lose their shit and say the O-Line sucked last year.


  11. Pretty good point. Andy Dalton goes 5-5, throws for 2179 yards and 14 TDs at a 65% clip. If he had played the entire season, the Cowboys would have been in the playoffs! Even with that patched together offensive line! It’s no wonder the Chicago Bears grabbed him. They probably believe they can win 10 or 11 games with Dalton under center.

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