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Former Cowboys Safety Xavier Woods Signs With The Minnesota Vikings

According to 's Ian Rapoport, former Cowboys safety Xavier Woods is a one year deal with the Vikings.

The former pick for the Cowboys, Xavier Woods proved to be a starting caliber safety for much of his tenure in Dallas. But as systems and coaches turned over, it seemed like just a matter of time before Woods would be headed elsewhere.

The Cowboys have been busy at safety this , signing , , and within just the last week.

Kazee is the most logical replacement to Xavier Woods, who will now join the Vikings with a chance to compete for their spot after Anthony Harris signed with Philadelphia.

After a historically bad 2020 performance, the Cowboys are making sure the backend of their will look much different personnel wise in 2021.

What do you think?


Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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  1. Surtain/Moehrig with first 2 picks would be a slam dunk in draft ,

    my thinking of trading down in first then trading up in 2nd round was me kinda taking a play out of Miami’s playbook , trade down and get picks you can use to your disposal (and still get a high quality CB prospect) , then trade backup in draft in the 2nd round so that I can get a guy who’d be closer to a surefire hit in Moehrig ,

    this way we don’t lose picks and still get 2 quality prospects , but getting Surtain/Moehrig with first 2 picks would be great

    and as far Shelvin goes , agreed there’s other 1-tech guys I like in draft , guys like Bobby Brown , Naquan Jones , and if you want some real BEEF at DT , there’s also Quinton Bohanna at 6’4″ 357 LBs , dude would help run D for sure

  2. THROWupthex88- Yea I like ur thinking. Agree with John if we don’t get Surtain trading down a bit could be the answer. Then again if Parsons is available at #10 I’m on that like white on rice.

    I would be very very happy if Surtain/Moehrig/ Shelvin were our first three picks. Getting three players who are arguably the best at their position in the draft at positions of need would be a coup. There are a couple of other 1- tech monsters that could be available in the 3rd/4th round as well, since that position isn’t usually drafted high.

    Unfortunately the draft often times doesn’t go how u want or how it’s predicted, so the chances of getting the exact players u want isn’t good. I would settle for two of the three mentioned above. Preferably Surtain/Moehrig.

  3. I’ve gotten hooked on Mock drafts , did one where i traded down from 10 to 16 and got Horn , picked up 3rd , then with our 2nd pick , i traded up at the top of the 2nd round got Moehrig for our 2nd pick and like a 4th and a 5th in next year draft , then the next 2 picks i made , i got

    Tyler Shelvin DT and Pete Werner LB

    I’d be pretty happy with those picks

  4. Gary b…. I agree with you! The only difference is that I’d prefer Grant over Moehrig!! I think Moehrig is better suited in a 2 high safety look, and Grant is best as a single high safety which is more of what Dan Quinn does with his safeties!! And both Holland and Cisco would fit in Dan Quinns defense too, the only thing about Holland is that he played all over the defense in college, mostly free safety and nickel corner, while Cisco was a pure single high safety!! I really like all of them, but I just think some will fit what our defense better than others!! But Moehrig is so good, he mite actually work in our defense, but I’d rather go with Grant cause like I said, he’s best as a single high safety!! So my order would go like this


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