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Free Agent Michael Badgley Could Bring Experience to Kicker Competition

Right now the Cowboys have two kickers signed with almost no NFL experience. If Dallas wants to add someone who's been around the league a bit, is available and could be competitive for the 2022 roster.

, added this as a free agent, has just one field goal and two extra points attempts from a single game with Cleveland last year. But that's still more than undrafted rookie from Texas Tech.

Experience isn't everything. If it were, wouldn't have been released. Dallas has to get most consistency from the position but currently are relying on two young prospects who've yet to prove anything on the professional level.

Badgley has some skins on his wall. As a rookie for the Chargers in 2018, Michael went 15-of-16 (93%) on field goals and 27-of-28 on extra points. He hit a 59-yarder that year which set a new franchise record.

Unfortunately a groin cut Badgley's next season short and derailed his rookie rhythm. He only made 73% of his field goals in 2020 and wound up getting released by Los Angeles the following offseason.

However, as a backup for the Colts last year, Badgley looked more like his old self. Coming in off the after Rodrigo Blankenship was injured, Michael went 18-of-21 on field goals (86%) and was perfect in 39 extra points.

Turning just 27 in July, Michael Badgley still has a young leg and has been in the pressure cooker of NFL action. He's hit multiple game winners over the last four seasons and finished last year with superior stats to Greg Zuerlein's work the last two years in Dallas.

I'm not saying that the Cowboys should prefer Badgley over Chris Naggar or Jonathan Garibay. But in the interest of competition, it'd be nice to have one guy in that mix with some experience.

space isn't an issue; Dallas has well over $10 million left and won't need but a portion of it to sign their 2022 rookies. Badgley can hardly expect more than the veteran minimum at this point so money shouldn't get in the way here.

Even if has high hopes for Gairbay or Naggar, Michael Badgley is worth a look. He was one of the NFL's best kickers a few years ago and was showing last year that the groin injury is behind him. He could be a sleeper for somebody in 2022, so why not us?

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Bring him in. 39 for 39 on XP’s is a big improvement over the 33 for 36 and 42 for 48 we got from Zuerlein the last two years. His 86% (85.7) vs Greg’s 82.9% in both years, is alright.

That’d still only put us right at mid-pack, though. With their red zone struggles, they need somebody that can be close to 90% from 30 to 45 yards out.

Lawrence C. Baker

Bring in Badgley or anyone not name Greg Zeurlien. Why is it that guys like him continue to get second chances? He should’ve been cut after the Tampa Bay fiasco. He’s damned lucky Jimmy Johnson wasn’t his head coach. His ass would’ve been out on the streets so fast!!!

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