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Garrett Gilbert is Clearly QB2 Based on Early Cowboys Camp Reports

Going into this 2021 we weren't sure exactly how the felt about their reserve quarterbacks. But based on this first week of practices, it's clear that is the primary backup to now and for the upcoming season if nothing changes.

Gilbert's one solid game against Pittsburgh last year wasn't enough for us to be sure. After all, is a younger prospect that the team just drafted and was trusted as QB2 from 2017-2019.

But it's been well established now through recent camp reports that there's a clear pecking order among the passers. Garrett appears to have been exclusively receiving the 2nd-team reps while DiNucci and Rush are vying for opportunities at the lower half of the .

Dallas' confidence in Gilbert was enough that they didn't sign any more-experienced during the . Even though like and Brett Hundley (a former McCarthy player, no less) came in for visits, the Cowboys have ultimately trusted that someone from their current group would be a sufficient backup for 2021.

Given the treatment he's received so far in camp, that trust seems to have a lot to do with Garrett Gilbert.

The tale of Gilbert's big day against Pittsburgh in 2020 has gotten taller over time. While Dallas did come close to upsetting the then-undefeated Steelers, Garrett's actual performance was nothing more than adequate.

It also helped he came in a week after Ben DiNucci took the bar and dropped it on the floor. There was nowhere to go but up.

Some have suggested that Gilbert should have remained starter even after came back, which isn't defensible statistically, analytically, or even by the good ol' eye test. But he did do enough to remain QB2 for the rest of that year behind Dalton and to have now carried over into 2021.

Obviously, nobody in their right mind wants to see Garrett Gilbert or any other QB taking snaps this year for Dallas other than Dak Prescott. And unlike in 2006, this isn't a situation where some prospect is seen as a potential upgrade over the current starter.

But still, as we know painfully well now as , QB2 is a critical component of any NFL roster. As bad as losing the starter is in any situation, we saw in 2016 with Dak how having the right guy ready can make a huge difference.

Hopefully, we'll never find out how much a difference-maker Garrett Gilbert can be. But unless something changes over the next month with these quarterbacks, it appears he's going to be the next man up for the Cowboys in 2021.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Outside of signing a last minute FA, GG is probably the best we have right now for QB2. This should be sorted out by now with Preseason starting next week, Thursday to be exact. Of course, things could change as they see how he performs, probably against the Steelers.


The outside options are Menshew and Bortles. But, it takes so much practice and coach time to bring in a QB now.
Menshew would be a huge upgrade , though.

Cowboys fan

Siempre…. Menshew is signed with the jaguars still and I’m sure we’re not gonna give up draft capital to try to get him!! And I’m sure the jaguars won’t let him go either considering they still have him as their starter right now!! But Blake Bortles is a free agent again, so he would be the best option!! And in all honesty, I think he’s better than Menshew anyways!! And he’s better than any backup we have right now too!! So signing Bortles would be a huge upgrade over any other option we have for the backup job!! And by the way, idk how Menshew could be a huge upgrade, he sucks!! He was decent in his rookie year and that was it!! If he was so good, the jaguars wouldn’t have drafted a another QB with the first overall pick in this draft!!

Mark Stowell

Having watched both Gilbert and Rush practice, only idiocy explains not starting Rush. Better footwork, accuracy under pressure, better throws to angle routes.

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