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How CB Denzel Ward’s New Contract Affects CB Trevon Diggs

With all the focus seemingly on next week's and the recent Deebo Samuel trade rumor, I wanted to shift gears and talk about Cleveland Brown's 's , which made him the highest-paid corner in NFL .

While you may question why am I writing about another team's player, you have to realize Ward's extension is huge because it not only resets the CB market but it also affects the amount of money that Cornerback will command in his next contract.

As we all know, since coming into the league Diggs has gone from a second-round NFL Draft pick quickly to among the crowd of elite corners in the league. And if you look at his contract, the Cowboys are lucky to have him for his current figure.

However, that luck may run out soon when he becomes eligible for a contract extension next , and Diggs will likely seek top compensation for his stellar play. And, given the history of the working out long-term deals with their players, there may be a rift between the two parties.

Despite Diggs coming off a historic season of 11 interceptions, some analysts and fans have criticized him for his poor coverage skills. To make matters worse, some have gone as far as saying if Diggs weren't getting interceptions he would look like a player, or even give off “-vibes.”

While I'm not trying to stir the pot and label Diggs as a fraud, I believe because of that criticism the front office may question whether Diggs is worth getting paid Top-DB money. As it's unlikely that Diggs can replicate another season of 11 interceptions, I predict the franchise will still pay the man for his elite ball-hawking skills, and bank on him improving his coverage heading into his third year.

Whether you feel he's worth around the Denzel Ward range ($20.1 million APY) or not, you can't deny the importance Diggs has had for their , and if they let him walk they would have no proven corner on their team.

While I admit I can't tell the future like Raven from the Disney show “That's So Raven”, I predict Diggs will get a deal worth a little bit more than Ward per year, but he won't be the next cornerback to get paid huge.

Because of Ward's contract, expect Diggs to be the highest-paid Cowboy and before the crowd of fans get mad that the franchise is devoting huge money towards one player, just remember that this isn't . They can't just sign everyone for super cheap, so just relax, and be happy that Diggs is getting his bag.

So what do you think Cowboy fans? Are you going to be fine with the front office paying out big dollars towards Diggs next offseason? 

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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First, let’s see how this season happens for Diggs.
After 2022, we will know what is real…is Diggs a terrible cover corner who sells out to get INTs or is he the next Everson Walls?
After this season, it should be clear what his value is.
But, no, unless he is Prime Time, he is not worth over 20.

Rocky Garza Jr.

Hey siempre, I get you.

It should be interesting to see how the front office values him, but we could see a “overpay” because of the cornerback market. The next CBs that will get paid are Jaire Alexander and AJ Terrell, so they could set the bar to see how high Diggs will go.

Personally, I think Diggs can improve and some of his yards were skewed, but his interceptions are big. Good thing we aren’t having to make those decisions!


Isn’t this the reason they let Byron Jones walk? Great cover guy but couldn’t create a pick if you handed him the ball. Give me a break without Diggs just think about how badly this defense gets exposed. These guys with their stat’s and analytics clearly don’t watch any film or games.


The active nfl interception leader is Richard Sherman with 37 picks over 11 seasons (3.4 per year average). He had 24 picks his first 4 seasons in the league – 4,8,8,4.
Diggs has 14 in his first two seasons. Not projecting yet, but he’s well on his way to some good stuff.

Last year was truly historic – he tied a team record that has stood for 40 years. It was also the most interceptions in the nfl in 41 years, and tied for 14th in nfl history.

His coverage improvement from year 1 to year 2 even outside his interception total was pretty dramatic. I think critics are missing the forest for the trees.

Time will tell:

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