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How Could Cowboys Next Head Coach Impact Dak Prescott’s Offseason?

The head coaching is search is underway in Dallas, with names like Mike McCarthy and Marvin Lewis already being reported as interviewees for the Cowboys. No matter who winds up replacing Jason Garrett, the question of Quarterback Dak Prescott’s future will certainly loom largely over any discussions.

Prescott’s rookie contract has expired, leaving Dallas in the tough spot of having to decide the next step with Dak while also undergoing a regime change on the coaching staff. The Cowboys likely wish they could have had one of these things stabilized before dealing with the other, but the situation is what it is.

That said, it’s Prescott who may be in the worst spot of any parties involved. The Jones will still own the Cowboys and the next head coach will be guaranteed a job for at least the 2020 season, but Dak will wind up being the last remaining variable.

Depending on who the Cowboys eventually hire as coach, how much say could he have in what Dallas ultimately decides to do with Dak Prescott?

Of course, Dak being the QB of the future may not be negotiable. The Jones may be making that clear to everyone they interview; the job comes with a long-term commitment to Prescott as starting quarterback.

But what if offensive-minded guys, not to mention former QB coaches, like Mike McCarthy or Josh McDaniels aren’t big Dak fans? What if they don’t love his skill set for the offense they want to run?

Prescott did a lot in 2019 to help silence critics and doubters. But the inaccuracy was still there at times, contributing to the Cowboys being near the top of the league in dropped passes.

Some offensive schemes are dependent on timing, accuracy, and communication. Dak has great qualities of leadership, toughness, and mobility but his limitations may be more problematic for the next coaching staff than the previous one.

You can bet questions regarding Dak’s future in Dallas are being asked of McCarthy, Lewis, and anyone else that gets interviewed. The Cowboys may not be willing to budge on bringing him back in 2020, but only they know that for sure.

For Cowboys fans and onlookers, it’s just another of the many uncertainties surrounding the team this offseason.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!


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  1. with a new head coach in place in 2020, could the Cowboys be looking to draft another quarterback in 2021, that fits the new head coach offensive schemes?

    Unless, Jerry is adamant that the new head coach accept that Dak, is the Cowboys organization franchise quarterback.

  2. I feel like Stephen will wait and see which coach they hire before they either sign Dak longterm (5yrs 160mil) or Franchise Tag him and try to use what cap space they have to keep some of there young talent. Now I believe we either trade for Adams or sign somebody at safety! We also won’t have alot of our Def line and that’s not good which Collins is very solid but we prob get overpaid and Quinn should get a 4 yr deal from somebody and IMO we will offer him something to stay but prob won’t be enough either! So then we have to decide whether to not sign Cooper and sign Quinn! Its gonna be tough and in super interested in knowing what all Big D is gonna do but it all starts with the Head Coach! “Sean Payton” or “Mike McCarthy” who else?? “Lincoln Riley” or “Urban Meyer”

  3. I predicted the signing of The Big Tuna back in 2003, so now I’m gonna hope the STARS align once more, because We sure need it.
    I doubt that Big Tuna would come back, even though that would be Great aswell, but that’s not where I was leading to,
    Alotta fans will probably disagree for idiotic reasons or another, but those who know football and are tired of being mediocre, will be on board with this former Great Coach, HC at that, and defensive minded aswell, which is what We DEFINITELY need.
    Onboard with keeping Jon Kitna also.
    Anyhow here’s hoping that the Universe is once again listening….

  4. Jerry Jones should be the Coach for the Cowboys, He has never let any coach manage the team. Jerry is the coach in the Big Box with puppet strings on the guy down on the ground. And as long as he continues this way, he will never have a Super Bowl playoff game in his book. I have been a Cowboys fan since Staubach and will remain one. Jerry gets rid of some of the best players (Cole Beasley for one). But this is a big list not just one player. I wished he would sell the team to someone that would let the coach on the ground run his team as he see’s fit. The players can never respect a coach or owner in this setup. Maybe Jerry could find a water polo team to buy that would keep himself happy. I stopped coming to games because of his dictatorship and watch from home now. And the bad thing about it is he has enough children and grandchildren that will follow in his footsteps being puppet masters. Who really wants to play there guts out for a guy like him.

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