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If Jason Garrett’s Out, Who’s In? Potential HC Candidates

If it wasn't already painfully obvious the need to replace as their , it should be now after his poor decision to not to go for the win against the in overtime Sunday night. It was just one of many coaching blunders in Garrett's tenure since replacing Wade Phillips nearly a decade ago. It's time for a change!

With that in mind, I decided to put together a list of a few candidates with varying coaching experience who would be on my short list to replace Jason Garrett as he Dallas Cowboys next head coach. I included everything from a few who have won the as a HC to collegiate coaches who have no NFL coaching experience.

I know my list of potential head-coaching candidates for the Dallas Cowboys won't match up exactly as yours, but I believe everyone I included here would be an upgrade over Jason Garrett. Continue reading below to see who I would like to see become the next Head Coach for .

Super Bowl Winning HC Candidates

Sean Payton
HC Sean Payton

Sean Payton

Sean Payton would definitely be at the top of my list to replace Jason Garrett as the Dallas Cowboys next head coach. He not only won the Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints in 2009, but is arguably one of the best/most creative play callers in the entire NFL. Plus, he already has a good relationship with and the rest of the Jones family.

Now, Payton is still technically under contract with the Saints until 2020, but they have a kind of hot and cold relationship. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he is somehow looking for a new coaching gig after the season, and I don't think Jerry Jones would hesitate to bring him aboard. I think he would absolutely be able to get the most out of the Cowboys talented, yet poorly coached .

Mike McCarthy

Although Sean Payton would be my first choice to replace Jason Garrett, Head Coach Mike McCarthy would be my close second. He is another Super Bowl winning HC (2010) who I believe would be an upgrade over Garrett. And as luck would have it, there is a high possibility he could be looking for a new job after the season.

If you believe the scuttlebutt, McCarthy and aren't quite seeing eye to eye nowadays. Their rocky relationship could end up costing McCarthy his job, which could be good news for the Dallas Cowboys. He seems to always have the Packers making a strong push for the Super Bowl each and every year and has a proven track record, which should be welcomed with open arms in Dallas. It would be a little weird at first to see him sporting Cowboys gear, but that would fade quickly once he got the organization back on track.

First Time HC Candidates

Matt LaFleur
OC Matt LaFleur

Kris Richard

The highest job title has held so far in his young coaching career in the NFL is as the with the . He hasn't received the opportunity to show what he can do as a head coach yet in the league, but I don't think it will be much longer until that happens. In fact, he could end up replacing Jason Garrett.

We are still in the early portions of the , but we have already seen the impact Richard has made with the Dallas Cowboys. We have seen a much improved so far this season. They are much more aggressive and playing with a different kind of attitude than we have seen in the past. It's that attitude that could endear Richard to Jerry Jones. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if Dallas already has their next head coach in Kris Richard.

Matt LaFleur

Matt LaFleur probably isn't a name that the majority of you are very familiar with, but that doesn't mean he's not known in NFL circles. I believe he is an up-and-coming head coach candidate, although he hasn't held a job title higher than so far in the league.

You could say that LaFleur is a product of the Shanahan coaching tree. He developed a good relationship with Kyle Shanahan and has followed him from the Texans, to the Redskins, and then to the Falcons. From there he joined , who he worked with in Washington, as the offensive coordinator with the in 2017, although McVay still handle the majority of the playcalling duties. In order to get out from McVay's shadow, LaFleur joined the Tennessee Titans to become their OC in 2018.

He is still a little unproven, but I think he is going to make a really good head coach in the NFL someday. If Jerry Jones wants to take a chance on someone like that, I would absolutely be on board with Matt LaFleur as the next Dallas Cowboys head coach.

John DeFilippo

John DeFilippo is also a name that many of you probably have never heard of. But, I guarantee that he is well known around the NFL and would be on a lot of short lists for teams looking for their next head coach. And yes, that includes the Dallas Cowboys.

DeFilippo is someone who is already well-versed in the East division. He spent the last two years (2016-17) as the with the , but is currently serving as the offensive coordinator with the . I believe the next step in his coaching career will be as a head coach, and that could possibly be with the Cowboys.

I really like the way DeFilippo handles himself and I think he is going to make a really good head coach when he receives the opportunity. He is doing a masterful job as the Vikings OC right now, especially considering how porous their is. I believe that is a testament to his ability as a coach, which is unfortunately something we can't say the same about Jason Garrett.

Collegiate HC Candidates

Lincoln Riley

Lincoln Riley

If Jerry Jones is looking for someone to make the kind of out of nowhere success that Sean McVay had the Los Angeles Rams, he should set his sights on the college ranks and try to lure Lincoln Riley to the NFL to take over for Jason Garrett as the next head coach for the Dallas Cowboys. I believe he has the same kind of likability as McVay and might be just as good as a play caller.

Lincoln Riley has turned the Oklahoma Sooners into a perennial top 10 offensive unit when he first became their offensive coordinator in 2015 and continued that productivity once he took over for Bob Stoops as the HC in 2017 till now. He has taken underrated quarterbacks (Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray) and developed them into Heisman hopefuls and pro prospects. I think his infectious personality and attitude would be welcomed with open arms in Dallas.

David Shaw

David Shaw does have a little bit of NFL coaching experience as an assistant with the Philadelphia Eagles, , and , but nothing of real significance as of yet. He also has a pretty impressive track record as the head coach at Stanford, which makes him a pretty intriguing candidate to become the Dallas Cowboys next head coach.

At Stanford, David Shaw runs a program that would help him seamlessly transition into the NFL. He runs a pro system on both offense and defense, which is why Stanford players generally make the transition into the NFL relatively easily. I think he would be on a lot of short lists for NFL teams looking for a head coach, but so far Shaw has made no indication he wants to leave the college ranks. Maybe a job offer from the Dallas Cowboys is what he's waiting for.

Do you like any of these head-coaching candidates for the Dallas Cowboys?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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It wouldn’t surprise me if Jerry keep Garrett; have Garrett overhaul the offensive coaching staff, during the offseason. Jerry still wants Garrett to be his version of Tom Landry. If Jerry does fire Garrett, the Cowboys will draft a quarterback in the 1st round. Just my two cents worth.

Robert Strandberg Jr

Jason Garrett is NO version of Tom Landry!


It won’t do any good if they keep Garrett. He will still make the Boys into a “play to not lose” offence. No guts, no glory!

Joe Conti

McCarthy is horrible. He should be better with the best QB in the NFL. None of those other names excite me. Give me Lincoln Riley or Todd Herman

Robert Strandberg Jr

I thought Sean Payton should’ve been promoted from within before he left to coach the Saints!

Chuck Wright


Chuck Wright

No clue why Lincoln Riley getting so much love, he’s a great OC for college but the pros????

If they can work a deal for Sean Payton, I’d love it But not interesting in giving up a 1 or 2 for him

The answer is Kris Richards and see if you can bring one of the OCs mentioned over to run the O. Or Co-HCs with Kris having the final say.

Think the offense the Rams are running would fit well with Dak’s talents

Frankly anyone would be better than Scotty L who is CLUELSS. He’s doing NOTHING to help Dak with his horrid play calls.

idovbnc .

As an Eagles fan let me just say “You’re doing a heck of a job coach!”
Secondly, with the talent this dude has had over the years and has won 1 playoff game in 10 years? There is no other owner in the NFL that would allow that, none. The time to fire him was many years ago.

Travis Diggs

I love Kris Richard as the next Head coach but with Texas being one of the most racist states in america, i don’t think America/White people could accept a black coach and a black qb( their both mixed but….)as the face of “Americas Team”

mojo schmee

Thanks for today’s display of ignorance.


I agree with your assessment regarding Garrett. It appears that he has Teflon, because any other coach with 1 playoff win in 8 years would have been given walking papers. Redball must have the 411 on Uncle Jerry Poppins and the rest of the Jones Family.


I’ve been preaching it for months now since Richard came to Big D, Kris Richard should and will be the next HC of the Dallas Cowboys! If Jerry EVER wants to win another Championship before he rides on in to the sunset! Seriously Richard should be given interim HC now and see how much he can do in the next 10 games! He has literally took the Def playcalling away from Rod M. and has made our Def into a top 5 D without a true safety and 3 super young CB’s and Linebackers because Lee can’t stay healthy! The oldest group on D is D-Line and they aren’t old by any means so Jerry Jones has a GRAND opportunity to put KR in as HC and be over the Def and bring in a talented OC and put our Cowboyz back on the map!

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