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Is 2021 The Year The Cowboys Prioritize The Safety Position?

There's no denying the Dallas Cowboys is full of holes.

They need to address their thin room, they need to improve upon the middle of their defense as a whole, and they specifically could use a safety to pair with the 2020 breakout player .

Outside of Wilson the Cowboys don't have much on their roster right now. is entering , and it's fair to ask how strongly the Cowboys even want him back. Woods has had an up and down career with the Cowboys, but he's been a slam dunk for a day three pick.

But that's sort of the problem with the Cowboys safety situation. They haven't invested real capital into the position in a long time, arguably since drafting back in 2002. Instead they've tried to find bargain bin and late round draft picks. They've seen mixed results, and their defense has suffered at times because of it.

Besides Williams almost 20 years ago, the highest they've drafted a safety was JJ Wilcox in the back in 2013. That, of course, didn't work out so great.

They've found more success with those day three picks – Woods, Wilson, and to name a few- but none of those guys are game changing in the ways the fans have been looking for.Is it Time for the Cowboys to Move On From Xavier Woods?

So, is this the year the Cowboys go for it at safety?

Probably not. For starters, there won't be a safety worth taking 10th overall. Instead the Cowboys should focus on cornerback, where they can likely land a stud CB1 in the .

Day two is where they may find their next starting safety, however. Someone like UCF's , who has been repeatedly mocked to the Cowboys 44th overall. Grant would give the Cowboys the over the top range and coverage ability they so drastically need on the back-end right now.

Finding a way to snag both a  and Richie Grant during the would give the Cowboys a massive boost in their . Giving them building blocks for the future, and immediate help right now.

What do you think?


Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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  1. For all the combine stuff that just doesn’t always translate to how a player will do professionally, maybe the Cowboys could try a different approach. Big time players with big time resumes from big time, winning programs. Just draft every player that you can off of Alabama’s team year in and year out and you should be competitive. Seems like they have a good eye for talent down there and many of their players are pro ready. But, no, we will probably take a WR from the Nantucket nymphs and try to convert to safety instead of taking a true too safety on the board.

  2. If I remember right, the Cowboys selected JJ Wilcox as a safety knowing he had no more than one year starting at safety after converting from another position in college. I about sh*t my pants on that move. And, of course, it never worked out. I’m not even going to look back at the safeties that were available before the Wilcox experiment because I’m afraid what I will find.

  3. Problem for this upcoming draft is having too many holes in Defense. What should the Cowboys prioritisize on? After CB (probably) in the first round, would that be best player available on Defense ?

  4. Agree with everything in this article. Although I have no faith that the front office will EVER address the Safety and DT positions outside of day 3 picks and washed up free agents. It’d be nice if they valued those positions half as much as they value WR. It’s so frustrating being a fan of this team. I’m tired of saying “Safety and D-Tackle need to be addressed” every single damn off-season.

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