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Is DB Daryl Worley Cowboys’ Most Important Free Agent Signing?

DB Daryl Worley could play a big role with Cowboys in 2020.

The Dallas were a little more active in this year than they have been in years past. Maybe it was due to the fact they were ushering in a new staff or maybe because they had several holes to fill on their . Regardless, these new faces are expected to contribute right away. But, which of the 2020 free agent signings will end up being the most important?

Right off the bat you’re probably thinking will end up being the most important FA by the Cowboys. He definitely carries the “big name” that right away catches the attention, however, he’s probably not quite the dominant player he once was. Nonetheless, he still an upgrade, but I don’t know for sure if he will end up being the most impactful.

Maybe it will be someone like , who will be replacing as a full-time starter. Or maybe , who will more than likely start in the place of once again like he did in 2018. All logical choices, yet I think the underrated FA signing of Daryl Worley is a player we should all keep an eye on.

With the departure of Cornerback and Safety , the Dallas Cowboys is minus two starters from a year ago. A veteran player like Daryl Worley, who has experience at both safety and cornerback, could be invaluable for the Dallas Cowboys as they attempt to rebuild the backend of their .

Daryl Worley
Dallas Cowboys DB Daryl Worley

Worley was a former third-round pick by the in 2016 and has since spent time with both the and . Although he’s bounced around the league a bit, he does bring some much-needed veteran experience and versatility with him to Dallas. As of yet though, his role with the Cowboys is still unknown.

Neither the safety or cornerback position for the Dallas Cowboys is set in stone right now. The starters at safety is a little more clear with and , but at CB things are completely up in the air. Anyway you look at it, the current state of the Cowboys CB position is surrounded by a cloud of uncertainty right now.

Minus Byron Jones, the Dallas Cowboys pretty much have the entire CB band back together heading into the 2020 season. They also doubled down at the position in both free agency (Daryl Worley, ) and the (, Reggie Robinson). Sadly that depth has already taken a hit with Canady opting out the season, which makes Worley all the more important in my opinion.

Daryl Worley’s veteran experience means the Cowboys don’t have to throw Trevon Diggs or Reggie Robinson to the wolves right away. Even in a regular with a full minicamp and it would’ve been ill advised to trot out some inexperienced rookies right away, but even more so in a shortened one.

Worley allows the Cowboys to bring their rookie along slowly instead of forcing them into action before they’re ready. The veteran DB also provides depth at the safety position as well. Add all of that up and you get an invaluable chess piece who can be utilized in a variety of roles. That is why I think he could be Dallas’ most important free agent signing this year.

Who do you think is the Dallas Cowboys most important free agent signing?

What do you think?

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Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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  1. Jack of all trades master of none. He would only block the progress of more athletic guys with superior upside. Wilson and Robinson both played CB & S, Awuzie has flex potential and Lewis, Brown and Diggs can start at CB. Woods and HHCD at S. Worley could be a valuable stopgap for injury anywhere in the secondary but is that worth losing an additional DE? My vote is no

  2. Being a FA doesn’t make u a bad player. Many players are let go for financial or other reasons.. Yes he hasn’t lived up to his 1st round status, but we’re talking about a back up here not a starter. Never heard the Chaz Green comparison I think ur making that up.

  3. Agreed, Worley’s flexibility make him a valuable player. I think his good size make him more of a Safety type, which the Cowboys could use for depth, at least. And since they didn’t draft a Safety AGAIN, this FA signing is even more prized.

  4. I’ll cast a vote for Cameron Erving a former first rounder who will most likely be our swing tackle. I believe he can also play guard in a pinch. As recent yrs have shown us, u can never have enuf quality OTs

    • Cameron Erving is not a good player!! If he was he wouldn’t have been a free agent!! He’s considered a 1st round bust!! There are people comparing him to Chaz Green, if that tells you anything about how good he is!!

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