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Is Defensive End a 2nd Round Need for Cowboys?

It seemed as if wouldn't be a concern for the in 2019. did an amazing job last season keeping up his level of play and making a statement on why he's one of the best defensive players in the NFL. had a tremendous comeback season with six in only 14 games. It felt like the Cowboys didn't have to worry about the position this . Unfortunately, Randy Gregory received an indefinite by the NFL for violating the league's Policy and and Program for Substance Abuse. The 26 year old defensive end had just been reinstated prior to the season after sitting out most of his career.

Now the Cowboys are in search of a defensive end to play opposite of DeMarcus Lawrence (who by the way, has yet to reach an agreement with the team for a long term deal), who's reached elite status after the last couple of seasons.

Often, the positions that come to mind when discussing the team's current needs are , and before the signed , . However, I'm convinced defensive end is right up there and I wouldn't be surprised if the one in the with the 58th overall pick.

Of course, the focus right now seems to be in trading for ' DE . I honestly believe that'd be a great move by the Cowboys' front office. Quinn will be 29 years old when the season begins and he still has a ton of gas left in the tank. In the past two seasons he's racked up 15 sacks and four forced fumbles. He'll be a good pass rusher for whoever he plays with once the season begins.

If a for Quinn doesn't take place and the team fails to upgrade the position via , defensive end should be considered a top priority in the 2019 . There's bound to be quality prospects when the Cowboys get in the clock for the first time in April.

Right now the counts with , , (who is currently under investigation by the NFL after getting in trouble at a bar) to take care of the position. Add to the mix recently signed and , two players who could end up playing in the interior as well. The team definitely needs some additional help. When push comes to shove, the team is deep along the . What the Cowboys are missing are guys who can be unquestioned starters instead of rotational players.

As all eyes lay on a possible trade for Robert Quinn, keep an eye out for a defensive end's name being called by the commissioner when the Cowboys make the 58th pick in the .

Mauricio Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez
I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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Saul Molina

It’s a need but not in the 2nd Rd the bigger need is Safety and DT

James A. Howerton

I agree with Saul as far as S and DT being the bigger needs. However, I think the front office should make sure they get the deal done for Quinn (and get DeMarcus SIGNED!!!). Teamed with DLaw, that would give us back the rush we had with Lawrence and Gregory. I just can’t believe Gregory can’t quit smoking pot. It just boggles my mind that someone would let something that’s not physically addictive control (and ruin) their life. But I think Dallas has done all they can for him and it’s time to sever ties with him, one way or another. Sad to think that someone has the physical ability that with hard work and dedication could actually land him in the HOF and he chooses to catch a buzz instead. There are millions of guys out there like me who dreamed of playing for the Dallas Cowboys and if it were possible, NOTHING would stop us short of injury or death. Anyway, we have needed a ball hawking S for years and I hope we get one this year. Someone like Taylor Rapp from UW may be available @ #58.


I don’t think Dallas gets a deal done with Tank. They know his injury history and seem unwilling to pay him what he wants to keep him from feeling “disrespected”. A trade is also unlikely due to other teams being aware of the same things.

We need DE help!

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