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Is The Cowboys Offense Better With Dalton Schultz as the Starting TE?

The Dallas Cowboys’ offense through the first three weeks has been unstoppable in the run and pass which has given opposing defenses fits. When the offense takes the field, there is always a big play that comes from one of the tight ends.

One player, in particular, tight end Dalton Schultz, has been on a bit of a tear since taking over for Blake Jarwin last season. On Monday night against the Philadelphia Eagles, he finished with six catches, 80 yards, and 2 TD’s as he is currently rated the #2 TE through the first three weeks.

Most do not know how valuable that is to a quarterback and the overall offense when your tight end is making plays downfield and moving the chains.

Jon Machota on Twitter: “Dalton Schultz: 53 offensive snaps (69%), 7 targets, 6 catches, 80 yards, 2 TDs / Twitter”

Dalton Schultz: 53 offensive snaps (69%), 7 targets, 6 catches, 80 yards, 2 TDs

While Schultz may not be the most agile or quick player, he makes up for it with his toughness and catching ability. It is something about the way Stanford coaches their players because they come to the NFL with blocking attributes and being physical every snap.

Blogging The Boys on Twitter: “Dak Prescott and Dalton Schultz forever (via @NFL) / Twitter”

Dak Prescott and Dalton Schultz forever (via @NFL)

Schultz is in the last year of his rookie contract, with the current pace he is going, he will be looking at a payday in the offseason. The Cowboys gave Jarwin a 3-year, $13 million contract extension last offseason as they were excited about his potential to the offense, but it has been Schultz who’s been the better player.

Schultz is very quarterback-friendly and can also help out in the run game due to his blocking ability, which Jarwin lacks as a player,. It would be interesting to see how well Schultz continues to play as Kellen Moore will look for more ways to get the ball in his hands.

The wise thing to do is to use both tight ends to give opposing defenses fewer chances to gameplan for what is already a lethal offense. In Short yardage situations, Schultz can do most of his damage while Jarwin can work the seams with his speed and quickness.

So far this season, Schultz has earned the opportunity at more snaps as fans believe the offense is even more dominant when he is on the field. Hopefully, the Cowboys can find a way to keep him around for years to come.


What do you think?

Alec Cash

Written by Alec Cash

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  1. IMO, Dalton edges out Blake, mainly because of the better blocking. Liked that inside cut move to blow by two Eagles on his second TD. But its good to have two pretty solid TEs, as they both have their moments.

  2. I like Schultz alot , but more importantly Dak seems to have a great rapport with him. Great in those intermediate routes, has great hands and makes catches for 1st downs. A pleasant surprise that has evolved into dare i say a weapon for the cowboys?

  3. I like Schultz for his great hands !! He catches a high percentage of his targets and he is great as a blocker. I like how much he hustles .
    Bob M

  4. This is a silly discussion to have in my point of you. Why is it an either/or discussion other than the salary impact perspective? Vam, Gary & bob you all make great points. The Boys offense is built on attacking an opposing defense with an overload of talent. If Moore can game plan with our WR group, two-headed RB tandem and then with both TEs working middle of the field, why do we have to have this discussion? You put the players on thefield who maximize your likelihood of winning. Right now…it’s both.

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