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Is Tight End The Cowboys Biggest “Red Flag” Heading Into 2020?

For over a decade, tight end for the Dallas was one of the most steady positions in all of sports. was going to be there every Sunday, and he was going to be the same consistent player no matter what he was dealing with that particular week.

The previous few years, however, Dallas’ tight end situation has gotten much more murky.

Of course, Witten retired to begin a short stint in the booth, later returning to the Cowboys in his advanced age. The franchise has also had issues finding a suitable replacement, though they really haven’t tried to find one by most standards.

All of this leaves the Cowboys in a interesting spot at tight end. They have an loaded with talent: , , , , , …do I need to keep naming them? But none of this high-end talent is found at tight end. All of this leads Bleacher Report to (seemingly) reasonably discern that tight end is the Cowboys biggest “red flag” entering the .

But is this true?

Brent Sobleski argued that while there may be promise around Blake Jarwin, the Cowboys don’t have a tight end they can hang their hat on right now. And he’s not totally wrong. The tight end room is full of a lot of unproven assets with now, but if their biggest chip hits, Dallas will reap a multitude of benefits this season.

Dak Prescott leaned on Witten to work the middle of the field and provide a reliable target. The Cowboys don’t have that player on the right now.”

Gone are the days of “security blanket” Jason Witten. But here are the days of the potentially big play making Blake Jarwin. Jarwin has seen limited time during his young career, but he’s clearly built a rapport with quarterback Dak Prescott.

Jarwin is the athletic seam threat the Cowboys really haven’t had at tight end since…well who knows when. He could be a totally different type of weapon than the Cowboys have had at the position in quite a while.

And could be just the final weapon an already loaded needs.

What do you think?


Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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  1. Witten did hang on one yr too long but i’m not mad at him for it. One of the classiest cowboys ever and quietly one of the best to ever play the position. Where the cowboys will miss Witten is on 3rd down as he always knew where the 1st down marker was. Plus he dropped like what 3 passes in his career Velcro hands and made it look easy not flashy just a baller.

  2. On Offense yes, but the team has bigger issues on defense: Edge, CB, S. Give Jarwin a season to prove himself. Although I am salivating over PSUs Pat Friermuth in the first round next year!

  3. The Cowboys offensive is STACKED. Funny how now Witten, who was often mocked as being NO YAC and washed up by many pundits and fans, is going to be missed. They have numerous players that can go over the middle and be the “security blanket”. Does Prescott need a “SUPERSTAR” at every position. They just added Lamb, who many say was the top WR in the draft. No more excuses for this team and Prescott.

  4. Though unproven, the TE position is still not as big a concern (or red flag) as either the DE or CB positions. That being said, all hopes are pinned on just one guy (Jarwin) whereas with the DE and CB positions, they have options. As I try to think about how the TE was used in McCarthy’s days at GB, I cannot think of a dominant TE, though Jared Cook was quite good. To summarize, I’m not concerned about Jarwin, but I’m concerned about either Bell or Schultz having to be counted on for an extended period of time .. but again, barring injuries across the board, the TE doesn’t have to be huge for this offense, serviceable might work.

  5. In passing situations or when we want to spread the field 3 wide outs with Jarwin. But why not either an extra lineman or a full back in the backfield with 3 wr spread out. Both our fullback and Zeke can catch out of the running back

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