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Is Trevon Diggs a Flop or Pro Bowler?

During his time on the , has received a ton of criticism from many fans. It seems no one can put their finger on if he's a good player or not. What makes Trevon Diggs a tricky player to dissect?

One reason fans cannot find common ground on this topic is Diggs's stats. Diggs managed to get a whopping 11 interceptions and two touchdowns last season which was the highest in the league for a CB. Super good stats for a right? However, his flaws are what's stopping him.

See, what fans notice is Diggs is either a beast on , or he lets his receivers catch a pass for a 60-yard touchdown. This has occurred with multiple games throughout the season including week six against the when he got a pick-six only to let up a 60+ yard touchdown two plays later.

This kind of behavior drives fans to a controversial road where one person thinks he is the best while others think he's a flop.

Dallas Cowboys reporter Michael Gehlken has his own opinions on Diggs as a player. Sharing how he believes that he deserves some credit for doing so well at playing the second hardest position in football.

This is a tweet I can get behind. While fans can be angry with Diggs's lack of consistency, we must also realize that this upcoming season is only his third season in the NFL. To get 11 interceptions in your second year is very good.

I think his potential to be one of the best cornerbacks is there for sure, he just needs to work on knowing how to maintain his explosive energy consistently.

Diggs is a really good player and has a great future. One reason Diggs gets so many interceptions is that he plays crazy on defense. He lets off of his receivers slightly on every pass to lure the QB to throw to that particular spot.

This type of playing style is a great way to get interceptions but also a great way to let up big plays for the opposite team. Diggs needs to start realizing he can't do this all the time, he needs to see that his playing style is risky and should be used with caution.

Perhaps this season he will play with less risk and more . We may not see as many interceptions but we probably won't see as many blown coverage plays either.

Tony Stahl
Tony Stahl
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