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Israel Mukuamu will do “whatever it takes” to bring Cowboys fans a Super Bowl victory

Right now, the most avid are wrapped up in discussions of the and . The schedule has not been set. And we only recently saw the first bits of the timeline that will guide and activities.

But for one standout, the opportunity to prove himself and make proud cannot come soon enough.

Cowboys , dubbed “Izzy,” joined the Pick 6 Sports crew on for an interview on Monday.

He talked about his so far, his hopes and expectations for the coming season, and the competitive philosophy he employs in order to keep elevating his game.

Pick 6 Sports- Exclusive with Dallas Cowboys' Rising Star: Israel Mukuamu

Even with the Cowboys roster still very much in development, Israel Mukuamu has promised something to fans that they've been wanting for a very long time.

“Cowboys Nation,” he said, “we [are] working to get y'all a . It's gon' come soon. Just be patient.”

One thing fans of Mukuamu will never doubt is whether or not he's putting in work.

His track record indicates that his work ethic might be his best intangible feature. His work during the has translated into impressive in-game performances.


In pre-draft reports of Mukuamu, he was sometimes referred to as a “contributor” for the . The alternate label was applied because of his versatility as a defensive player.

Izzy's skillset has allowed him to be used both as an outside and as a safety. This adaptability has made him a real asset to 's .

For many Cowboys fans, appreciation of Izzy's ability to play multiple roles peaked during the postseason game between the Dallas Cowboys and the .

When Mukuamu was added to the active roster, it was assumed that the Cowboys would be running a lot of four-safety looks.

What happened instead made Dan Quinn look like a defensive mastermind.

Mukuamu ended up playing a season-high 37 snaps during that game, and 24 of those snaps were in coverage from the slot.

Ultimately, he allowed just two receptions from five targets and only 16 yards while he was in that role.


He had gone above and beyond what was expected of a sixth-round draft pick who had struggled to get playing time in the regular season.

Izzy downplayed the impressiveness of his abilities.

He told the guys at Pick 6, “at the end of the day, it's just football.”

He went on to explain:

“If you understand the defense, then you can really play anywhere on the field. I feel like that's where I can separate myself, because I have a high IQ in football. And I understand our defense now even better.”

Izzy's high football IQ could be attributed to his competitive philosophy which also serves as the slogan for his Mukuamu brand, Whatever it takes.

“You just gotta do whatever it takes to get to your goals,” he said, “Whether that's just staying up extra to study or extra workouts.”


By applying his “whatever it takes” philosophy to his pro football career, Mukuamu has developed a relentless approach to improving his value as part of the Cowboys defense.

It's not enough to make a roster or get playing time. Izzy wants to make plays.

This is why, even though he has the football IQ to be used in multiple ways, cornerback is his desired role.

Mukuamu explained to Pick 6 founder, BJ Nix:

“At safety, especially if you're playing in the middle, the ball might come to the middle every once in a while. But at corner, you know the ball [is] gonna come outside. That's where the money's at.”

His smile reflected the excitement he experienced at the thought of covering the NFL's best receivers, a feat he described as “guarding the world's best athletes, backwards.”

Izzy's competitive nature drives him to be the best version of himself, but when it comes to his teammates, collaboration and cooperation govern those relationships far more than competition.

This is especially true in the case of recent Cowboys acquisition, .

Mukuamu says he's been in touch with Gilmore since he was in college. He plans to soak up as much knowledge and wisdom as possible from his new teammate.

Izzy expects his own growth to be impacted “tremendously” by Gilmore's presence on the team.


This interview began with a mention of the Mukuamu brand. However, it quickly shifted to a focus on the upcoming season and an expression of appreciation for Cowboys fans.

When asked if he had a specific goal in mind for how he can use his platform as an increasingly well-known member of America's Team, he replied, “I just believe in going out there and making plays first before I venture off into other things off the field. You gotta keep the main goal the main goal, and everything else will take care of itself. I'm definitely gonna use my platform in different ways, but I'm just waiting until I make that impact as a Cowboy.”

Fans of Israel Mukuamu can't wait to see what type of impact he will make in 2023.

This past season, Izzy was recognized by Mike McCarthy as one of the most improved players from 2021 to 2022. The fact that he's watching more film and working with multiple coaches during the off-season on his speed and technique suggests that he's hoping to make a similar jump in skill from year two to year three.

A lot is up in the air in terms of the Cowboys roster. We don't know exactly what to expect from the team this season.

But regardless of his assignment, Israel Mukuamu will do whatever it takes to impact the game in the Cowboys' favor.

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