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Jets Ask for Cowboys OL Says 2 Things About Jamal Adams Talks

At the , there was no hotter topic than the negotiations between the and for All-Pro . It was a that never materialized as the Jets asking price, which reportedly settled on a first-round pick and two second-round picks, was too rich for the Dallas Cowboys.

On Sunday, Ian Rapoport from NFL Network reported that during negotiations, the New York Jets asked the Cowboys for in return for Jamal Adams. When the Cowboys wisely said no, the Jets then inquired about . Again, that was a hard pass from the Cowboys and a deal never materialized.

“Sources said that when the Dallas Cowboys first called about Adams earlier this week, the Jets asked about the availability of Pro Bowl  Zack Martin. When the Cowboys quickly shot that down, the Jets inquired about Pro Bowl left  Tyron Smith, which was also a ‘no.'”

Ian Rapoport – .com

Whatever the price, this new says a couple of things: either the New York Jets really weren't willing to trade Jamal Adams, or they're attempting to save face with their disgruntled All-Pro player by saying, “at least we think you're worth an All-Pro in return.”

The New York Jets made it clear throughout the process that their asking price was going to be insanely high. Initial reports were that the Jets were seeking a “-type” package of picks, which was never a realistic asking price.

Jamal Adams is a great safety, but he's just that, a safety. If you look at the way the NFL value on positions, generally speaking, safeties aren't viewed in the same realm as many of the other positions in the league.  The NFL places a premium on , , , pass rusher, and . Don't believe me, take a look at and check out the highest-paid positions in the NFL and those positions are at the top of the list.

Positional value is why the Jets asking for a Ramsey-like haul — or for the Cowboys a first and two seconds — was unrealistic, why the Dallas Cowboys, and why the Jets weren't really shopping Adams.  Had the Jets actually been looking to deal Adams, their final asking price would have been more of a reflection than that.

Remember that , after two seasons and two 1,000 yard seasons in Oakland,  only cost the Dallas Cowboys a first-round draft pick. Is Adams, a great player in his own right, worth more than what Amari Cooper was worth at a similar point in their respective careers? It's hard for me to find an argument that says yes.

This information leaking leads me to believe that the Jets are hoping they can save face with Adams and get him back in the locker room long-term. He's an important presence for that team and a leader. He was upset by the idea that the New York Jets were even fielding calls for him at the deadline. It would make sense that the Jets would want it to be known that they thought so highly of Adams that they'd ask for two of the best offensive linemen in the NFL as compensation for the Cowboys to acquire him.

Whatever the Jets rationale for asking for two of the Cowboys' most valued players, it was evident that they weren't parting with Adams for anything less than a lucrative overpay. It doesn't matter now, but it could set the stage for negotiations to resume in the .

John Williams
John Williams
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